Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Apple Crumble

Ah... Hadn't updated for so long. You must be wondering whether I even remembered this blog existed. T-T

I've been overloaded by mounds of coursework to do and lectures to go through. Imagine us, 20-something-year olds, in the most exciting phase of our l-i-f-e, having to wake up at 7.30am, get ourselves to the lecture halls at 8.30am, spend a horrible 4 hours there, then have a lunch break for an hour, and continuing the torture for another 5 hours till 6.15pm. I mean, yeah, gaining knowledge is important for our field. But do you notice how this regime is going to churn out eye-ringed, sallow-faced, shaky-kneed individuals, claiming to be pharmacists? I don't see where this will get us. T-T

Ok lah. Enough of my grumblings. I shall now feed you with sweetums. :P I've been making apple crumble for the past 4 days. *Sounds like I've been making them non-stop for 4 days. But, you get what I mean. :P* I've discovered that our humble little toaster-oven is up to the task of baking! Wow... I've only started with apple crumble. The results are greatly delactabuhls and highly addictive. :P

Apple Crumble (for two)

4 small apples OR 2 large apple
5-6 tablespoons plain flour
6 tablespoons sugar
about 3-5 tablespoons butter

1. Wash and cut the apples into cubes, or just very tiny wedges, like what I did.

2. Toss them in 2 table spoons of sugar. Put them in to toast/bake for about 10 minutes while you make the crumble.

3. Put everything else into a large bowl. Rub in the butter with your fingers. The texture of the batter will determine the outcome. Meaning, the more butter you put, the nicer your crumble will be. :D Too dry a crumble-batter will result in floury-tasting crumble. See for yourself la, how much you want to put. Don't too dry can dy lah. Make it till a bit like cookie paste, but still crumble-able.

4. Scatter the crumble over the baked apples. Put in to toast/bake for another 5-10 minutes or until the crumble is cooked to a golden colour. You'll smell the sweetness of butter and sugar, with fragrant apples. :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

JSR #19 : Takenoko Hokkaido Azuki (Meiji)

Price : RM7.50

Weight : 54g

Found : Jusco MidValley

Yep. Finally posted about a Japanese snack after like years of seeing none here. T-T Yeah, it's quite unbelievable, but I've at last truly realised that precious cash is not to be spent on trivial things like Japanese snacks. T-T

So, yeah. You can see here the newest version of Takenoko (bamboo shoot shaped cookies with flavoured chocolate coating). It's Azuki, which without being very sophisticatedly posh means 'Red Bean'. :P

The white chocolate coating on top of each cookie is mixed with red bean bits. I'm not sure whether artificial or pure la. But it's quite nice and fragrant lo, with a faint hint of vanilla and milk. Mmmm....


I just found out something about Paypal which I deem crucial to share with you. It might be only me - being reckless and blur most of the time - I never go through things thoroughly before doing them. T-T

Ok. The thing is. Having an active Paypal account without attaching a bank account to it will give its user a sending limit. What is a sending limit you ask? It's a limited amount of money you can send/use from your Paypal balance. After you've used/sent money up to that amount (accumulative), you are not able to use/send any more, even if your Paypal balance still has money. This applies to Paypal users who are not verified. Being verified means you either have a bank account attached, or you have your credit card verified.

How to get your credit card verified? You need to enrol in Paypal's Expanded Use Program. Check your account and you'll see how to 'get verified' or 'enrol in expanded use'. Once you've proceeded to do this, Paypal will charge US1.95 to your credit card. The next thing you do is wait for or check your monthly credit card statement. The statement should have the info about PAYPAL charging the card $1.95. And beside the name PAYPAL, you'll find a 4-digit number. You need this number to complete your credit card verification on Paypal.

I've only found out about this when I wanted to pay for an auction on eBay. When I proceeded to pay, Paypal notified me about the 'transaction exceeds your sending limit', of which I've only left $25.99 of $1000 (Premier account). Even though my Paypal balance has way more then $25.99, I couldn't use more than that unless I have my credit card verified. After having done so, my sending limits will be lifted.

It's kind of shocking really. I haven't realised that selling on the net for more than one year has generated such a sum. In a way, I feel great to have acheived this. US$1000 may seem little to some of you working people, even to those earning RM2K per month. Yeah, I admit it's very slow progress - earning a one-year sum of what a normal working individual would in a month. Hopefully, I'll be able to make a constant income from crafting one day. Well, I also feel a bit guilty to have spent so much. T-T Hm... but.... My recent buys have been focused on new things I'm planning to try out - polymer clay, shrinky dinks, jewelry-making and all that. In other words, I'm starting to invest on crafting supplies, rather than splurging on fancies and frills, which I shouldn't have done in so many occasions. :P

So, my message to you guys out there, who're using Paypal; get your credit card verified, if you've activated your account with one.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Stoopidgerl's Candy Resin Necklaces + Sanrio Sack-O-Stickers

Ok... This morning had been exciting. :) Well, it was not what happened that was exciting. Rather, I think it should be what I'm feeling la. :P I got my Etsy order from Kim (stoopidgerl). I'm just at lost for words. The resin pendants are the PRETTIEST things ever!

I've been wanting to try out resin jewelry for some time now. If only I know where to get the proper materials and supplies. Buying them off online would cost too much because shipping rates are just ridiculous. T-T But at the moment, I'm happily content with my loot. :D

{Get your FREAK on}

I'm absolutely mesmerised by the awesome colour combination and sparkly-ness of this little pendant. Especially love the coloured word beads. :)


Super love this funky one-of-a-kind candy necklace. The red/aqua/green pebble-like thingys inside are actually real Nerds, an American candy. Encased in solid resin, they're not likely to subject to natural degradation. :) I love this concept of having real candy in my jewelry. :P

{The Sweetest Thing}

This was what initially spured the desire to own stoopidgerl's resin necklaces. It's just so yummy and colourful. I couldn't get my eyes away from it. :P Lovely lovely lovely!

And I received a surprise package. It's an eBay order I made in August last year. T-T I had thought it lost in the mail, as the seller claimed to have probably happened due to my not opting for registered mail. Hmm... All is well now. :) I'm just happy that my $20 didn't go down the drain.

{Sanrio Cinnamoroll and Little Twin Stars Sack-O-Stickers}

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cram Cream + Dandy Lion

Today's a public holiday in Malaysia. And I'm stuck at home, searching, compiling and drafting information for the coming PBL (problem-based learning) session on gastroesophageal reflux disease. I can't even rightly pronounce gastroesophageal. T-T

Haih.... Well, let's not make this a damp post about my boring life. :P

Ok, so, yesterday, I got two more packages. One of them contained 2 uber kawaii Cram Cream decorative tapes! I absolutely love the hedgehog/squirrel/mushroom one. :D Grab one while stocks last at Glitterworkshop's Etsy shop.

{Sorry for the bad lighting and blurry details. These few days are just not cut out for taking photos... Nor jogging... T-T}

Then, the second mail was from ElleP. It contained a Dandy Lion pendant. I was a little disappointed with the colour because it was not what I expected. I assumed it would be similar to what the photo showed on the listing, even though most sellers would put a disclaimer saying that 'each item may vary in print/colour/etc'. I shouldn't have taken that lightly when buying. But I'm regret having bought this. It's quite pretty, even without the colours I wish it to have. :P

{Taken at mid-day. Even so, lighting was not good at all. T-T}

ElleP is having a January sale. Buy any item in the shop and get the second one with 25% off, provided the second item is of the same or lesser value. I'm planning to make another order from the store. :P I so dig this Creepy Bird Pendant. :P

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Korean Music Blast!!!

Wooh! I'm super hyper! Cause I got my order! Woohoo! Well, I got it on Monday actually, but only got to post about it today. :)

Here's Clazziquai's first album Instant Pig. I dunno why the weird name, but I suppose it's got something to do with the first song in the album. It has pig squees in between choruses, I think. :P Somemore, the album cover, CD and booklet designs all have cute little pigs on them. :D

Clazziquai is a Korean group, comprising of two guys and a girl (I think). Their music is a mixture of electronica, jazz and pop. I love love love! :D I got to know about them after watching My Lovely Sam Soon, searching for the awesome song from the series called She Is, sang by Clazziquai. I so in love with them now...

Next is.... BIG BANG!!! Woohoo!!!

They say it's a mini album. But I guess they're trying send out the message of irony. :P The packing is way larger than your normal CD case.

Their songs are THE BEST! I can't describe the high-ness felt eveytime listening to them. :P Here's a complete playlist from the album. My absolute favs are Always and Lies.

And last but not least.... original soundtracks of Coffee Prince and My Lovely Sam Soon!!! Nice nice nice!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Junk Crafting + Tagged

Been eating lots of choc the past few days. Brought from home (from Langkawi trip) to KL. And hence there was a sudden accumulation of Andes chocolate foil wrappers. What to do?

Fold them into hearts - string them - and hang them in my room. :D I find the very simplicity of the idea is what makes them look so sweet, hanging near my window. As you can see in the picture above, there's a long 'something' hanging from the air-conditioner set. That is another junk-hanging-thingy I made last year, from cut-outs of 3 juice boxes after my friend/housemate was finished with the contents. Do you realise just how attractive some food packaging and wrappings are? Like these ones?

Oh. And last week, ny friend yokie gave me the sweetest little crochet hair tie. I totally love the petit stitches and tiny lace-like patterns. I can't crochet for my life. T_T I admire those who can. :)

And.... I finished some crafting I abondoned during the hassle of start of semester. Here is another set of 11 rainbow pins. I couldn't make the 12th one, a bright pink colour, because I ran out of sparkly pink beads. T-T So, only 11 for the time being...

I've been tagged by The Creative Corner. Again.... Here are 7 random facts/habits about me.

1. I dislike a lot of foods - pork, beef, mutton, duck, bird, innards, sea cucumbers, beef tendons, chicken butts, pork blood. When it comes to meat, I like chicken and fish. Only. But that doesn't mean I don't eat the rest. I'll eat them when I have to. Like at someone's wedding dinner.

2. I fear dolls. It's not really a phobia. I used to play with Barbie dolls when I was in primary school. I even made clothes for them. Then after watching Dolly Dearest during my darjah 4, I could never sleep in peace again while knowing my Barbie doll was tucked away in a cupboard in the very room I was sleeping in. Now, I can't be alone in the same room with a human-like doll. T-T

3. I have a habit of 'feeling'/'rubbing' the edges of pillow cases at their openings. I do that when I lie on bed to read. Non-stop rub-rub-rub-rub-rub up till I'm done reading and got up. I do only with cotton pillows. Don't know why, but I just love the feel of it. It gives me calm... Somehow...

4. I'm an exercise freak. Though you will deem this fact as very contradictory when you meet me for the first time. :P

5. I can't think of anything else la.... Ok.... I like chocolate. :P

6. I love handmade and kawaii. And Etsy. Discovering it has been the best thing that ever happened to me. :P

7. I'll do anything within my means, as long as it doesn't violet any laws, or hurt anybody, to get something I want, online. Trade, swap, promote my stuff till I can't remember doing anything else for the past of my life to get more sales. Stalk the items I want. Watch them. And rejoice when I finally got them. :P I'm a bit of a psycho when it comes to all this online buying. And selling. Yeah... As I said, I'm super extremely materiallistic. Which is not good. Not good at all.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Beautiful Solder Glass Pendant Necklaces

This is only the third day of start of semester 4 and I'm already dead. T-T How can anyone absorb so much and do so much and learn so much in just so short a few hours? I guess there really is nothing I can do about this except to try as I can to complete this semester without going crazy. I mean really going crazy.

Well, today, I went to post a swap package with dillondesigns on Etsy. I've been wanting to try shrinky dinks, and I just love the pendants she make. ;) Yeah... so, I got a surprise when I went to the mail service counter at my uni....

{Love the packaging... :) This is what generates repeat buyers. :)}

Pendantflair's amazing, lovely, super cool soldered glass pendant necklaces!!!!! Wooohooo!

They're the shinniest, prettiest little things EVER!!! *swoons*

I love you Etsy. :D