Monday, June 23, 2008

Back In KL - Sem 5 Starts with Much Premonition

Ahh.... Been missing from the online world for the past 2 days. As usual, when I arrived after 1-and-a-half months of hols, my hopes that the internet connection would still be intact were crushed immediately, without mercy. T-T

This time, the modem went and got itself damaged, even after I switched it off before I went back for hols, to let it rest for 1 and a half months. T-T


Haih.... Well, thankfully, the people from TIME internet came to change the modem and everything's ok again.

Anyways, I want to share the experience of sitting in the first class seat of MAS. It's a long story, how I got this ticket for first class.

Yeah, so, the seat was damn comfy - big big one, got more than enough space for the legs and got soft plush pillow somemore. :D People sitting in this section will have full service from the flight attendants. They even have your name on a list and take orders as to what you'd like to drink and eat. ^-^" I was a little surprised when the stewardess said, "Miss Ngien Sing Yee? Would you like anything to drink?"

Lunch was served on a well-laid tray, covered with a cotton table cloth, complete with a proper dining set. During the trip from Kuching to KL, I sat beside an Iban gentleman, around his 40s I guess. This gentleman was very gentlemanly :D and friendly. When the flight stewardess came to ask what he'd like for lunch, he said he'd be fine without any because he ate with his wife before boarding the plane.

So, I was a little shy at the thought of gulfing down lasagnas and butter rice beside him, while he read the paper. So, I told the stewardess that I'd like to have the tray without the main course. T-T
Well, it wasn't too bad. I wasn't desperately hungry. There were buns (cinnamon, garlic bread and raisin), an appetizer and a dessert.

{ Cocktail prawns on cabbage leaves, served with a lemon wedge, melon and papaya balls + Custard tart with whipped cream and a pineapple slice }

{ Sibu --> Kuching }

{ Kuching --> KL }

Back in KL, I attended the first day of Sem 5 today. I got a little shock when I saw that we have 8 modules to cover this semester. *WHAT~!!?!*

Last semester, there were 9. This semester there's one less. But still, the workload will not change. I seriously fail to understand up till now, why I even bothered looking up this course in the first place. T-T Well, it wasn't me who looked it up. It was my Dad. ^-^"

I'm beginning to worry that I'll end up working without passion. Halfway through this pharmacy course, I'm already losing interest in the things we are to learn, despite my claim sometime last year that some of the clinical aspects of the course are indeed intriguing. There's just so much scientific facts and goodness-knows-what-else sort of superiority, I can't bear to think about it. T-T

The lecturers and even the dean kept on reiterating the point that IMU bachelor of pharmacy students will turn out more capable than public university students. This is based on the perception that we learn more than them. It may be true, accroding to the workload dumped on us. But I think it's a far cry when this comes to real life practice and application of knowledge. We may be getting all topics and learning issues there are, equipped with all sorts of teaching and learning techniques. But the thing is, I find myself rushing through everything, without registering any information at all. Even when I concentrated and studied at a comfortable pace, it's the same. I can't recall the drug class of antifungals, let alone the names. This topic I've read maybe more than 10 times throughout the course. Still, at the moment, I can't remember anything, except that the cell wall of fungi consists of components like lanosterol and ergosterol. T-T What the hell those are, I can't correctly tell you. T-T

This is seriously getting me nowhere.

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