Monday, June 29, 2009

More Decoden Deco Sweets - Kawaii Yummy Bling Style Cases

Final year of uni had just started today. With a super boring lecture on counseling services provided by the uni and stress management. I was thinking, are they subtly (or very obviously) trying to prepare us students for what is coming? Semester 7 is all about research. Some get to do lab research (like pharmaceuticals / pharmacology) and others get to do surveys.

I chose to do something not entirely unrelated to pharmacy, but may only be of little help to the profession I'm bound to practise once I graduate. I chose to do a survey on weight loss methods practised by Malaysian adults aged 18 to 65 years. My partner and I will have to interview 340+ volunteers with a questionnaire. And measure each participant's weight, height and body fat (there's a device for that).

Doing it is not what I'm worried about. I'm more anxious about how we're going to get 340+ people to co-operate and willingly participate. It's common knowledge that a major portion of the public just ignores people who look like they're going to ask you for your time to complete some survey. But hopefully, while carrying it out under the uni's name, people may be beckoned to do it.

*Sigh~* Let's not ponder over this stupid research thingy.

Ironically, I find myself with more free time now than when I was back home in Sarawak. Probably because of the moving.

Last night, I took out my crafting supplies and set to assemble this :

{ Yet another decorated case. This time it's a plastic one, which once held cookies. }

Every last piece of candy up there was handmade from FIMO polymer clay. It took me about 2 to 3 days during hols to complete them. Yesterday, I went to this craft supplies store at The Gardens Mid Valley. Bought 2 bags of acrylic rhinestones and a bag of pastel pompoms with shiny stick-outs. Perfect for the project.

{ Yumminess ♥ }

{ Shrink plastic sign reads 'Kawaii~neh!'. Just look at that scoop of ice cream. Mm-mm. }

{ I used various stamps to make engravings on the clay. Spot 'Happy Valentine's Day' sign on the salmon pink heart and rose with the same colour on a chocolate bar. I also used a few pieces of tinted glass pebbles to cover up blank spots around the sides. }

{ Sequinned plush mushroom dangly with a clasp. It's actually a cellphone strap. I took off the cellphone hanger and clasped it to one of the clay charms which has a metal loo. }

{ The sides are lined with white lace. Added a few ribbons here and there. The trick to prevent satin ribbons from fraying is to gently dab some glue to the cut edges. Use glues that harden once dried. Here I used Bostik Super Glue. In fact, any super glue will do. The downside to it is that stains from the glue may be visible. }

Somewhat exhilirated by the accomplishment with this case, I set to make yet another one this morning :

{ Slightly opaque jelly drops in red, yellow and green. These are also made from a silicone mix. }

I kind of feel unsatisfied with how it turned out. The colours and arrangement both seem wrong to me. I probably shouldn't have stuck in all those polymer clay sweets. Initially, I thought of making a jelly land or something, but ended up piling more and more polymer clay charms. -__-"

{ Freestyle rhinestone arragement. So untidy. -__-" }

{ Lacey sides ♥ }

So did you enjoy the eye candy? :D As with the previous box, I'm keeping these two for myself too. :D Though God knows what I'm going to do with them except let them sit in the drawer. -__-"

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Urbanscapes Loot + JSR #33 - Kanebo Poppin'Cookin' Neri-Can Land Grape & Soda

This time around, I didn't spend as much as I did last year at Urbanscapes. Probably because yokie was with me. I notice that I tend to splurge more when I shop alone. -__-"

I bought from Dooodolls and a stall selling handmade leather goods.

{ Baby Cupido and 3 sticker packs from Dooodolls + leather cuff }

Before leaving KLCC yesterday, I stopped by Isetan to see if there were any new snacks in stock. Found something interesting yet not unexpected. :D Should have seen it coming.

{ Box of edible soft candy clay for shaping - RM13.90 }

Did you guess right when you see the photo? :D You must think I'm crazy to have bought this thing. It's just candy, for heaven's sake. -___-" I don't even eat candy -seriously- though I make your dreams come true with diabetic creations of polymer clay. Guess I was tempted to play with it.

{ Pieces of dough - white, yellow, pink and blue + packet of sprinkles + sandy soda crumbs in the foil packet + wooden stick }

Looks fun right?


If there's anything that can't be used as a modeling medium, it's glucose+starch+thickening agent. It's sticky. It smells too sweet. It might attract ants in about 5 seconds into kneading. Not forgetting - sticky. The wooden stick is no use - I can't roll out the dough 'cause it sticks like hell to the stick. -___-" I had to wash my hands after every few minutes. Can't stand the stickiness. *ew* Luckily I used a plastic board as a base for making these. Otherwise, I might have to put up with a sickly sweet scent wafting from the table top for days.

After about an hour of playing with it, here's what resulted :

{ Bunch of weird looking candy *except the lolli* }

{ Made this according to the example on the box }

I suppose this edible clay kit is meant as a plaything for little girls. I'm sure they'll love it - that is if they love having their hands sticky-fied.

Sometime ago, I stumbled across a recipe for peanut butter play dough. Now that's yummy!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Urbanscapes 2009 - Feast for your eyes

Today, I went with yokie to this creative arts festival called Urbanscapes held at Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre, which is located in Sentul Park.

Not really clear of how to get there - even though I've been there before - we alighted at Sentul LRT station. We asked the station staff if there's shuttle service from there to KLPAC and we were asked to go to Titiwangsa station to take the bus. We should have listened but thinking that it'll be nearer from Sentul station, we waited for a cab which after a few minutes became evident a useless act. Then I suggested that we walk to the place. A big mistake that was. T-T

With the temperature no less than 33 degrees *I felt* and the sun sending rays of torture at 2 something in the afternoon, almost NO SHADE along the way - somemore no umbrella eh - it was no doubt a tormenting walk. We were totally bathed in sweat and were ready to be served as BBQ human steaks. T-T It's partly my fault, because I took us on a wild goose trail with the path coming up in a l-a-r-g-e circle.

Finally, we arrived at the entrace to Sentul Park. KLPAC is another stretch from there. Thankfully, there's a van to fetch us nearer to the place. We still had to walk a short distance to get there. What surprised me was the train of vehicles queueing to go in! Clearly, there's gonna be LOTS of people.

And finally. The Marketplace. A feast for tired eyes and the weary soul. :D

There were tents upon tents of stalls selling everything a girl likes - chic trendy clothes, shoes, handmade accessories, bags and plushies, t-shirts with cool designs, and loads of other eye-catching knick knacks. It's really difficult not to rake out every cash note in the wallet. T-T

{ MyFavouritess - Tees with an edge }

{ Mimpi Jewelry. I absolutely adore the set-up. Floral fabric to cover the table and pink necklace holders totally compliment the shabby chic jewelry pieces. }

Then we moved on into the building itself, which a number of exhibitions were housed. And there were more stalls. :)

{ Creative teenee fish ponds. I'm not sure what it's made of, but the sides were decorated with old newspapers and manga sheets. }

{ Oh and Ah - Incredible spread of handmade stuff with awesome designs. }

{ Geekery at its best. :P I was sorely tempted to get one of these. The wheels even turn! :D }

{ Pretty painted wooden pendants by The Brollies }

{ Big and bright. It's juuust right! :D Check out Dooodolls. They're quite an established plushie company. There's even a US website! }

{ More cool stuff by Dooodolls }

{ Lovely lady with delicate handmade jewelry }

{ Cuteness overflowing at this table. I love those plump red lips. Mmm... }

Right then. After Urbanscapes, we headed for KLCC for something cold to drink! The weather seriously was too much to bear. -_-" Once the thirst was quenched, we grabbed a bite at Chili's.

{ Tortillas with chicken, bacon and cheese = yummy! I love the sauce and scoop of something like cream. }

{ yokie's order - Texas fries with cheese! and saucy beef fry. }

{ Interesting day wasn't it? :D }

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Moving sure is tiring

Finally, we've settled down in Sarikei. Phew. Well, not really settled. There are still LOADS of stuff to unpack. While I could still stand the whirlwind of newspaper-wrapping, cellophane-taping, raffia-string-tying and marker-pen-writing madness for days and weeks before, THE moving day itself totally spent me. Although I didn't even angkat any furniture other than a stack of 3 plastic stools, I felt ready to drop dead by 6pm. Now to think we have to unpack and put everything back in place. *shudders*

If you're curious as to how the new place looks like, I took a video -sort of- and added some words to it.

A mess wasn't it? >.<

Feeling rather lazy today, I rummaged the store and found a bag of small wooden blocks.

{ Wooden chips from school projects }

Then I got out some nails and a hammer and proceeded to make this :

{ The two chips at the top fit each other snugly to create a cute little house! There's a deep slit along one side of the rectangular block so the thinner triangle piece can be inserted into it. }

Each piece was nailed down, except for the house and the pole, which were attached with Super Glue. And super it is. :D

{ Had the whole thing painted a whitish green with paint leftover from painting my room. }

{ And I tried it out as a jewelry stand. Not too feasible though. }

{ But I like how it looks here. :P Though I think some tiny pretty potted plants would do it better. }

I'll be flying back to KL this Friday afternoon. I've grown much too accustomed to passing days by aimlessly that I fear I'll have to be shocked to rise back into reality. T-T

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oozing Sweetness ~

Many many apologies to everyone. T-T Went missing for weeks even though I was and still am stuck at home every day. Well, I lazed about, poked around with the sis, went for walks and swims, baked chocolate chip cookies, banana cakes and a chocolate cake. Also tried making tau sar piah (red bean paste pastries) with the spiral shell

Apart from that, the whole family's busy with packing. We're moving to Sarikei sometime next week. The date is not set. Dad said "We'll move when all the packing is complete". Easier said than done. I think at the rate we're going, we still be stuck in Sibu by end of the year. -_-" Can't imagine where all the junk came from. I think I threw away half of my stuff - old clothes *which I know I'll never wear again but don't know why I kept them for all these years*, school kid's junk *erasers, stationery, mounts of stickers, cards and plastic toys*, free gifts that came with purchases *magnets? pens? bags? - can't believe I had them still* and thousands of un-name-able odds and ends.

After days of packing, I finally cleared away all my stuff, except for crafting supplies on the working table. I decided to do a little crafting before putting away everything *which I don't intend to till the day before moving*.

{ Metal case bought at RM5 from Daiso at The Curve. }

The tin was decorated, as seen in the photo above, when I was still in KL. I made the charms using polymer clay and silicone mix (for creams). Tried making roses with the clay, but couldn't get the shape I want. ^-^" I still have a lot to learn about working with polymer clay. I also drew a rainbow-lettered sign that reads 'Kawaii~neh!' on shrink plastic.

The sides looked quite empty. Too plain. So, I added a few things to make this :

{ Pertteh little candy box. I love you. ♥ }

First, I glued on a strip of flowery white lace bought from the local store selling sewing supplies. Upon completeing gluing, turned out that the stark white contrasted too much with the metallic grey of the box, hence the attempt to add as many things to cover up any spot of grey.

{ Flowery yo-yo made with leftover fabric from my Tingkatan Dua Ekonomi Rumah Tangga project of making a blouse. :D Dangly pink crystal which was a found-object. :P }

{ Rubber/plastic pink bunny + leaf decoration + pink organza ribbon }

{ Hand-stitched felt strawberry + string of blue beads + grey yoyo }

{ Mmm cake on black shrink plastic + red ribbons with a brass butterly sewn on }

{ The box }

{ Seriously in love with it. I'm keeping it all for myself. :P }

Monday, June 1, 2009

Holiday Crafty Progress

Crafting hasn't been put to a stop yet. :P I'm just too occupied with other things to blog about any of them. What with my sister and brother (and his wife) coming back, the house is like a mini camp place jammed with human beings. Adding to the jumble are a number of dinners and lunches, which my parents forced us kids to attend. I just couldn't find time to sit down and write a proper post for the blog. Go-men-ah-sai. ^-^" Bi-yahn-neh.

So, a couple of days ago, I received a request for these felt pin brooches :

{ These took me 2 days to make, a total of more than 8 hours I think. }

There are altogether 2 different colours. I ran out ideas as to how to decorate them, hence the repetitive designs. ^-^"

Well, I'm planning to make more felt cakes this time. :) I started with a rectangular one here :

{ Laced-up chocolate cake with strawberries and cream. }

{ Pretty lacey pattern }

{ Dad trying to steal the cake. XD It's his birthday today! :D When he couldn't eat it, he asked for KFC instead. XD}