Friday, July 27, 2007

The Random Post

I was so happy yesterday that I forgot to add a really important event. Before the games started yesterday, our group OO leader said something to us :

"OOs, don't say first you want to play ah. Let them assign our group some grand seniors and great grand seniors to play. Other groups all got them helping except for our group"

What the???

There were altogether 5 (FIVE) OOs, her included, present to help the juniors do their best. What? MUST we have other seniors to join? I agree that the grand seniors and great grand seniors are really great and very sporting, and if they did join us, that's for the best. But I don't see why we OOs shouldn't join in the games as well.

I don't know what this girl is thinking la. Anyway, in the end, a great grand senior joined us. She was GREAT! :D

I'm happy to say that orientation week is fast coming to an end, yet I can't help feeling some "bu-se-de" (tak sampai hati).

Thursday, July 26, 2007

JSR #15 : Petit Gateau Mousse Chocolat (Bourbon)

{Will be editing this post. Having orientation activities at 6.30pm. I thought I could finish this entry before I go. Mana tau the Blogger so damn slow one la.}

Price : RM9.80

Weight : 57g

Found : Isetan KLCC

Similar to the Fromage Chocolat, this box is seriously ridiculously priced la. There are only 8 individually packed cake cubes, each topped with chocolate mousse and covered in milk chocolate. :9 This is somewhat better than the Fromage Chocolat, though I still say the same thing - I'll not buy it a second time. >.<


Woohoo!!! Just finished the Detective Game for tonight's orientation activity.

I super super super enjoyed myself! Why? Because this time, I get to participate in ALL the games! WOOHOOO!!!

But it sounds like I also tersyiok sendiri already. T-T I really kesian the juniors. I totally know how they feel. I've been through the orientation games once already, when I just started life at IMU. When I played the games then, I thought - why la ask us to roll in mud, splatter us with flour, drench us in garlic water, and paint our faces black like anything? What's the point? Now, after playing, I'm still puzzled... why do they do that to the juniors? I can only come up with one explanation la - for FUN ma. -_-"

I so tersyiok sendiri until I also shouted my voice hilang already. When I joined in the group cheer near the end of the games, I can hear my voice going straight up in a high pitch, close to voiceless. T-T I'm not sure if the juniors were terstimulated by us seniors joining in the games. If I'm a junior, I sure very terstimulated one lo. Last time, during my batch's orientation, our group OO didn't join in leh... only got some games one or two OOs joined.

This time, our juniors have a total of 5 OOs joining every game we played. I'm really really proud of the group. :D Got two seniors that didn't have the chance to join the orientation of our batch because they came to IMU late. So, tonight, they finally get to know O-R-I-E-N-T-A-T-I-O-N la!!! Muahahahaha!!!

Tomorrow, I sure cannot walk already one. T.T

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The I-can-die-in-one-second Day

Yesterday, before letting off my frustration in the previous post at 12.55am and finishing at 1.30am, one of my batchmates (also my group OO - Orientation Officer), came to my apartment unit. We were requested by the juniors to help make the "Choi San" (Fortune God) costume for one of them for Thursday. After the Treasure Hunt station games, we started making the costume and finished at 12.30am. Somemore this morning, had to wake up at 7.30am to help the juniors get the first clue for the day at 8.15am. T-T

I don't get why we are so good to the juniors. T.T Until we sacrifice our own sleep, health and studying time to help them. One good thing did result la. I got to know this batchmate a lot better. :) We were never very close during the first 2 semesters. I had thought her a feather-headed girl, with no true confidence nor determination to do things. I was proved COMPLETEly wrong. That shows just how I jump to conclusions without much thought, which is another one of my really bad 'property'. T-T

This friend of mine (yes, in just a few short days, we've become good friends), truly outdid herself during the orientation activities. If not for her, the juniors in our group would not have gotten all the clues for today. Oh, and I forgot to mention, the OO leader had yet again abandoned us, leaving my friend and I to take care of the tasks. This time, it's understandable la. She messaged me and told me she 'cannot walk already' and her feet hurts.

Please la. Is there a rule in IMU stating that all females MUST wear heels to lectures? If you had a leg cramp the day before, don't 'cheng chiang' and force yourself for the sake of 'beauty' *PFT... as if heels make girls prettier* Take good care of your health, especially if you'd injured yourself.

I confided in my friend about my feelings yesterday. She told me not to feel depressed, and that she felt the same way about our OO leader, experiencing stress and feeling pressured whenever she's around the girl. She told me a lot more about this OO leader, since they're always in the same group for practicals and such. From what she said, it's as if the girl doesn't get along well with a few of our batchmates.

I felt relieved in a way, even though I felt uncomfortable gossiping about another person. I'm relieved, because I'm confident now, that it's not over-sensitivity that had caused my teeny bout of depression yesterday night. I'll just have to bear with this girl for another 3 days more, then I'm free. I need patience and preseverance. Hopefully, I'll be able to survive and live.

This afternoon, three of us (my friend, me and another OO) went to Carrefour Endah Parade staright after CAL (computer-aided learning) class to get lemons and honey lime drink mix paste. We made warm honey lemon drinks for our group juniors. :D We especially kesian the junior leader lo. He shouted himself hoarse on the first day of orientation itself. -_-" Aiyoyo..... Really semangat lo. Now, another guy in the group had taken over in leading the group cheer. The bo-sia (no voice) leader is still the exceptionally hyperactive, super funny and yeng leader. :D

Tonight, a 'Talent Night' was on. It was a total B-O-R-E. The seniors, especially, syiok sendiri. I really kesian the juniors. They performed on stage already, according to the orders of the 'bo-liu' MC. Still the seniors like don't clap or cheer them or anything. When they sendiri go on stage, then they cheer la. Like it was their show or something.

I particularly am at lost of understanding, why the male MC had to behave the way he did. All the leng-lui he said 'thankyou, thank you', then all the ordinary girls he just treated them like rubbish - "Ok, next", "Why your hair like that one?", "Nevermind la. Next", "Can already, enough. Next." What the???

Also, please don't interrogate the juniors on stage in a way that puts them down.

"Why your costume not complete one?"

"Where is your (insert costume item here)?"

"Oh, your trousers koyak already lo"

Please la. You're the MC. You should be making the juniors shine. Not pointing out their dress-code faults. That's the job for the dress-code inspectors. After all, how are you supposed to expect them to create Disneyland standard costumes with their student budgets and limited time. Please don't find fault with them on stage like that la.

I really like our senior B1/05 male MC la. He really did a great job of running the stage. His sense of humour really tickled me and I extremely enjoy his speeches and little talks on stage. :D And the important thing was, he didn't discriminate the juniors, and was always polite to us all, even when he interrogated us on stage.

Unlike the bo-liu male MC of my batch. *PFFFFTTT*


Sorry you have to bear with my rants for these few days. I dare assure you that all this will be over by the end of the week. And by then, I'll be piled with numerous lecture notes to revise and go through, plus PBL information to search for and portfolios to finish up.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

JSR #14 : Fruits Pretz (Glico) + Petit Gateau Fromage Chocolat (Bourbon)

Fruits Pretz (Glico)

Price : RM6.99

Weight : 36g

Found : Isetan KLCC

There are 4 individual packets of fruity pretzel sticks in the box, with each pack containing about 20 15-20 sticks. Quite worth your money lo. The sticks are just WOOHOO! Nice nice NICE! Crunchy and fruity, like freshly baked cookies! I think each stick is coated with a very thin layer of the fruity flavoured sugar-syrup, when hardens, gives a very crisp texture. :9

Petit Gateau Fromage Chocolat (Bourbon)

Price : RM9.80

Weight : 57g

Found : Isetan KLCC

This is even more ridiculously priced than Pocky. In this RM9.80 box, got only 8 (EIGHT) individually packed pieces..... WALAU-EHHH!!!! No need like that la!!! Soooo kiam-siap worrrrr!

They're actually little layered cake cubes, topped with creme fromage (a type of french or italian cream -I'm not too sure lo), and covered with white chocolate. Nothing to shout about. T.T And to tell the truth, they're not really nice. The cake's a bit like stale, but luckily the cream and chocolate covering are good. But I'll not buy them a second time. Never. >.<


This evening, our first outdoor activity was launched - for the juniors I mean. I'm one of the OOs (Orientation Officer) for a group. The group was the fastest among 10 groups (each with 8-10 people) to finish all 10 stations of games. There were "Burst the Balloon, Passing Plastic, Wash Face, AEIOU, Passing Chairs, Commander Crawl, Passing Banana with Mouth, I'm Not Colour Blind - This Is", plus two other games I'm not really sure how to describe them.

Actually, they're not that hard, provided that the seniors weren't continuously showering the juniors with garlic water, flour paste, belachan and what-nots. :P

I should be feeling exhilarated and happy after the games. But I'm not feeling that. Instead, I felt left out. There were altogether 4 OOs in my group - all girls. Actually, the OOs should participate in each game to collect more points for the group. I really wanted to join. I understand that OOs also have the responsibility to help take care of the juniors (which my previous OOs did extra well! I love them all!). However, my group OO leader, this girl, never asked us other OOs to join. She sendiri go and play and have all the fun, leaving us all to drag along with handphones, wallets, keys and water bottles.

I respect her leadership and role. What I don't understand is, why she never gather us OOs all together to talk to us about the activities. The OOs have to inform the juniors about everything regarding the activites during the orientation week. So, me and the other OOs of the group is blur most of the time. We asked our leader, what we should know, and how we should guide the juniors. But her response was, "Nevermind, I can help them." And that was that. If her mood is good, she'll answer, "You be alert a bit la. See what the other groups do, you do la." (note: the second response is for the Clue Hunt, when the juniors have to collect clues from various individuals of seniors).

As of today, she totally abondoned the group during a noon-time dress-code inspection (when the juniors were being inspected for their costumes) and clue-finding session. As a result, one of my batchmates, also one of the group OO, had to take over the group. She did a truly great job in guiding the juniors to collect all the clues for the day.

We ordinary OOs do not attend OO meetings, which are for OO leaders only. So, we were not briefed about what we should do and how we should guide the juniors. It is up to the OO leader to brief her OOs. I really cannot understand why she doesn't brief us about anything.

This girl I'm talking about with much dislike, is one of my previous orientation group members. She was in my orientation group, when we just came to IMU. I SUPER enjoy the orientation the seniors prepared for us! :D But this girl, she never joined any of the outdoor games. Never. I remembered her telling our group OO leader then that she has sensitive skin or something like that. So, she happily stood at the side while we others rolled in watery yellow mud, drank flour-plus-chilli-plus-onions-plus-dunnowat mixture, and ate maggie mee while being man-carted to and fro a grassy plain.

I recalled fondly too, that me and another girl, we just sort of represented our group as 'the girls', because then, most other girls in our group began to not join the activites as well. Maybe yeah, the activities were too rough for girls la, but I like lo. :D

What I'm really confused me after the games today, was that this girl (whom I've decribed with much distaste), joined the juniors for ALL the games. Part of me is saying - she regretted not joining the games during her own orientation, and wanted to have fun or make up for it - and that's of course, very normal. Another part of me is asking - but why she doesn't want us other OOs to join as well. She's been telling me this few days that her feet hurts, so she cannot join the juniors and help them during the activities. But why did she force herself to play EVERY SINGLE game, and get herself a leg cramp in the end?

Obviously, she could have asked us other OOs if we could help her by joining in the games or not. A few stations, I did really want to join already, but then I thought, why spoil the juniors's fun. It's their orientation after all, so I refrained myself. Plus, I'm lunging around this messenger bag containing 10 wallets and 10 handphones, plus don't-know-how-many sets of keys. And water bottles. One other OO was taking pictures, and yet another helping the juniors hold their specs and such.

I'm thinking, am I just jealous of not being able to participate? The OO leader obviously knows that the more OOs participate, the more points the group will get. And my group OO leader didn't even tell us OOs about this. I heard and asked about it from one of the station masters, only I knew.

I don't know what to think already. I've never felt so much dislike and loathing for a person before. In fact, I haven't felt this way since.... I don't even remember when! Outwardly, I may look like I can say 'go to hell la you!' anytime, but that's just my facial expression. My biasa punya facial expression is memang like that, making people feel uncomfortable many a time. Yet I've never NOT come to terms with any othe person before. Everyone I've met in my life, I respected them for who they are. But in this case, I find it as difficult to do as running 20 rounds non-stop around the Commonwealth Park, not to say climb mount Everest. I really find it hard.

I'm typing this entry before I go to bed. I want to get it off my chest.

Monday, July 23, 2007

JSR #13 : Pucca Black (Meiji)

Price : RM4.90

Weight : 55g

Found : Isetan KLCC

As I would say of any dark chocolate snack, this puffy fish-shaped little biscuite, filled with dark chocolate, are just delightful. Crunchy and chocolatey.... that's the way I like my cookies! :D


Today, we had our first night performance of B1/07 (our juniors). It was a total BLAST! I love every moment of it!

Except the part when one of our grand seniors B1/04 (semester 7) went up and gave a short speech. He said that all the places they (the seniors) had went to for hospital attachments, the management people there and the people working there always gave the same response - "Oh, from IMU ah?".... and they sort of like ignore you or unwillingly work alongside you.

The point is, the local public, or the health field people, have the impression that IMU students are arrogant - never greet other people. Um... from what I see of the senior B1/05 (semester 5), there really are some high and mighties, mostly girls la.

But what the grand senior said, hit back home. I think I'm one of those people who never greet another person, unless he/she greets me first. I MUST make it clear first that it is not a matter of arrogance. I just have this super low self-esteem when it comes to communicating with people. I never dare to smile to other people if they don't do so first. I don't know why. And yeah, it's really BAD la. Especially, when you are going to be a pharmacist in just 3 years time.

The core problem with my hostility, I think, is I have a phobia for socialising, and this feeling that's always there that people may not like me. I'm constantly apprehensive of how people will react to what I say, what they'll think of me and all that. >>>>>SUPER SELF CONSCIOUS. D: Too much so that I'm afraid to communicate with people. D: I'm doomed. I mean, of course everyone has, to a degree, some self-consciousness ma. But I'm like having every second of it. T-T Not unfrequently, I hate myself for it.

I really want to change. I want to be with people. I pray.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

JRS #12 : Takenoko Mixed Nut Choco (Meiji)

Price : RM6.95

Weight : 54g

Found : Isetan KLCC

This cookie chocolate is supposed to have 3 nut flavours; almond, hazelnut and macadamia. Got nut pieces in the cookie too. Personally, I think it's ok, but not fab. What's more, there were only 9 individually packed pieces in the whole box. T.T Ok for you who don't know on what you should spend your $$. XD

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sopping Spree~ Yes, purposely 'sopping'

Today is the day the last book in the Harry Potter series is released.

I don't plan to buy it yet, because the hard-cover version is just too ridiculously priced. I'm waiting for the paperback edition to be released *though I know it'll probably be a few months before I can sate my curiosity*. So before I can get my hands on the book, please do not 'bao-liao' to me. Thank you very muchy.

Despite that, I still went off to KLCC. :P Had to, because the workload and expectations are killing me. Also, I need to get some things for my lil sis's birthday coming in September. Yeah, I know. Crazy la. Still got like one month what. But I thought I should start early, while I have time. Who knows, they might propose BPharm students to have classes on Saturdays and Sundays as well. -__-"

Uh... I didn't find anything suitable or attractive enough for my sis, but I did find some blingies my mum will like. :D

These are in real-life very sparkly *though I don't know why it doesn't show in the pic*. My mum loves brooches - elegant, sparkly yet simple. Don't get me wrong - she's not the 'fu-gui' lady, spending all the time. Contrarily, she never buys any accessories or jewelry for herself. I remember the last time she lavished on jewelry was 2 years (maybe more than that) ago, when she bought a pair of very simple gold earrings for herself. It really pains me because I know she loves jewels as any other lady.

After doing some more shopping, I headed to The Cold Storage and bought some egg tarts for RM1.30 each. These are the greatest! Possibly better than the portugese egg tart at Petaling Street. These have flaky but filling pastry cases, which goes surprisingly well with the creamy sweet egg custard. I can down 5 at once if my conscience would let me. :P

Other than the egg tarts, I spotted rows of cookies on a shelf. I had my eye on the sugee. I just love sugee cookies. :D Give me any brand, any type, I'll just squeal with equal delight. :D

This box contains 56 pieces, priced at RM12.99. Dirt cheap I tell you, seeing that its quality's not bad.

From my trip today, I experienced something... er... worth telling.

I was queuing up to buy my LRT ticket at KLCC station, to go home. There's this guy behind me with his bunch of friends. I think he's in his late teens or early twenties. He kept pressing into me, like bumping and 'accidentally' brushing against my back. After 5 'brushes', I turned and threw him an annoyed look, hoping to make him realise he's making me feel uncomfortable. The thick skinned or just plain stupid bast*rd acted like he didn't know anything and walked closer *if that was even possible, considering he's merely 1inch away from me*. In the end, I just swung my 3 fully-filled Isetan plastic bags to my back. This somehow worked, because then I felt I could breathe again, with the scumb*g safely separated from me by the bags. If I ever encounter such a thing again, I wouldn't hesitate to swing my bags at the person, and stick my fingers into his eyes, at that.

If such a thing ever happen to any of you ladies, please don't hesitate to do the right thing. I don't mean swinging your purchases at the person or sticking your fingers into the person's eyes. Before you get help, confront the person with confidence and be on your guard. If you think the character's sort of not right, then let your companion(s) know and hopefully all of you can do something about it, or let the authorities know (meaning the people working at the station). If not, alert any member of the public. As a last resort, just scream your lungs out while hoping that the ultrasonic properties of your voice may scare the person away.

Around evening time, went to one of the juniors's apartment unit to look in on their costume-preparation progress. Upon arriving, I was immediately asked to give my opinion on their flag. My reaction sort of 'poured cold water'. :P So, Sook Peng, the OO (Orientation Officer) leader, then asked me to help them 'improve' the flag. So nice kan, we seniors. Help juniors make stuff some more. :P

I really like this batch of juniors la. *Haha... baru got one batch only leh...* They're so animated, cheerful and witty. Just hearing them talk brightened me day. :D They really semangat do the tasks assigned to them, and I truly see the team-spirit. Baru one week they meet each other already can be so friend with one another. :D

B1/07 - We anticipate your orientation!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I want KINDERrrrssss

I'm so tired I cannot speak.

Try having 3 one-hour lectures every morning, plus either a 3-hour lab practical or computer-aided-learning classes or workshops every afternoon. That is for 5 days per week. And every week of 3 months. You may say "Bah! What? 6 hours only ah? We working from 9 to 5 one wor.... ". Actually, if you think about it, our daily timetable is exactly the same as any normal office-hours - maybe even longer... sometimes due to PBLs and unfinished CAL sessions that had to be continued outside the schedule.

In one hour, you are bombarded with spectacularly new and alien medical and chemical terms, unreasonably lengthy and complicated mechanisms, mode of actions and chemical reactions, and stupid and unnecessarily detailed properties of herbal plants.

I accept not without grudge our responsibility as pharmacy students - to learn and train ourselves to think quickly and act wisely. What I don't understand is, why does the programme coordinators feel obliged to cram so much into 3 months... or so much into only 4 years? Why rush things if their aim is to produce quality pharmacists? What is the point of cramming so much work, portfolios and what-not, if we don't even have the time to sit down and revise the day's lectures? I really don't understand. I'd rather have 5 or 6 years of the course and have sufficient time to properly study and revise and absorb and remember and be able to relate to what I have learned, instead of running behind time, trying to write 7-paged lab reports while worrying about not revising Alkaloids 2 lecture because the next day, there'll be an Alkaloid 3 lecture.

I don't care already la. I'm not going to sacrifice my sleep anymore, like I did (somewhat) in Sem 2 (whence I slept for only 7 hours, despite 9 hours being best for optimising my concentration levels).

One thing I do agree to and highly support the programme for is the PBL (Problem Based Learning). I learn a lot... a LOT from the sessions. Rather, I searched and read through a LOT of information and learnt LOADS from what I've accumulated. I particularly love to find out the pathogenesis and pathophysiology of each disease, and relate the drugs and medication, how each class of drug works to treat the disease or its symptoms. :) What I'm not too enthusiastic about are the lab tests and diagnosis, although I agree that those are essential while studying a case.

*Signing off. Have to get to bed. If not, tomorrow I won't be able to take in a word of Dr OCE's Drug Metabolism lecture.*

Friday, July 13, 2007

JSR #12 : Choco Kouka Cassis (Meiji)

Price : RM12.99

Weight : 82 g (about 15 individual pieces)

Found : Isetan KLCC

Dark chocolate containing 72% cocoa. :D Should be perfect for those of you who love chocolate but still want that nice figure. :D Have read quite a number of articles saying that a little (I forgot how many grams) of dark chocolate consumption every day will do your health good. That is if the dark chcocolate is pure dark chocolate la. Not the fake type (which is unfortunately, quite abundant in Malaysia).

This dark chocolate is berry-flavoured (cassis). It's quite fascinating, how sweet-smelling it is, and yet when I ate it, the berry taste is quite mild, not over-overpowering at all, unlike the can-burp-a-strawberry-volcano-after-8-hours YanYan.


Today, we had our second (I think) Extemporaneous Dispensing Workshop. This is something like calculating the correct dosage for a drug formulation (suspension, syrup and who-knows-what-else) for a specific patient, making the drug formulation, labelling and everything.

During the workshop today, each group was asked to present a scenario of a patient consulting a pharmacist after a doctor has prescribed him/her with medication. The pharmacist is supposed to give the drug/medication, and politely 'teach' the patient the right way of applying, or taking it.

Miss Wong, our lecturer for the day, related to us some ridiculous yet real events regarding the application of medication at the vaginal area. :D

Scenario 1 : Pharmacist not too fluent in BM. It's quite hard to describe in BM if the medication is indicated for the private parts. So :

Pharmacist : Makcik, ini ubat sapu dekat tempat kencing ya?
(Pharmacist asked Aunty to apply the vaginal cream at the place where she urinates)
Makcik : Ya.
(Aunty says ok)
Pharmacist : Tahu ya, Makcik, mana nak sapu ubat?
(Pharmacist confirms with Aunty if she truly knows where to apply the cream)
Makcik : Ya. Kat tempat kencing kan?
(Aunty says she knows - at the place of urination)
Pharmacists : Ya. *smiles*
(Pharmacist is relieved that Aunty gets the message)

One week later :

Makcik : Eh, amoi. Ubat ni tak da kesan pun?
(Aunty says the cream has no effect on her vaginal fungal infection)
Pharmacist : Makcik sapu kat mana?
(Pharmacist asks where Aunty applied the cream)
Makcik : Kat tempat kencing la.
(Aunty says "at the place I urinate la")

Meaning she applied the cream at the toilet seat. -_-" *I'm speechless*

Scenario 2 : This time, the patient got quite ok punya English la.

Pharmacist : Apply this medication at your private part.
Patient : Where? Everywhere on my body also private ma!


Thursday, July 12, 2007

JSR #11 : Kinokonoyama Red & White Grape Choco (Meiji)

Price : RM6.50

Weight : 64g

Found : Isetan KLCC

My all time favourite kinoko (murshroom) chocolate biscuits, coming in one of the limited edition flavours - white and dark grape flavours. Absolutely fragrant, creamy, sweet and delightful. Biscuits are fresh and crunchy too.

It's a totally worth-it buy, because the usual plain milk chocolate kinoko is RM9.90. I found this at the Promo Area, just outside the supermarket. I didn't check to see how much the price was for the plain milk chocolate kinoko there. It's possible that it's sold cheaper during the promo time. :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

JSR #10 : Rega Chocolate (Meiji) + Takenoko-Bitter Cookies and Cream (Meiji)

AHHH! Cannot upload pics! *Sorry you have to bear with my cannot-upload-pics complaints these few days*.

Now, I'm not so sure whether it's just Blogger or it's my internet connection. T.T This afternoon, I tried uploading to Flickr. Can upload, but it took damn long la. 3 pics like 15 minutes. -_-" Usually, can upload like 10 pics in just less than 10 seconds. T-T But there weren't any other online browsing problems at all leh. I don't know la.

Rega Chocolate (Meiji)

Price : RM6.59

Weight : 81g

Found : Isetan KLCC

These are thin chocolate/biscuit type of snack (my absolute favourite, other than pure milk and dark chocolate). Each piece constitutes of 3 very thin but solid wafer-biscuits, coated with smooth and extra rich dark chocolate. Very nice and worth your money. There are quite a lot in one package, about more 20-30, I think. *You must know by now that I only eat. I don't count. XD*

Shee how thin it ish? Yup, it's thin but nice. Konon-nya, so that you won't feel like you're fattening yourself up *although actually, you are*.

Takenoko-Bitter Cookies and Cream (Meiji)

Price : RM6.59

Weight : 59g

Found : Isetan KLCC

I think this is one of the special limited editions of this pine cone shaped chocolate cookies. The cookie is of bitter dark chocolate, and the topping is creamy white chocolate, with a little of cocoa dustings to finish. I particularly love the vanilla flavoured white chocolate topping - it's exceptionally good and yummy. :D


Here I am. Talking about yummy Japanese snacks. Enjoying the thrill of taking photos of their absolutely attractive packagings. Almost suffocating myself with excitement and anticipation while slowly tearing open the packaging. Then savouring with relish and happiness the uber cute and yummy, scrumpylicious and super-mm-mm contents.

I should treasure those moments while they last.

Portfolios, PBLs (problem-based learning), lab reports and lectures loomed in the background. My conscience is poking me. I have to start working on them already. I'm feeling so guilty, at the same time, I dread having to force myself to do all that. I HATE stressing myself out. T-T

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

JSR #9 : Almond Crunch Choco (Meiji)

Price : RM9.50

Weight : 74g (approx. 20-25 individual pieces)

Found : Isetan KLCC

Roasted almonds covered with a layer of crisp wafer, surrounded by a dip of super creamy milk chocolate, and coated with bits of crisp wheaty wafer bits. I say it's nice but not great. :) The wheaty taste of the little wafer bits somewhat reminded me of Nestum cereal that's been left forgotten for quite some time. In addition to that, the chocolate sort of softened and smeared the inside of the foil package while the unopened box was sitting in the kitchen cabinet. So, I think it's best to keep them refrigerated before and after you opened the box. :)

P/S : Will be posting more pics of this product. This stupid Blogger is trying my patience... AGAIN! Walau! No need like that la! Why you so lau-ya la? I 'highly disapprove of your unsuitable time to go scrunched up la'! :(

I found out what's wrong already. Cannot have any other online activities (eg: cannot click any other links or open a new tab/window) while uploading pics. WHAT LA?!?! I use Flickr upload, not 3 seconds already done, while browsing Etsy's Time Machine 2. Shows that it's not the internet connection that is at fault. It's this B-L-O-G-G-E-Rrrrrrrrr. *geramnyerrrr!!!*

Sunday, July 8, 2007

JSR #8 : Almond and Macadamia Petit Plus Tourte (Bourbon?)

Price : RM5.29 each

Weight : 12 pounds (each pack contains 12 individual biscuits)

Found : Isetan KLCC

Almond on top of milk chocolate, filled in a crisp crunchy biscuit tart case. :D Love the fresh toasted almond-y taste. :D *crunch crunch*

Macadamia was not that good. The nuts were a bit stale, so they tasted a bit like stale oil (think of stale peanuts *eurgh*). The biscuit and chocolate are still ok though - it's just the macadamia. T-T

{ Comparison of size }

Saturday, July 7, 2007

JSR #7 : Strawberry Yan Yan (Meiji) + ColoGalita (Meiji)

Long time neh didn't post any Japanese snacks?

Strawberry Yan Yan (Meiji)

Price : RM1.99

Weight : Forgot *sowee~*

Found : Isetan KLCC

Great for after-pizza-or-fast-food dessert. Contains around 20 sticks of crunchy crisp and buttery biscuit sticks, imprinted with educational information about various animals :

Sho cute! :D *biggesy mammal* "Engrish" (Japanese English) has never failed to amuse me. :D

I love the thick sugary creamy strawberry cream for dipping the biscuits. :D Though maybe, the strawberry flavour is a wee bit too strong - you'll probably find yourself burping strawberry essense after 8 hours of consuming them. -.-"

Alll in all, a worth-it try. :)

Colo Galita (Meiji)

Price : RM7.70

Weight : 67g

Found : Isetan KLCC

Crisp biscuit poppy cups? Filled with yummy milk chocolate with a caramel center. :D Very very nice! There are about 30 pieces in the whole pack I think.

Day of the Dead + Blue Bird + Anatomical Heart + Junky Junk Junk Mood Board

Whee~! I got myself a new camera USB cable! :D

So, what have we got? The other day, I posted about collecting swap packages. One of them contained 5 recycled bottlecap pins from lesvieuxjours. The theme is 'Day of the Dead', which didn't appeal as much to me as the colours did. :D The caps are filled with industrial gloss/epoxy/resin. During my recently-over holidays, I did a thorough search of this type of resin in all hardware shops I came across, but I didn't find any. I'm so disappointed. :( If anyone knows where to get this clear liquid that hardens when a catalyst is added, please give me a shout, ok? :)

The other package holds a plastic mirror electric blue bird pin from Taina. I plan to get the elephant and shark pins next. :D This little chirpie is quite large and demands attention once you put him on. :D My heart just fell for him. :D

Sho... the third package I had to go to Sungai Besi post office to collect. :( The parcel is too big already, so the mail people don't want to send to uni. But the lady at the SAD said maybe the postage is not enough to cover its way to uni. I don't know la. Anyway, if you've got time, you should visit Sungai Besi ..... for FOOD! :D Every afternoon, I think, there'll be dozens of Malay stalls set up, selling all kinds of kuih. :D *drools* I've never seen such a variety all available in one place back in Sarawak. :P

What's in the parcel? An altered mixed media collaged messenger bag purchased from IVANandLUCY!!! I SUPER love this bag!!! Love love love LOVE it! Especially the anatomical heart print on the plastic sheet! The word beads read : "Open wounds from the cutting edge". I don't really get what it means... :P Anyone knows?

{ Here's the amazing's attractive front }

{ Here's the equally beautiful back }

The bag is decorated with buttons, metal accents, a watch face, fabric trims, and printed plastic. I so admire Lisa's skills and creativity! The bag is so well-made. :) And it's all mine. Mine! *Muahahahaha!!!*

Aaand..... here's my mood board!!!

Made from a cardboard box, cut open, and covered with sheer brown organza embroidered with gold floral motifs. The organza was found within the bag of scrap fabric I bought for RM2. The whole schwagg pinned all over the board is actually junk. -.-" Yes, take a closer look :

{ I hate crappy pictures }

By the way, the word 'crappy' brought to my realisation, how much I detest this word, really. Hmm... rather, I'm irritated by people who seem to love this word. A number of times, I've come across Friendster descriptions of "I like talking craps with my friends...", "I like to crapping about", "I talk craps".

Please la. Though I'm not an English teacher, and the meaning of the sentences does not run off, and in the grammatical sense, there's nothing wrong with the words, I'm still quite irritated by them. I'm not sure if there is a plural for crap (craps). Well, maybe I'm just irked by the obvious grammatical mistakes in some of the sentences. T.T *Not saying that I don't make any myself - I'm usually horrified by my own grammatical mistakes*.

So, here are the details of the junk on my mood board. I've got Maggi HotCup cover, tuna can paper label, KitKat paper wrap, Kinder Bueno foil wrap, white rabbit milk candy wrapper, Tootsie Pop wrapper, etc etc etc.

Below is a gift from IMU CF. :) Unique and stylish - I like. :D

Erm.... more details and pictures to come. Blogger is really trying my patience - I couldn't upload any pics the whole afternoon, and now, it's kan*sai one. Upload one pic have to wait 3 minutes. Some wait so long then suddenly "Internet Explorer cannot display this page". HAIYO!!!!!!!!! ^ *Still like that la but I persisted that pics MUST be uploaded tonight*

I go mandi first and read my 'nephrons'. Then see if this stupid Blogger will let me upload photos or not.