Sunday, April 29, 2007

Yet More Rainbows + Kawaii Shopping Spree ~

Went for a shopping spree yesterday, at KLCC. Actually, I don't really need anything, except some groceries and a much needed walk. When I shop, I don't buy clothes or shoes or bags or cosmetics. That's why I dress so 3-8 sometimes. :P Instead, I spend my savings on practically useless stuff such as - Japanese kawaii.

Kawaii Sticker Sacks by Q-lia and Kamio

Mustard Blob Tabbed Memo Pad + Soda Bubbles Memo Pad

Here are a set of hair clips I made (by sticking the apples on the pins) in the afternoon. The fuzzy apple appliques were from a swap. Aren't they the cutest? :D

And here's something I whipped up the other day with the hair ties :

Rainbow Embellished Felt Cuff / Pin

Listed on Etsy. Check out my Etsy shop for a peek. :)

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