Monday, April 30, 2007

Cheesy Potato Tuna Salad

My brain is fully saturated. I don't ant to look at another pharmacology book, EVER again.

Okla... Maybe that was a bit exagerated. :P I still have half of the module to cover. T-T

My lunch today :

Cheesy Potato Tuna Salad

(For 2 persons)

1 medium potato (or two small potatoes)
1 egg
1 handful of shredded block Cheddar cheese or 2 slices of 'instant' Cheddar cheese
2 cabbage leaves, or more if you 'strict vegetarian' *aha~* :D
1 small garlic clove
2 tablespoons canned tuna in water (drain off the water first)
1 tablespoon mayonnaise

1. Wash, peel and cut the potato into small cubes. Steam or boil (whichever you prefer) until cooked. This will take about half an hour if you decide to steam. Put the egg together with the steaming/boiling water to have it hardboiled.

2. While waiting for the potatoes to cook, wash and shred the cabbage into fine strips. Smash the garlic *apu.. sounds so barbaric* and chop finely.

3. When the potatoes and eggs are cooked, leave them aside.

4. Mash the egg and mix with the mayo.

5. Stir-fry the cabbage with the garlic in a dab of butter or a little oil. Add tuna and stir-fry somemore. Dont' too long la, or else the tuna will become ikan kering.

6. Add the stir fried stuff to the mashed egg mixture. Scatter the cheese and mix everything thoroughly. The cheese will melt and that is oh so nice~

Ta-dah.... Yummy lunch! :9

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Yet More Rainbows + Kawaii Shopping Spree ~

Went for a shopping spree yesterday, at KLCC. Actually, I don't really need anything, except some groceries and a much needed walk. When I shop, I don't buy clothes or shoes or bags or cosmetics. That's why I dress so 3-8 sometimes. :P Instead, I spend my savings on practically useless stuff such as - Japanese kawaii.

Kawaii Sticker Sacks by Q-lia and Kamio

Mustard Blob Tabbed Memo Pad + Soda Bubbles Memo Pad

Here are a set of hair clips I made (by sticking the apples on the pins) in the afternoon. The fuzzy apple appliques were from a swap. Aren't they the cutest? :D

And here's something I whipped up the other day with the hair ties :

Rainbow Embellished Felt Cuff / Pin

Listed on Etsy. Check out my Etsy shop for a peek. :)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Crepe + Apple Raisin Filling = YUM~

Relieved myself off the extra energy by making some crepes. The other day, during my afternoon trip to Petaling Street, I managed to grab a packet of all-purpose flour and a 500g pack of granulated sugar. From 7Eleven. Ok, laugh la. But really, I wanted to stock up on raw supplies so that I can cook some stuff, and at that moment, 7Eleven was the only store in sight that sells groceries.

But I warn you - never go there purposefully to buy groceries. It'll kill you and your money. You'll end up beating yourself after you see the very same item with only half the price on Carrefour's shelf. :P

Ok then, my self-invented Crepe recipe :

5 mounted tablespoonfuls of all-purpose flour (plain flour la)
1 tablespoon of butter at room temperature (don't put too much, just about 1 tbspn is enough)
1 egg
1 cup of milk

Enough for roughly 4 pieces of fairly large crepe.

Dump everything into a mixing bowl and whisk with all your might. Use either an egg-whisk, or a plain old fork (like I did). But kesian me, I whisk the thing until like what oni. Or for a more hassle-free method, dump everything into a food processor and bleeend.

How I came up with this simple yet successful (ceh~) crepe batter. Dr KYB of BPharm onced mentioned in our Physical Pharmacy class that cake batter is just an oil-in-water emulsion suspension. Flour are solid particles suspended in a butter-in-milk emulsion. The important thing one must remember is the surface active agent - the egg. Egg contains Lecithin, a natural emulsifier, enabling stable mixing of oil and water components.

At least I think the explanation was like that. :D

Anyways, the crepe turned out to a super duper yummeh! Crisp and fluffy at the same time! And the buttery aroma! Oh so nice! *Faints* Notice that I didn't put in any sugar, because I wanted to make some savoury filling too. If you like, 2 tablespoons of sugar would suffice me thinks. :)

Tuna Filling : Canned tuna + mayonnaise (campur campur), spread on crepe and top with a slice of cheese. Roll up like a popiah, and cut if you like fancy-fancy. Serve with cucumber and tomato slices (I didn't have cucumbers).

Apple Raisin Filling : One large red apple or 2 green apples + a handful of raisins + stir-fry with a slab of butter + 2 tablespoons sugar. Enough for 2 slices of crepe (but I ate with one slice only - oh so sweet! :D).

Oh the apple sauce! Syrupy shiny saucy goodness. :9

Ok, then. I made more stuff :

Chocolate Cake Pony Hair Ties Set

Vintage Buttons Pony Hair Ties Set

I need you honest opinions. Would these sell? How much do you think you'd pay if you want to buy? Fellow Malaysians and Singaporeans most welcome. :) I'd love to hear your voices. If you think this is ceh ("I can also make what"), please let me know too so that I can make other stuffs. :) Thanks~

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Kawaii Cherry Make Me Pretty Grabbie

Haih..... My current life is so monotonous.

Wake up. Oline. Bathe. Try to cram some lecture notes for 2 hours. Cook lunch and eat while onlining for 2 hours. Try to cram more notes. Nap. Wake up and finish off the notes wherever I stopped. Go jogging. Do the hoola. Oline. Bathe. And try to cram yet more notes. Online. Sleep.

I'm an internet addict and online freak. Habis habis...

Nevertheless, this afternoon, I found a few minutes to make some more stuff. I had this pair of soda bottle cap earrings from VintageNoveau, from whom I bought my gorgeous Vintage CHERRY SODA Bottle Cap Trinket Charm Bracelet (*phew* I SOB). They were just cooped up in a box, not worn at all. So, I had in my mind to create a cherry-themed grabbie. In the first place, I planned to make a embellished star pin to include in the set. However, due to a sudden bout of laziness, I let it pass. I'll conjure up another grabbie sometime this week. :)

Kawaii Cherry Make Me Pretty Grabbie

{Click on the image to view the listing on Etsy}

Hmm... Just a random cheer-me-up thing to share.

Today's HAT DAY in Neopia!

Seriously. Can anything get lamer than this? I was practically laughing when I saw it on the front page as I went to collect my daily interest. Priceless! There are other more exciting days - chocolate ball, creepy crawly day, neogardening celebration and grey day are but a few examples. But HAT day. Tsk tsk tsk...aiyoyo.....

Anyways.... this sense of humour that its staff has is why I love Neopets. It's just so silly! But clever. :D

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mum's Bread Pudding

Hmm... Nothing much happening today. I've decided to try and finish studying Dr Kang's Physical Pharmacy notes. But of course, I cannot resist making something to eat for lunch. :)

I've been wanting to make some desserts, only there really aren't any useful equipments around in my unit. I particularly yearn for an oven. Then, I can bake cakes, make baked macaroni and cheese, bake cookies, bake puddings.

Just a few days ago, I had this sudden craving for my mum's bread pudding. It's the BEST among the best. :) And luckily, it is not baked, but steamed.

Mum's Bread Pudding
1 loaf of white bread (400g)
3 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons butter at room temperature (I recommend Anchor)
2 eggs (whichever grade)
400g (1 medium can) evaporated milk
1 and 1/2 cups of raisins (or an enormously generous amount)

1. Shred the bread slices into smaller pieces. Toss as evenly as you can with sugar, and then butter.

2. In a separate bowl, beat the eggs and add the evaporated milk. Mix thoroughly.

3. Transfer the bread mixture into a cake pan. Pour the milk mixture over the bread.

4. Remember to press gently so that all the bread gets soaked.

5. Right after that, steam it for about 1/2 hour, or until it is cooked.

Ta-dah! You have the world's yummiest bread pudding. :9 It's soft and oh so rich! I just LOVE the buttery smell! Eat it while it's hot! Reheat (in toaster or microwave) when you want to eat it. :)

Monday, April 23, 2007

I Attack You with Rainbows ~

So, before my chocolate lunch on Sunday (as described in the previous post), I made use of the internet-free period to make some of the stuff I've been meaning to make.

"I Attack You with Rainbows" 2 Pins Set

Haven't listed it on Etsy yet. Probably will do so when I've sorted out my blog posts and layout. Listed on Etsy; click on the picture to see the listing. :) Each pin measures about 3 inches across and is backed with a layer of sturdy black felt. See the pale cream plastic thingy shaped like a piece from a jigsaw-puzzle (in the middle of the green-blue star)? It's actually used to secure a bread-loaf bag. :) I've collected quite a number of these as a result of everyday-sandwiches-because-no-time-to-cook. :D

I really love making rainbow stuff. :) I feel extremely happy and excited when I look at the completed work.

So, then, feeling in need of a good walk, I decided to get myself to Petaling Street after lunch. I just love the atmosphere; food smells, all sorts of odds and ends on display at street stalls, more food, more stuff and of course, the people-diversity. Sometimes, when I'm waiting for the LRT or just waiting for something la, I'd just sit and watch the people walking by. It's really quite interesting - the way some of them dressed, the things they have on their person (accessories, bags, buys), the way they talk, the way they walk, their hairstyle.... countless of 'idle entertainment' to be watched.

Ok, I didn't pay RM4 to and fro Plaza Rakyat just to watch people la. I need some window-shopping therapy. Notice I said 'window-shopping'. Normally, it'd be 'shopping spree'. :P Went to a few places; Popular Bookstore, stretch of stalls in ChinaTown, Macy's (craft supplies store), and Living Cabin. I'd love to have explore more if not for the cloudy sky.

As a treat to cheer me up after the virus-attack-on-my-computer trauma, I bought some tarts from a bakery further down from the corner-Watsons. The tarts are just yum. I've been buying them each time I visit Petaling Street ever since I was in early secondary school. Back then, my dad always brought us to KL during the school holidays. Each time, we stayed in the Wisma Methodist, which is situated just off the Street, within walking-distance. :)

Potugese Egg Tart + Chocolate Cheese Tart + Blackberry Cheese Tart

The prices range from RM1-1.50 I think. If you want to get some and wonder how you're supposed to find the bakery; just walk straight when you come out from the Plaza Rakyat LRT station - pass Pudu Bus Station - pass a hotel *I didn't notice the name* and Nandos both on your left - until you reach the corner Watsons. Then just continue on in the same direction (straight) past Watsons and the bakery is among the shops on your left. you might miss it if you're not careful because there's a booth selling mobile phones sort of blocking it. Oh, and for additional info, there's an internet cafe situated on the second floor which can be accessed from the bakery. :)

I can't describe the yumminess of these beauties... Just remember not to leave them overnight because the crunchy crust would have then gone soft.

Mmm.... :9

JSR #6 : Morinaga Chocolates

Haih... Something extremely bad happened on Sunday. The night before, I downloaded AVG Free from Ok, then I went to sleep. Sunday morning when I woke up, I couldn't log on my laptop. The darn thing just stubbornly kept 'welcoming' me and wouldn't do anyting else. Dread filled me as I recalled the same incident occurring to Farah after she updated her antivirus using IMU's wireless. Confirmed - it's the virus from the uni's 'Electronic Learning Lab 1' acting up on my hard drive.

Ah.... Ah.... AAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!
*sorry if it sounds fake; try it at faster intervals; that's how I vent my frustration - accompanied by fist banging on my poor defenseless plywood desk*

I didn't know what to do. Farah had her laptop reformatted by the Help Desk people (at uni). If I wanted to do the same, I'd have had to wait until Monday before anything can be done. That's a WHOLE DAY WITHOUT INTERNET ACCESS!!!

Then it dawned to me how very addicted I am to the web. I seriously cannot live one day without a click to either Etsy, Neopets, or Yahoo mail. I'd be all depressed and unreproductive.

So, I stuffed myself with chocolates bought the other day from MidValley.

Biz Chocolate (Morinaga)

Price : RM1.90

Weight : I forgot

Found : Jusco MidValley

This is actually the cheapest Japanese chocolate I've come across. Considering it's quantity - a LOT (about 20 or so individual chocolates) - it was a real steal. The quality is not bad at all. In fact, I think the packet is worth much more than RM1.90.

The chocolate consists of chocolate rice crispies sandwiched between 2 layers of milk chocolate. The rice crispies 'masuk angin' a biiit only, because it still tasted super. :)

Kizami Cacao 63% Bitter Chocolate (Morinaga)

Price : RM2.50

Weight : 40g

Found : Jusco MidValley

Caption found on box : ' "KIZAMI CACAO" is a real and rich taste bitter chocolate '. There were 10 individually packed chocolates. 63% meaning cocoa mass present in each is 63%. The bumpy bits seen on the chocolate surface is actually crisp cocoa chips. Very reasonable, the price. :) And as I always say, Japanese chocolates are the best, especially dark chococlate. :)

Chestnut Chocolate (Morinaga)

Price : 7.90

Weight : 56g

Found : Jusco MidValley

There are 10 chocolates in this one box. 10! T-T Each one is chestnut-shaped, with a chestnut-paste in the center. Though I wouldn't really go for these the next time, they're still quite ok - the sweetness of the milk chocolate makes up for the somewhat weird taste of chestnuts. Maybe chestnuts really do taste that way, I'm not too sure. :P

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Been Taggedth ~

Ok... I'm not sure if anyone other than the person who tagged me and Lynn Xuan will be reading this. Anyway, I'll give this a try.

Weird things about meh :

1. I can eat chocolate for breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, dinner and supper.

2. I MUST do exercise each day - at least go for a brisk walk or do the hoola. If not, I'll balloon up like SpongeBob sneezing. Yalah, so much chocolate - who cannot get fat la?

3. I collect junk - food wrappers, food cans, boxes, metal lids, plastic bags, raffia string, plastic bottles, bottle caps, wire bits, plastic bits, used pens - you name it, I have it. But most of the time, I stash only stuff with attractive designs, or if I plan to do something with them. I wanted to collect old toothbrushes too, but then changed my mind because I scared later dunno what will grow on the brushes. But you know, the handle is so nice? Colourful-colourful one?

4. I've been through the addicted-to-Neopets phase. It lasted for 2 years straight, from lower 6 to upper 6, with at least 5 hours each day of Neopoints-collecting - games, Esophagor & Snow Faerie quests and shop-stocking. My goal is to collect ALL cakes found in Neopia, which is practically impossible la. Now, it's not that crazy anymore la. But I still log in to get my bank interest every day. :P

Okla, I can't think of anything else already. I'm not that weird lo. :) And I very nice one lo - no tags after me. :)


Ha..... Finally, our seemingly endless class tests are over!!! Now, our 3-week study break starts, and then it'll be the End-of-Semester exams. T-T

The night before the UTP (Understanding the Patient) paper, my hands were itching like mad for wanting to make stuff. I haven't been doing anything crafty at all for more than 2 weeks or so, and my crafty juices were full to bursting. There was this thought playing over and over again in my mind. Recycling all my scrap felt from leftover cuttings into something beautiful of sale-value. So, here was the stash :

I came up with this brooch :

Then, yesterday afternoon, I continued making another one; a sea-themed brooch. The 2 rhinestones and little puffy fish was from the swap with Rainbow Mermaid.

Click on the pics to go to their respective listing on Etsy, or check out my shop for more stuff. :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Kawaii~neh! Bloggo Freebie #2

Contest extended to 27th April 2007.

This is a not-so-free freebie.

I've decided to give away the blue enamel butterfly on gold chain necklace by Rainbow Mermaid to one lucky girl who buys anything from my shop. Yes, anything. Starting from the 12th of April to the 20th 27th of April 2007.

Minimum of 3 buyers for this stretch of time for the contest to run. A random winner will be drawn on the 20th. And as usual, this post will be edited to announce the winner, and she will be sent a notification convo + email.

How to enter?

1. Buy anything from my Etsy shop : Kawaii~neh! from 12th-20th 27th April 2007.
2. Post a comment under this post with your Etsy username and email. (*MUST)
3. Wait with good thoughts and check back again on the 20th 27th April.

Easy peasy? Start buying peoples!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Black + White Fantastic Plastic Charm Bracelet + Kawaii Stationery

Wah... I just had a difficult test paper today - Organic Chemistry. Actually, the subject itself is not really that hard at all, but as there are a lot of chemical reactions (with the conditions and catalysts and additives and all) to remember for each, my mind just couldn't take in all of that in just one and a half days, after the Physical Chemistry paper on Monday. T-T

Anyway, am really happy - super hyper - because I collected 2 packages from the uni's reception counter today! One was a swap from Joanna aka Rainbow Mermaid from the UK. She's one of the few gifted kitsch charm jewelry makers on Etsy. I was lucky enough to swap because she loves kawaii stickers, of which I have bunches and bunches. :) I swapped for one of her FUNKYLICIOUS charm bracelets.

I especially like the cat charm and black round plastic charm with a white star. Since this was on sale (buy 1 get 1 free), she asked me to choose another item from that section. I chose a blue enamel butterfly on gold chain necklace. Initially, when I decided on that, I planned to have it as a freebie giveaway. Why? Because I haven't worn a necklace for a looong time, since I was in standard 5 (darjah 5). But when I saw the real gem today, I'm in love with it. No way am I parting with it. :P I can always accustom myself to wearing something beautiful on my neck again. :P

The other package was my ebay order from myTarson. The Hong Kong based kawaii gift shop was also having some sale items which I found hard to resist. I'm a sucker for Japanese kawaii memo pads with yummy food. *-*

And must haves ...... CRAM CREAM DECO TAPES!!!!!! :D

Hah.... just came back from Farah's place. Me and my friend went to her house, and we cooked dinner. :) Fishball + fishcake soup with cabbage, carrots and glass noodles (dong fen). My friend made potato salad (cooked potato cubes and carrots + mashed boiled egg + dendeng + mayonnaise). Dendeng is a Malay dish - something like shredded beef with herbs and spices. It's extremely tasty and addictive. I love love LOVE it!

I find it a good relax-therapy, eating and talking together. :) It's such a no-worry thing, and I haven't been doing that for some time now. After eating, we just watched TV with another 3 more friends (Farah's housemates), occasionally gossiping about our uni's happenings. :) Fun. :)