Saturday, July 7, 2007

Day of the Dead + Blue Bird + Anatomical Heart + Junky Junk Junk Mood Board

Whee~! I got myself a new camera USB cable! :D

So, what have we got? The other day, I posted about collecting swap packages. One of them contained 5 recycled bottlecap pins from lesvieuxjours. The theme is 'Day of the Dead', which didn't appeal as much to me as the colours did. :D The caps are filled with industrial gloss/epoxy/resin. During my recently-over holidays, I did a thorough search of this type of resin in all hardware shops I came across, but I didn't find any. I'm so disappointed. :( If anyone knows where to get this clear liquid that hardens when a catalyst is added, please give me a shout, ok? :)

The other package holds a plastic mirror electric blue bird pin from Taina. I plan to get the elephant and shark pins next. :D This little chirpie is quite large and demands attention once you put him on. :D My heart just fell for him. :D

Sho... the third package I had to go to Sungai Besi post office to collect. :( The parcel is too big already, so the mail people don't want to send to uni. But the lady at the SAD said maybe the postage is not enough to cover its way to uni. I don't know la. Anyway, if you've got time, you should visit Sungai Besi ..... for FOOD! :D Every afternoon, I think, there'll be dozens of Malay stalls set up, selling all kinds of kuih. :D *drools* I've never seen such a variety all available in one place back in Sarawak. :P

What's in the parcel? An altered mixed media collaged messenger bag purchased from IVANandLUCY!!! I SUPER love this bag!!! Love love love LOVE it! Especially the anatomical heart print on the plastic sheet! The word beads read : "Open wounds from the cutting edge". I don't really get what it means... :P Anyone knows?

{ Here's the amazing's attractive front }

{ Here's the equally beautiful back }

The bag is decorated with buttons, metal accents, a watch face, fabric trims, and printed plastic. I so admire Lisa's skills and creativity! The bag is so well-made. :) And it's all mine. Mine! *Muahahahaha!!!*

Aaand..... here's my mood board!!!

Made from a cardboard box, cut open, and covered with sheer brown organza embroidered with gold floral motifs. The organza was found within the bag of scrap fabric I bought for RM2. The whole schwagg pinned all over the board is actually junk. -.-" Yes, take a closer look :

{ I hate crappy pictures }

By the way, the word 'crappy' brought to my realisation, how much I detest this word, really. Hmm... rather, I'm irritated by people who seem to love this word. A number of times, I've come across Friendster descriptions of "I like talking craps with my friends...", "I like to crapping about", "I talk craps".

Please la. Though I'm not an English teacher, and the meaning of the sentences does not run off, and in the grammatical sense, there's nothing wrong with the words, I'm still quite irritated by them. I'm not sure if there is a plural for crap (craps). Well, maybe I'm just irked by the obvious grammatical mistakes in some of the sentences. T.T *Not saying that I don't make any myself - I'm usually horrified by my own grammatical mistakes*.

So, here are the details of the junk on my mood board. I've got Maggi HotCup cover, tuna can paper label, KitKat paper wrap, Kinder Bueno foil wrap, white rabbit milk candy wrapper, Tootsie Pop wrapper, etc etc etc.

Below is a gift from IMU CF. :) Unique and stylish - I like. :D

Erm.... more details and pictures to come. Blogger is really trying my patience - I couldn't upload any pics the whole afternoon, and now, it's kan*sai one. Upload one pic have to wait 3 minutes. Some wait so long then suddenly "Internet Explorer cannot display this page". HAIYO!!!!!!!!! ^ *Still like that la but I persisted that pics MUST be uploaded tonight*

I go mandi first and read my 'nephrons'. Then see if this stupid Blogger will let me upload photos or not.

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