Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fused Plastic Bags

Ha.... This week has given me a much needed rest. :) No classes on Tuesday and Wednesday, as well as Friday. *woohoo!!!* :D

So, I went to Sungei Wang to get my Canon Powershot A70 fixed... yet again. T-T Yup, it's an ancient model. That's the first digital cam my dad got after years using the film-strip type of retro cam. This is like the 3rd time I'm getting it fixed. Each time, including this, it's the problem with the LCD, not the lens as I claimed in a post some weeks ago. This was according to the shop person.

I'm not really that much into the techs of the camera. So long as I know how to get the effects I want and am comfortable maneuvering it, I'm satisfied. I don't use much of zooming, nor the thousands of modes available - night la, moving la, potrait la, scenery la, bla bla bla. Although it's useful, I admit, for enthusiasts.

Back to what happened, well, I'll have to wait for a month or so to be able to get the cam back. The shop will be sending it to the Canon factories for the technicians to service. The expected charge is RM50. Same every time. The shop was recommended by my dad's collegue. Compared to what other similar shops are offering, I think RM50 is quite reasonable. But seeing that the cam's been breaking down more and more often, I think getting a new cam would be a good idea.

I've sort of developed a fondness for my Powershot A70 though. :P Ah... We shall see...

Ok, so, some of the free time, I used to try out this tutorial for fusing plastic bags to make cool stuff. :) I have quite a lot of flimsy plastic bags in all shades of horrible pinks imaginable. D: So, I tried out with a few of them :

{Brain traced from a trace I made from a medical book back home}

The tutorial called for 6-8 layers. I put almost more than 30 layers I think. The result was a thick material. It's like those plastic name-plates with letters stamped into them. I dunno if you know what I'm referring to, but I can't think of the name for this right now :( Well, the plastic is thick, but not stiff like shrink plastic. It's bendable. Quite a drawback, I'll say. If it had been hard and stiff, it'd be perfect for making jewelry. Not saying that this pliable material is not durable enough for that purpose though. :)

I have an idea to turn these into banners, hanging decorations, or a necklace. :) I have to get some eyelets first la. Ah! The inconvenience of not being able to access supplies when one needs to. T-T

This is a great way to get creative, and use up those plastic bags stashed about all over your home! :D

Monday, March 24, 2008


I must share with you this fantabulous, absolutely scrumpcious brand of jewelry and accessories. Some of you advent foodies and fake-food maniacs might already know about this. But just to share the goodness with you all. :)

This amazing thing I'm talking about here is Q-POT, a Japanese based jewelry/accessory brand. What is so fantastic about it is..... it uses desserts as its designs!

Disclaimer : Pictures in this post are taken from Q-Pot's Official Website

OMG!!! So cute right? :D I'm really impressed by the details and how life-like the teeny chocolates are. And the mouth-dropping thing about all this is, the designer is a male!

By the name Tadaaki Wakamatsu. And he's only 31.

I salute you! I adore what you do! Lemme give you a kiss *muuuuuuah*! :D Oops... getting carried away... -_-"

I LOVE each design, especially those with creams and strawberries *drools*.

See the konnyaku-like jellies with a strawberry, kiwi and fruit? The Japanese call this jerry. *tries to regain control of self*

Instead of jelly. *WAHAHAHAHA!!!!* XD XD XD

I find that excrutiatingly funny (yes, excrutiatingly - till I sakit pinggang from laughing). I once bought a Japanese milky fruit pudding from Jusco, and it was also a jerry. XD *OMG. I can't stop laughing...* XD

Ok la.... Very the sorry to Japaneses who reads my blog. Yesh, I very bad. *hungs head*

I want to try make such yummylicious sweets and desserts from polymer clay. But I think I need some rub-on colours, which I don't have at the moment. And some really sparkly rhinestones. Not to mention those cream-like substance, which I've yet to get my hands on. Oh, and I really REALLY want to learn how to make them strawberry slices *drools*.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Polymer Clay Lolly Lollipop!

Wuuah..... *Stretchaysss* After 2 months and a little more of torture, Semester 4 BPharm will be coming to an end... Soon. Still got 3 more weeks until our study break. In the meantime, I'll just happily drift along with the crowd. :P But then, there's still this Pharmaceutical Analysis portfolio to deal with. T-T Haih.... T-T

Yesterday, I tried making stuff with the polymer clay I bought off eBay. The clay is quite tough but surprisingly very pliable and kneadable. It holds its shape quite well, unlike the normal plasticine we play with. The texture is a bit like Play-Doh, only much more workable and easier to get the shape you want.

I wanted to make use of most of the colours - incorporate them all in one special charm. So what came to my mind was - a lollipop. :D Well, maybe it's because I've seen quite a lot of food/sweets related polymer clay charms on Etsy that inspired the idea.

The problem I had was with baking the clay. :( I only have a small toaster oven, and the temperature is uncontrollable. It's very VERY hot. D:

{My first try... Can't even make out the colours... The lollis have blue+green+white.}

The instruction on the package said '130ºC or 265ºF for 20 to 30 minutes'. I put only 5 minutes in the oven and already become lidat. T-T Aiyoyo...

So, for the next one, I put 2 minutes....

{The yellow colour turned brown... T-T}

Ah... Still tak berjaya. I actually quite like this one. But the side got burnt a bit, and the backside is really kena burnt mia.

For the final piece, I put 5 minutes BUT constantly opening the oven door at intervals while baking. This somewhat worked, and I got this :

{Sugar high lollylicious!}

Ah.... Finally... a piece that's not burnt. -__-" I like to call this a godzilla lollipop. Why? Because where got lollipop with colours lidat one? And somemore look so colourful like cartoon monsters. T-T

Nevertheless, I like it. :P I've attached a safety pin to the back (since I don't have any other jewelry findings at the moment) so that I can string it as a pendant. I'm putting it together with my first glass pendant - for me to wear. :D

{Polymer clay + Glass = LOVE!}

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Animal Parfait + More Kawaii Glass Pendants

Ahh..... I in a bliss. Of pendant makingks. :D I cannot tahan... I tried to refrain from making anything, because the Complementary class test is on Friday. But I cannot tahan... Yesterday night, I actually wanted to study and finish off 5 of the Medicinal Herbalism lectures. I ended up completing only three, with my mind registering the contents of only the first one. T-T Habis..... habis..... T-T

I couldn't concentrate because I was thinking about them glass pendants. Just as I sat down and resolved to spend the rest of the night revising the lectures, I suddenly had this idea for making a pendant. T-T I couldn't resist, so after one lecture, I grabbed the supplies and started working.

{Slurpilicious Animal Parfait ~ Kawaii!}

I used colour pencils to intensify the outlines and shadings, so that the details are much more clearer and brighter. I love the way it turned out. :)

And then, I made another two. T-T

One of them (left) I've listed on Etsy. The other one I'm keeping first. I'm still not sure how these pendants will sell. T-T

Ok... I think I better get face away from the screen already. T-T


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kawaii + Japanese Culture Glass Pendants

I made some pendants yesterday, right after I tore open the packages containing supplies. I was a little nervous, because I've never used the glaze before, and I don't know how it'll work - how long for it to set, and if it's possible to clean it off the glass before setting.

A lot of Etsy sellers and crafters are starting to get into this glass pendant thing. Majority prefers using Japanese washi and chiyogami paper as pendant base. Others in their attempt as to not follow the crowd, chose colourful scrapbooking papers and intricately designed wallpaper. Yet others try to incorporate Japanese kawaii into their products by using cute fabrics with animal motifs, namely squirrels, owls, birds and elephants.

I've been racking my brains before I even ordered the supplies, as to what sort of design I want to put on the glass pendants. I love the Japanese language characters, the way their letters look are just plain attractive to me. I wanted something to do with food, sushi, dessert and the like.

I have a handful of kawaii memo sheets I brought from home. So, what I did was screen the graphics on a chosen memo sheet using a glass tile, to spot a frame which will look best on the tile. Then, I measured the size of the tile, and cut out the exact size of the memo sheet.

{Oh ya. Thank goodness Jui Jien got camera. :P}

To adhere the paper to the glass, cover the bottom-side of the glass with a layer of the glaze. Then put the sheet of paper on the glass and press gently. It's very important that to get all the air bubbles out by pressing them to the edges gently. Wait for the glaze to dry, and then apply a second coat to cover the paper. The edges of the paper should also the covered with glaze - to seal it over the glass. The final effect is comparable to glass, in appearance that is - the texture is not as strong as glass, but more than durable by jewelry standards.

{Just to show you the glaze coat. This pendant got a bit of paper chipped off. T-T Me lah. To excited go touch touch before it dried. In the end I had to scrap off quite a large part.}

It's also crucial to remember to that the glaze is water-based, and paper with water-based inks should not be used along with it. I learnt it the hard way, even though I knew about this before I bought the glaze. I wanted to put my shop logo on the back-side of the pendant, because if not then it'll be a bit plain ma. The logo was printed by an ordinary printer, not laserprinted. At first I spread some of the glaze on it to see if the inks will smear. It looked fine - no smearing, so I covered the whole thing with glaze lo. Mana tau, after a few minutes ah, the logo macam kena siram air lidat. T-T

{2 failed pieces. The longer one with a smeared and bubbly back, and the smaller one not attractive enough in terms of colour and brightness}

I find that the most annoying problem about making these pendants is air bubbles getting trapped in between the glass and paper. If they're not squeezed out, they can be seen from the front - very clearly. T-T It doesn't help what with the glaze bottle always emitting little bursts of trapped air with the glaze. T-T Haih....

I regretted not buying more of the glass tiles. I thought as this would be my first attempt, I should probably not buy too many - I fear I might fail and lose any interest in continuing. Hmm... Looks like the more I make, the more addicted to it I'm becoming.

Well. At least I have 5 pieces I'm satistied with.

Last night, I suddenly got an inspiration from Shakey's Pizza's leaflet. :D Who knew side dishes can look so appetizing ho? :D So far I'm most satisfied with this piece.

{"Hey. Who put those veggies there?"}

Monday, March 17, 2008

Glass Pendant Supplies + FIMO

Whee!!! Went for an industrial visit today - to Pharmaniaga, a pharmaceutical manufacturing company. But that's not what I was whee-ing about. :P

I received a total of 4 packages today! Woohoo! And just as I was complaining about not getting them in my last post. T-T Glad that someone bought something from my Etsy shop, so that I got the chance to mail out the things, and then got notified by the lady at the mail service counter about them packages. :)

They've been there for God knows how long dy. T-T Haih... And there I was, wondering where they've gone missing to. T-T Hokay... I'm relieved that the 24-pc pack of Fimo polymer clay had made its way safely to me. :) Of course, I re-sent the payment to the sweet lady who refunded for the item earlier. Now, the problem is, I'm afraid to use it. T-T Not because I've not used it before. I'm worried that I might waste more than I can make nice stuff out of it. T-T And I need to find a good glaze for it - make it shiny and nice. :P

The Diamond Glaze I bought from eBay. Glass jewelry makers on Etsy are using it for their glass tile pendants. I'm really excited to get all of the glass-pendant-making supplies now at one go. Those glass tiles were from SweetStellaStash, and the aanraku pendant bails from RayDichroic. :) Now I have everything I need, I can MAKE STUFF!!!

* IF only I don't have a Pharmaceutics log book to finish, a Complementary Medicine presentation to prepare myself mentally for, a Complementary Medicine class test to look forward to nor a Pharmaceutical Analysis portfolio to chin chai chin chai complete.

Wish nia can chin chai chin chai complete. Contribute 20% to the whole subject. T-T Die die also must do properly lah. Haih.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fantastic Plastic!

Yup... These are some seriously fantastic plastic! Just to show you some of my favourites from Etsy. I particularly dig the corseted ribs. Hysteria is my newest favourite seller on Etsy. :) As I've mentioned before, I very much admire people who use shrink plastic. *drools* I'm still waiting for a swap package (from a shrink plastic jewelry artist - oh that sounds so prosh! :D) to arrive, although it should have been due the last 2 months. T-T I just hope it doesn't go missing. T-T

Yeah. It seems like God is trying to point out that I should stay focused on my studies. T-T I ordered a pack of Fimo polymer clay off eBay before Chinese New Year, and it has yet to show itself. T-T Luckily, the seller offered a full refund for 'unreceived item'. *Phew* So, my $$ didn't just fly awaaaay. And I've ordered a few bits and pieces from Etsy to start making glass pendants, but, I have yet to receive them. T-T ARGH!

I don't want to study for the stupid Complementary Medicine paper! AHHH! I don't want to do my portfolio! T-T WAAAAHHHH!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Oh The Natural You

What a cheesy title eh? Um... Actually, I also not too sure the how this word 'cheesy' should be used lah. *bleh*

Haih.... Even though our class tests are coming to an end (there still one more paper Complementary Medicine next week), I still feel we're being tortured alive. T-T There's this stupid portfolio to complete. It asks us of interpretations of pharmaceutical analysis datas : IR, NMR, Mass Spec and UV. You better not wanna know what I'm talking about, or you'll really regret. Really. T-T

Why is it so hard for me? No, let me rephrase that. Why do we have to do this stupid portfolio when we're not even familiar with the basics of each technique? I mean, yeah, we've had lectures and workshops on these, but to just dump all these information on us and expecting us to understand in a matter of a few weeks, when even the professionals take a few years or maybe a few months just to learn and get familiar with one technique is plain stupid I tell you.

Oh, ok, you may say this - "Go search for the reference books and read more about it la!"

Wah... Easy for you to say ho? I no need to study for my class tests ka? No need to do report on for that damn PCR, RE, gel electrophoresis ka? No need to cari info for PBL ka? No need to sleep ka ha?

I'm blessed if I even know 1% of what I'm supposed to write for it. T-T

Ok. I shall not continue with these pointless grumblings. You must be tired of hearing them eh? :P

So, here are a few gorgeous, just simply to-die-for necklaces from some of my favourite Etsy (where else? :D) sellers.

Haih... I have to prepare for my PBL tomorrow. T-T

Friday, March 7, 2008

BIG BANG + BoA + Clazziquai

Ah.... The days of fulfilling the duties of a university student.... Somemore... studying pharmacy leh..... T-T Can die one you know..... T-T

Anyways.... I got my order from Woohoo!!! :P This time, I got to use my $5 coupon from my last order. :) I return to the site time to time because they ship super fast and offer free shipping for any music/video products order above $25 (for Asia). And hence, it's a great place to splurge my Etsy earnings. :P

First off, BIG BANG's SECOND MINI ALBUM HOT ISSSUE!!! Oops... Forgive my using of caps here. :D I'm just sooo excited to finally have my own copy of the songs!!! :D ALL the songs in this album was composed and written by G-Dragon (one of the group members *smooches*) together with Stony Skunk (not sure who this is :P) a number of other people like Brave Brothers, this S. Skush and pk.

I couldn't get a picture of the inside because my camera chose to go haywire then. T-T Something with the lens I think, because the same problem occurred last last year in 2006. I so sien with it la... T-T

Nasib baik before this disaster befell me, I got pics of BoA's newest album The Face.

After listening to her other album Made In Twenty, which I'd claim to love all 13 songs out of 14, I'd been highly anticipating this one. I was not disappointed. :) The songs are just nice for a girl like me. :P I'd say my fav is My Way, Your Way which she 'feated' (is this the right term? sounds kinda weird.. :P) with WISE. I love the beat to the song. I can't say for the rest, because I'm still half-way through listening. :) LOVE all the songs! Perhaps maybe not for a few lah, like Diamond Heart and Beautiful Flowers. Too repetitive. My Way, Your Way, Sweet Impact, Love Letter and Best Friend are on my top list. :) Others are ok ok lo.

There's still one more CD, from Clazziquai. I bought their third album Love Child of the Century. You might have remembered that I have their first album Instant Pig. I didn't proceed to buy their second album because after listening to the songs on imeem, I thought it might not be worth a buy.

Ok. Oh, and another update... I've finally started to get active on MySpace. I registered in 2006, but never bothered to do anything to my account. T-T And these few days, it dawned on me that perhaps, as so many Etsy sellers have claimed, through my profile there, more people might come to know about my crafting and selling. :) Hoping it is so.

So... Add me as a friend!!! I'm desperate!!! *muahaha...* No, seriously, I'm trying to get noticed by people, so the more friends added, the better. I guess you can call this networking and marketing. I'm ready for an all-out online interaction. I've been using Friendster, and more recently, Facebook. Other social networking sites I've dabbled with a little here and there include hi5 and Tagged, and goodness knows how many others. My Friendster is practically dead. I only log in to wish people 'happy birthday' and to post greetings like Happy New Year, which is a once-a-year event. T-T So as you can see, I'm not a very social person. *bleh* Therefore, I'm hoping to make a change (online change). :P I'd like to meet Etsy sellers, indie girls, kawaii lovers and handmade people. Oh, and whoever reads my blog. And who ever wants to add me just add me lah. Hoping this will draw more people to my Etsy shop. *muahaha*

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Kitschy Cameras

Ok.... I'm officially the slack-girl. I'm going to have a class test next Tuesday, and here I am. T-T Hm... As you can see, I've changed the blog header. It's still kawaii-themed. :D

So, I'm going to show you some awesome camera jewelry available on Etsy. :)

{Pictures taken from seller's original listings}

{from left to right, top to bottom}

1. Sleuth Camera Necklace from paraphernalia
2. Twin Lens Necklace from LePhotique
3. Little Black LEGO Camera Studs from Gr0oglmann
4. Photographers Necklace from adorapop
5. Super 8 Necklace from TillyBloom