Friday, July 16, 2010

Started working

Hey guys. It was all too sudden. On the 29th of June, there I was, stretching out in the new apartment, getting things settled, trying to get used to the new environment. My girl friend even came to stay over to discuss coming plans of travelling. The next day, an earthquake decided to shake us out of our lives. My batchmates and I all received a posting letter each that called us to duty on the 1st of July.

I was totally mad. Well, they did give us a span of 30 days to report to duty, but some very kia-su people just went to report the next day, leaving the rest of us without a choice but to follow in their footsteps, such as was requested by the authorities.

It was a hell of a week. We flew from KL to Kuching to meet up with the Sarawak Health Ministry people, whom left us in a 5-hour wait at a boardroom while they decided where to place us across 3 hospitals; Kuching, Miri and Sibu. I was unfortunate enough to end up being thrown to Miri hospital, with 3 other West Malaysians whence the rest of the Sarawakians happily placed to their hometowns.

Air tickets were booked on the spot and shoved to us. We were to fly to Miri the very next day, and start work the day after next. They expected us to find a house, get a car and settle every necessity within a day. GET REAL!

In times like this, I really really hate the G.

So people, I'm very sorry. I won't be able to make stuff anymore for the time being. I'm working 8 to 5 weekdays, and we have extended working hours on some weekends. Currently, I'm messing around at the In-Patient Pharmacy, where every day, it's checking the medication trolleys, filling out prescriptions and doing simple yet sometimes mind-muddling calculations. Pharmacists love DOCUMENTATION and I swear I'm the worst person to remember all those stupid records we need to do to dispense each medication.

My life is as exciting as a polo bun. T-T