Saturday, June 28, 2008

KLue Urbanscapes 2008! Woohoo!

Er.... I was rather excited this morning. :P

Woke up at 9. Went for a swim at 9.20. When I got to the pool, there was no one there, except a two ladies at the side bench, where one of them was getting ready to swim. Ok - I thought. Cool.

Then slowly, people started coming. A couple with a really cute and chubby baby girl *she kicked her legs around like nobody's business - sho cute!!!*, and then a family of 4 children *gasp! F-O-U-R!*, and then a girl *an IMU student*, and then another family *two children and their father*.

Oh my. Luckily I swam 15 laps already by the time the last family appeared. *phew~* *15 laps is very kacang only. Cannot even slim down with that. The pool is what, 10 meters in length?* Normally, I'll swim 20. Just to get myself used to swimming again. :P I haven't visited the pool regularly for almost 5 years already. T-T

Ok, so after that, went up to shower and change. Wanted to order McD breakfast delivery. But the operator said they don't do breakfast delivery. T-T What the? I thought they do? I really wanted to try the Big Breakfast and Hot Cakes. T-T

So I just simply blah out a Big Mac and a chocolate sundae lah.

While waiting *damn long one la the waiting*, I did some laundry and watched a DBSK game show - JiHwaJa *or something lidat*.

Then finally, got ready and left for KLPAC!

Took the LRT to Sentul. Then tried walking around. The Urbanscapes site metioned shuttle bus service to KLPAC, but I was impatient, and thought I could just walk to the place.

I was so the wrong. T-T I didn't print out the map - just glanced at it online. Walk la, dunno go where. Ended up in a cab after about 20 minutes of walking. ^-^"

I did remember the location to be Sentul Park (Sentul West). Luckily, the driver knew the place *even if he's never heard of KLPAC T-T*. So, after about 10 minutes, I was finally there!

And what a delightful sight it was! I mean the Marketplace. People certainly took note to dress fashionably. Everywhere I turned, my eyes caught something flashy, something bright, something beautiful, something fun!

And the stalls carried super awesome goodies! I didn't bring my camera along, even though I really wanted to. It weighs a ton in my bag. T-T Tak heran lah, old Powershot model mah.

I met Evangelione. :P She's super sweet! She didn't recognize me at first. After I bought her kawaii elephant necklace, I introduced myself. :P She was surprised. :P Nyeheh~! Yokie - you are right! I don't suit the image 'kawaii'. T-T *bwuahahaha~!*

Oh, and I saw two IMU students too! :D One was a previous SRC (Students Representative Council - I dunno if this if the correct long name ah). :P They were like; you're from IMU? We're from IMU too! :D Cause I was wearing the IMU charity run t-shirt - again! Haha... I can see yokie rolling her eyes. XD

I brought my water bottle. But how long can 500ml last in this mau-mati-mia-hot day. T-T I went to buy a bottle of mineral water at a booth, and it costed RM3. RM3 I tell you! Wanna kill people is it? T-T

Anyways, the loot I brought back :

{ The loot from Urbanscapes 2008 Marketplace }

I bought the most from Wondermilk la. I've been wanting to visit their brick-and-mortar shop, but haven't yet have the chance to. So, I treated myself to as many of their goodies that were displayed.

{ I so ♥LOVE♥ their plasctic bag }

{ Goodies from Wondermilk's booth : Set of 6 plain notebooks + Wondermilk Little Paper Wonder + Kurasarasaksa Goodie Bag + Wondermilk Paperbag Lullabies + Wooden Birdie pin by Blok On! }

{ The insides + closeups }

{ Notebooks by Wondermilk - love the designs - just the thing I wanted. I haven't got a notebook for this semester. :P }

{ Wooden Birdie pin by Blok On! }

{ Cuppacakes by Wondermilk }

{ They're the cutest ♥! :D Haven't tried yet. Will do so tonight. >:D }

There were lots of booths selling accessories. I was again disappointed not seeing A Smack of Jellyfish. I wonder what happened to them. I really want to look at the acrylic accessories they make. T-T

Well, I did splurge quite a bit on accessories by equally awesome makers. :P

{ Kawaii wooden elephant necklace from Evangelione + Kitschy plastic necklace from Take Me }

{ Totally cute hand-drawn fabric pins and cellphone charms + kawaii bunny beaded pin + Hapi fabric collage pin, all from HugoGarden }

Spent so much that my purse hurts. T-T Ah... Didn't buy anything since start of hols. Till now. :P Shopping therapy really works ah? :D

There were actually a lot of booths selling screen-printeed and hand-painted tees, as well as a large section dedicated to flea market-style clothing sales. But the clothings ah, especially from the Bjou Bazzar crew were damn nice one leh. Pity I'm too big to fit into those stylishly dainty tops and dresses. T-T As for the tees, although some designs are cool, I'd still prefer buying a Threadless or from Etsy, if I really want one. ^-^"

Yup. That aside, I'm hyper happy that I went today. :P

KLue Urbanscapes 2008 @ KLPAC + Stupid Selectives

Something big is happening down at KL Performing Arts Centre starting 12pm today. :P

It's Urbanscapes! The city's creative arts festival! :D

I'm gonna get myself down there to look around the Marketplace their setting up. :)

Entrance to Marketplace is free. :)

I guess I'm blogging about this too late. :P



Something really crazy happened at IMU on Thursday, and I was part of it.

I'm not gonna spill what it was, because I never know who's reading my blog. It might be one of the lecturers. *yikes! the horror! if it were true :P*

But I'll just blurt it out anyway. >:D

Semester 5 BPharmers were given 4 selective modules to choose from. The catch was, each of the 4 modules had to have an equal number of people as the others. There were two easier modules (sounded easier anyway, with no lab sessions and so SAQ for class test *the horror!!!*) - Veterinary Pharmacy and Radiopharmacy. Of course, everybody wanted either one la.

And of course, we'd do anything to get the module we want. We are not kia-su. We just want to maintain out GPA and CGPA. We're not so stupid as to choose Analytical Methods (or something like that) with 6 (or more) practical sessions to attend, or the super boring and will-never-understand Bioinformatics, even if we will be seen as "Wah... Clever ho? Wah.... you tough la man! I salute you!*

We're not as stupid as to throw our marks at the wind *excuse the change of words here*. We just want a module that will help us gain more credits for the semester. Because this is one hell of a semester. I didn't expect there to be so much useless projects and portfolios *AGAIN!!!! ARGH!!!!*.

So, the thing we did.

We camped outside IMU from 12 midnight till the next morning.

To get in line so that we get to choose the module we want. Each module allows only 28 people.

I didn't expect this thing to happen. Really. I was sound asleep at 1 something. When I was wakened up by Jui Jien banging away at my door. T-T I didn't even realize it, until I registered the sound of the front grill banging. Then I looked at my phone and saw a missed call from her. As usual la, I put my phone on silent mode when I go to sleep. I opened my bedroom door, and saw her bedroom door wide ajar.

All sorts of thought flashed through - a friend injured? Someone kidnapped? Got robbery meh?

What I didn't expect when I called her back was, "Sing Yee! Faster come to IMU! They lining up already. I'm number 50 now. Faster come!"

Our batch has got 100+, about 120 people. So, the first 56 will be able to choose whichever module they want. That left only 5 more places.

I was in disbelief after the call. It was 1.30 in the morning, damn it! Then panic started to sink in. Bathed and freshened up in less then 5 minutes, and I was running like hell to the elevator, and then running like hell again from the elevator right up the IMU's main entrance.

I was at number 52.

Not bad. But I wanted to take Vet Pharm. T-T Riiiiight before me, there was still 1 place for that module. But the girl in front of me took the place. T-T

Ah.... Radiopharmacy also ok lah. :P

Yup. The selectives choosing was at 8.30 in the morning. So, we camped in front of the glass doors for almost 5 hours, then shifted into the Atrium when the guards opened the front doors, and waited somemore.

Finally, the class rep gave out the numbers, and we went up in a neatly lined order *imagine that! o.m.g.* to the venue where the selection was to take place.

Later that afternoon, the Dean of Pharmacy same into our class and lectured us on safety issues.
Blah la. Just give it to us that our actions are thrashing IMU's image. Don't give us the 'we're worried about your safety' kind of s**t. What could happen to 60 people in the same place?

This Selectives really cannot be called selectives la. If it really were selectives ah, then let us choose la. Don't limit the number of people to a module. It really defeats the purpose of choosing. In the end, sure got people tak puas hati with what they get.

For the next batches, please la, just randomize. Or just give a stupid module enough la. No need choose choose la, ok?

Don't kia-su. No need to churn out multi-talented pharmacists. Ok?


Monday, June 23, 2008

Back In KL - Sem 5 Starts with Much Premonition

Ahh.... Been missing from the online world for the past 2 days. As usual, when I arrived after 1-and-a-half months of hols, my hopes that the internet connection would still be intact were crushed immediately, without mercy. T-T

This time, the modem went and got itself damaged, even after I switched it off before I went back for hols, to let it rest for 1 and a half months. T-T


Haih.... Well, thankfully, the people from TIME internet came to change the modem and everything's ok again.

Anyways, I want to share the experience of sitting in the first class seat of MAS. It's a long story, how I got this ticket for first class.

Yeah, so, the seat was damn comfy - big big one, got more than enough space for the legs and got soft plush pillow somemore. :D People sitting in this section will have full service from the flight attendants. They even have your name on a list and take orders as to what you'd like to drink and eat. ^-^" I was a little surprised when the stewardess said, "Miss Ngien Sing Yee? Would you like anything to drink?"

Lunch was served on a well-laid tray, covered with a cotton table cloth, complete with a proper dining set. During the trip from Kuching to KL, I sat beside an Iban gentleman, around his 40s I guess. This gentleman was very gentlemanly :D and friendly. When the flight stewardess came to ask what he'd like for lunch, he said he'd be fine without any because he ate with his wife before boarding the plane.

So, I was a little shy at the thought of gulfing down lasagnas and butter rice beside him, while he read the paper. So, I told the stewardess that I'd like to have the tray without the main course. T-T
Well, it wasn't too bad. I wasn't desperately hungry. There were buns (cinnamon, garlic bread and raisin), an appetizer and a dessert.

{ Cocktail prawns on cabbage leaves, served with a lemon wedge, melon and papaya balls + Custard tart with whipped cream and a pineapple slice }

{ Sibu --> Kuching }

{ Kuching --> KL }

Back in KL, I attended the first day of Sem 5 today. I got a little shock when I saw that we have 8 modules to cover this semester. *WHAT~!!?!*

Last semester, there were 9. This semester there's one less. But still, the workload will not change. I seriously fail to understand up till now, why I even bothered looking up this course in the first place. T-T Well, it wasn't me who looked it up. It was my Dad. ^-^"

I'm beginning to worry that I'll end up working without passion. Halfway through this pharmacy course, I'm already losing interest in the things we are to learn, despite my claim sometime last year that some of the clinical aspects of the course are indeed intriguing. There's just so much scientific facts and goodness-knows-what-else sort of superiority, I can't bear to think about it. T-T

The lecturers and even the dean kept on reiterating the point that IMU bachelor of pharmacy students will turn out more capable than public university students. This is based on the perception that we learn more than them. It may be true, accroding to the workload dumped on us. But I think it's a far cry when this comes to real life practice and application of knowledge. We may be getting all topics and learning issues there are, equipped with all sorts of teaching and learning techniques. But the thing is, I find myself rushing through everything, without registering any information at all. Even when I concentrated and studied at a comfortable pace, it's the same. I can't recall the drug class of antifungals, let alone the names. This topic I've read maybe more than 10 times throughout the course. Still, at the moment, I can't remember anything, except that the cell wall of fungi consists of components like lanosterol and ergosterol. T-T What the hell those are, I can't correctly tell you. T-T

This is seriously getting me nowhere.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Felt Plushes - Eggs + Butter Stick + Neapolitan Ice Cream Carton + Marshmallow on a Stick

Been making some more felt plushes for a custom order on Etsy. It was really a challenge, because these were plushes that I wouldn't have made even if I came up with the idea. These were actually designs of another crafter. I felt a little uncomfortable re-making these. But seeing that this was requested by a repeat customer, I couldn't say no. Moreover, I hadn't made much stuff with felt this holiday period.

{ Eggs + Butter + Neapolitan Ice Cream Carton + Marshmallow on a Stick }

Anyways, I can safely say the marshmallow is of my own design. I made the mallow and stick separately, so that the stick can be pulled out and stuck through the mallow. The stick is actually a single chopstick covered with brown felt. The little branch is stuffed with polyfill. I found a bundle of new chopsticks, and there was one lone stick without its partner. So, I decided to use that, instead of stuffing the felt with polyfill. This makes the stick very sturdy and easily 'pushable' through the mallow. :)

{ Yummy stuffy }

Since this is the last order this holiday, I decided to 'beautify' it. :P With re-used decorated foil wrapper. :P Found this in the store-room, so decided might as well use it for something good.

{ ♥ }


Tomorrow morning, I'll be flying back to KL. T-T Ah.... Holiday ends too fast. I was just beginning to warm up for a DBSK/TVXQ 24hr-video-thon. Those Korean guys are just amazing.

Especially Xiah JunSu. :D *Whoa~!* Changing lanes too fast eh?

2 days ago it was U-Know YunHo. Now it's JunSu. :P

Photos taken from

{ HOT HOT HOT!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ }

Can't help it la. This JunSu guy's so funny that every time I watch his videos, I'll laugh even though I can hafal what he'll say already. :P

One of his trademarks :

He likes to pretend to speak in Kenyan. And the Kenyan he speaks cracks me up. Seriously. XD It's actually just gibberish. But he's got that really serious face when he's talking. XD Which makes the whole thing priceless~! :D You can see an example here.

I think he dances best, after YunHo. *YunHo's still the most hensem mia~♥ and the best dancer~&hearts*

But in this video here, I really must salute JunSu lah. Gotta love him. ♥ ♥ ♥

Ah..... That aside, this blogger is really stoopid la. Haiyo.... Why the page elements cannot save one? I really going bit-chin already. T-T

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

DBSK (Dong Bang Shin Ki) / TVXQ (Tong Vfang Xien Qi 東方神起) / Tohoshinki = L.O.V.E.

These few days, I've been planted in front of my laptop, watching every video with DBSK in it.

It all started last Saturday, when I searched youtube for Yoo Gun. Then saw some videos on Kim Ok Bin, co-star in Hello Mr. God!. Didn't know she was a dancer.
Yup, anyways, that somewhat lead to YunHo's dance videos on a Korean entertainment show, XMan. :D After that, everything DBSK.

Can't believe I only took notice of them now. T-T They were at their best in 2005-2007.

Scroll over the pics to see to whom each are credited. Click on each to see where I got them from.

Flickr - mei.mei

{ DBSK (Dong Bang Shin Ki) / TVXQ (Tong Vfang Xien Qi 東方神起) / Tohoshinki }

Flickr - mei.mei

{ Xiah Jun Su ♥ Micky Yoo Chun ♥ Hero Jae Joong ♥ Max Chang Min ♥ U-Know Yun Ho }

Flickr - ipkiss289

{ Talented teens : 21, 22, 22, 20, 22 }

I was attracted to Yun Ho's flawless dance moves. It's really no wonder that he's named Korea's King of Dance. Watching him dance makes me high. :P And excited. And happy. :P Although all DBSK members dance excellently, he's distinctly a notch above the others.

{ Yun Ho, DBSK's leader & King of Dance ♥ }

♥ ♥ ♥ H.E.N.S.E.M N.Y.E.R ~! ♥ ♥ ♥


Well, DBSK is an all-rounder group - they sing and dance, and have acted in some Banjun dramas. But the thing is, they do each one so well that it's really no surprise that they're deemed Asia's teen idols.

Flickr - mei.mei

{ Super cute guys ♥ }

Dong Bang Shin Ki ~!


Dong Bang Shin Ki ~!



That aside, here's another collage I made with Polyvore. Found out that one collage is limited to 50 images only. T-T

{ Juicy Couture - but looks more like Kawaii Couture :P }

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bloggo Freebie #4 - Results!

Hey hey.... :P The freebie's been running for over a week already. ^-^"



Er.... #1 is iviology and #7 is pfang!!!

You lucky chums you~! ♥

Ivy gets the necklace and pfang the bracelet.

Please email me your addresses so that I can send out the prizes.

Thanks to everyone who participated. :)

Kawaii~neh! ♥loves♥ you~

{ Latest try with Polyvore~♥ }


Halo halo! After that previous super emo post T-T, I'm brightening up a bit.

I've been an avid reader of Tongue in Chic, a fashion blog run by a few fashionable ladies :D in KL *I think*.

Through an entry some time ago, Polyvore was discovered - it's a sort of online tool for collaging. At first, I wasn't all ga-ga over it. But then, I saw this competition post, and thought I might as well give it a try *though my fashion sense may not be all that polished T-T*. :P The winning entry will be seen at Tongue in Chic's booth at Urbanscapes this 28th June! :D

After the first collage, I was addicted. :P Click on images to view them larger (and clearer), and see where you can get each item. :)

{ My first try - Subtle Lady }

Can you see it's been done by a beginner? :P I like neutral colours, with a bit of warmth. Think beige + deep burgundy.

I've recently taken a liking to empire waist tops. They actually look quite good on plump bodies *eek*. My lil sis bought a stretchy floral empire waist Harajuku top from Jusco Sunway last year, and later had buyer's remorse. She claimed the top make her look aunty. ^-^" It looks good on me I guess, so I'm gonna keep it. :P

{ 2nd try - Kitsch Kween - Geek }

I can't help liking those totally kitsch cassette bags and lego accessories. :D

{ 3rd try - Chic Mod }

This one's more of an Etsy kind of style - vintage and chic indie. Fell in love with this mod jumper dress by missbrache the moment I saw it. Absolutely gorgeous! And I've always wanted an octopus necklace and Paraphernalia's camera necklace. That floral print shoulder bag - I've seen it on Oh Joy!. I can't remember who made it. T-T

{ Final try - Kitsch Kween - Candy }

Ah... The collage looks so small here. T-T Well, this is by far the craziest one la. I like rainbowy colours and geeky accessories. :D

Gummy bear necklaces anyone?

Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm Tired

I'm at episode 11 (of 16) of Hello! Mr. God.

The hawt guy's IQ hath reachthed 169!!! ♥-♥ Woo!

The storyline sometimes has such a deep meaning and hit home so hard that I couldn't help crying over quite a few scenes.

Want to be with someone I love, but scared I'll hurt the person.

Because of that, I push away those being nice to me, even if they're sincere.

I'm afraid I'll let them down.

Want to show my love, but most of the time, I'm distant and I put up a front.

I pretend that I don't care.

When all I want is to see the person happy.

I'm not brave enough.

I want to be a normal person.

Just a normal girl, with normal social health.

But I couldn't.

Because I'm not honest with myself.

I couldn't be myself in front of others.

I do not have the guts to say what I really think, show what I really feel.

I'm afraid of what others will think of me.

I'm a coward.

I can't ease this tightness in my chest....

Will this last forever?

I want to make a change.

I don't want to live with this depression any more.

I want to be truly free.

Nummy Cake Rolls

Found out about this online shopping site called Zoolzoo through Evangelione's blog some time ago. Turns out that the owner(s) is Johor-based. If all goes well, I plan to have my stuff there for sale. :P

Been making more polymer clay yummies again. I really can't think of anything fantastic, so I just tried making them cake rolls. I've seen lots on Etsy. That somehow made them less unique. ^-^"

I actually wanted to make a cellphone charm strap out of the 3-joined cakes. There was a little 'technical' problem. ^-^" I couldn't find the cellphone strap I bought a few weeks ago. T-T I searched everywhere - but to no avail. T-T Ahh!!!

So, I made a pendant instead.

{ Nummy nummie cakes ♥ }

{ Extremely yummy *but blurry T-T* close-up ♥ }

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Strawberry Ice Cream Cookies~!

Been lazing about too much. I'll regret it a week later. T-T Ah...

Currently watching Hello Mr. God!. The story's about a mentally-retarded guy, falling in love with a swindler girl (who's actually kind at heart). A young successful doctor proposed and operated a brain surgery on the guy, which made him smarter. That was what the latter wanted, as he wished to be worthy of the girl's love. The mentally-retarded guy turned out to have an IQ of 150 after the surgery. @-@ But the story goes on to reveal unhappiness and confusion, as he begins to learn that the life is not as simple as it was in his oblivion previously.

The drama is so fast-paced and catchy that I couldn't stop watching the first few episodes. :P

Plus the mentally-retarded guy's quite hawt actually. XD

{Photo taken from AsianFanatics Gallery}

{ ♥ Yoo Gun (Yoo Geon) ~shi! ♥ ♥ ♥ }

Ah!!! Can't get enough of his eyes and eyebrows. *swoons*

That jawline. *swoons*

Those lips! *faints*

^-^ In between periods when I wasn't drooling over the screen, I tried making some polymer clay yummies. And I can tell you, those periods were not long at all. :P

{ Strawberry Ice Creamy Cookies ♥ ♥ ♥ }

{ A mouthful of fatty cream + juicy strawberry slices = ♥ }

That's one gigantic slab of fatty acids and triglycerides. XD Maybe some other hidden lipids too~ XD

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ice Cream Cookies~!

Tried making some yummies using the silicon kitchen/bathroom seal. They turned out absolutely kawaii~! :D

{ ♥ Kawaii Sweet Cakes + Ice Cream Cookies ♥ }

For the cream cookies, the polymer clay pieces were baked first and cured. I'm not sure if the silicon paste can be baked - haven't tried that. But I think it's best that the clay is baked beforehand and stuck into the paste afterwards.

{ Uber kawaiiness~! ♥ ♥ ♥ }

{ I like this one ♥ Nahm nahm nahm..... }

Can't stop making these cookielands. ^-^" They're just so fun to make. Though the cookie base does use up quite a bit of polymer clay. That's why I alternate the browns with other colours, so that I don't run out.

{ Sugar-Honey Cookieland - with teenee crackers! And a green swirly thingy... T-T }

What shall I make next? Hmm... *Ahh! I can't run out of ideas!* T-T

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Candied Jewels

Today, I made more of those glass pebble + polymer clay pendants. :)

{ Jeweled ♥ }


Here's a special promotion for my fellow Malaysians who are interested in Kawaii~neh!'s stuff, and prefers payment by Maybank and CIMB online transfers, instead of Paypal.

Buy any one of these pendants (by all means, buy more if you please :P) at a discounted price of RM30 ($9.20) each.

The original price, as sold in my Etsy shop is RM49 (US$15).

That's more than 35% off! :D

Each pendant comes with a 19-inch black rubber cord with a lobster clasp with a 2-inch extension chain.

Shipping is by registered mail. I can't give you the exact amount, but the estimated should be around RM5 to both West M'sia as well as S'wak and Sabah.

If you'd like to purchase, drop me a comment with your contact email, or email me ( about which pendant you want and so on. :) That way, we can then settle the payments. :)


Shop handmade ~!

Support indie~!

You won't be disappointed :P

You'll get addicted~ :P

Monday, June 9, 2008

Candied Jewels + More Kawaii~neh!'s Cookielands~ + 24hr Splash Happy Pendant

I meant to do this a long time ago...

I want to thank


for making the awesome uber kawaii blog header!

Thank you too, for being Kawaii~neh!'s faithful reader!

Although most of the time, it lacks substance. T-T

Thanks to everyone, too, for your constant support! :)


Ha... A few days ago, I made a Cinnamoroll felt patch. Yokie actually gave me a set of cut-out templates to make Cinnamoroll. I left it in Vista. T-T So forgetful. That's my nature. T-T

So, instead, I cut out a Cinnamoroll picture from an old colouring book. :P And used that as a template.

{ Cinna... Cinna... Cinnamoroll~! ♥ }

After I finished it, I thought it looked a bit strange. Then I realized that Cinnamoroll has light blue eyes and outlines. T-T Ahaha.... ^-^"

The last few days, I was really unproductive. Very. T-T Last last night, I watched Full House for 6 hours straight. 0_o Till I headache. It's so addictive! I was skeptical about Rain starring in this series. But after watching 11 episodes now, I must say he played the character well. :P

Well, yesterday, I thought to put an end to this monotony. I made some creamy yummies.

{ Kawaii~neh!'s Re-Vamped Sugar-Honey Cookieland! + Little Sundae Plates }

If you haven't noticed, the plates are actually 1 cent coins. :P They're of no use now, since Malaysia has renounced *my vocab is limited - please let me know a better word to use here :P* the use of 1 cent coins. Prices now will be rounded up to 5 cents or the dollar.

{ Little Sundae Plate Ring }

I'm planning to put some of these together into a Kawaii Grabbie. Not sure yet. :P

Oh, and I tried making some round glass pendants too. The glass pebbles are actually those kinds used in fish tanks. :D I mean aquariums *that sounds better* :P. The undersides are backed with polymer clay. It's safe to bake this type of glass in a conventional oven. That was what I did, after moulding the clay onto the backsides of the glass pebbles.

{ Super shiny jewels }

{ I kinds love this pic ♥ }

I have 24 slabs of polymer clay of different colours. Most of them, I've not used, though I wanted to. This is because it's quite difficult to incorporate some of the colours into certain pieces - they just don't match. So, yesterday night, I came up with the easiest idea ever.

Another rainbow. Pendant. :D

{ ♥ 24hr Splash Happy Pendant ♥ }

Oh, and you might has noticed, I've extended the date of the freebie to this coming Sunday 15th June 2008. Response was not that good. T-T I guess it's because I didn't promote it enough on Etsy's forum and livejournal. T-T

I lazy lah....