Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Day Itself - Pipit's 3rd Anniversary + Market

My friend May Chin and I arrived at the Annexe Gallery a little past 10 in the morning. The place was quite empty but for the Pipit crew. Since it was still early, we went down to change large cash notes for small ones. Somehow, it just slipped my mind that the banks would be closed on the first Saturday (or is it every Sat?) of the month. We went around and round the area, looking for shops and service centers to exchange the cash with. After trying a few places, we managed to get the amount we needed and headed back to the gallery.

Setting up the table was pretty easy. :P I just strew everything on the table. :P How I wish I had thought out carefully the set-up of the booth. I'd just gone on with the set-up I used previously, which is to display everything on a coffee table covered with table mats. T-T The problem was that there was insufficient space to accomodate everything nicely, hence the haphazard arrangement. Things tend to get covered by other things or get tangled together, especially the necklaces. Really, the messiest booth was probably mine. T-T

{ Kawaii~neh!'s table set-up }

A very special guest graced the event. Mari was invited all the way from Tokyo Japan to showcase her awesome handmades. Indeed, Mari brand was the highlight of the day. :P

{ Mari's trademark ringos ♥ }

{ Very very cute handmade plushies! The booth is overflowing with colours! }

{ So many things to see! }

{ Fluffy santas }

{ Using an apple carton to display the items. Love the colour! }

{ Pea pods! In all colours! :D }

{ Very colourful pillows made from recycled fabric. At very reasonable prices too. }

{ Evangelione's handmades. As always, they're simply breath-taking. I love the antler girls. :D}

{ I'm dying from cute overload. These balloon buddies are the cutest things ever! }

{ Lazybones handmades. Love those fabric pouches. :P }

{ Pocoleizi's creative set-up. Love it~ }

{ Chiwawa family. Adorable sock plushies. :P }

It was a great event! But for Kawaii~neh!, it was probably a not very happy day. Not only was sales slow, but I noticed that not many people were interested enough to step up to the table to have a look. I suspect it's got to do with the set-up. I probably should have made an effort to create a really nice display instead of dumping everything onto the coffee table. T-T Ah... a hard lesson learnt there. T-T

Well, there's only about 2 weeks left before I leave for Kuching. I'm really REALLY NOT looking forward to the hospital attachment. God knows how slack I've been the past months. T-T I'm thinking of reading up the Pharmacotherapy Handbook, but somehow can't muster the will to.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Preparations for Pipit's 3rd Anniversary Market

The past Saturday, I participated in a local designers' market. It was organized by Pipit, and the market was in conjunction with its 3rd anniversary celebration. Upon a last minute's thought, I decided to try out selling again. With only two weeks for preparations, I whipped up some Kawaii~neh!'s staples - sweets! :P

{ Almost life-sized doughnuts. Ribbon bows were added for extra sweetness. }

{ Christmas tree cookies + gingerbread man and teddy }

{ Ice cream cones + ice lollies }

{ Chocolate caramel + strawberry cream pudding plushies }

{ Demure little bride felt cake ♥ }

{ Ultra-loaded fruit cake~! }

Wanting to make something kawaii other than food, I tried animal head plushies. Started off with a bunny. And then a teddy. And then a chicken. And finally a birdie. Then I remade each one of them in different colours.

{ Kawaii~neh! }

Most have not found their owners. I've listed them in my Etsy shop. Hop over and have a look. :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cotton Candy Box

Hi all. I've been rather caught up with my thesis write-up and preparations for a presentation next week. Though it's nothing like what I went through during my earlier sems, semester 7 somehow demanded a large portion of my time.

After weeks of half-hearted slaving away at journals and online articles, I finally decided that today, I needed a break. I needed to do something to take my mind off next week's research presentation. T-T

On my desk sat this teenee salmon-pink tin. It's a case containing peach-flavoured mints - made in Germany.

{ Impact mints. Get these from any Watson's or Guardian outlets. The peach is real STRONG and I LOVES it! :D}

So I took out some half pearls, acrylic rhinestones and some plastic roses, and set to decorate the tin.

{ My first deco project. Design is a little disorganized. -__-" }

I sort of regretted putting on all those pearls. Too much is not always good, and it doesn't necessarily make the thing pretty. :(


The last semester of my pharmacy degree course will start by end of November. That means only a few weeks of hols this time around. T-T I'll be in Kuching for the first 3 months of the sem to complete the clinical attachment. I'm so not looking forward to it. T___T

{ My friend Jui Jien + Me. Photo for our convo mag. :) }

Monday, September 28, 2009

Art For Grabs Raya Special

Went out yesterday with Mei Chin to Art for Grabs. I'm glad that she appreciates arts and crafts herself, and that she enjoyed looking around. Pretty things to fill our one hour with. :P

{ 3 friends chillin' and craftin'. :D Soo Mei's intricate jewelry, June's kawaii felt plushies and Jocelyn's beautiful paintings and drawings were really eye-catching. :) }

{ Little Fren's load of cuteness! }

{ Owl and Magical Treehouse. Love the wall display. ♥ }

{ Kiirey's sweet handmades. }

{ Mer's handmade clutches and pouches. Love them! ♥ }

{ Two friends with playful colours splashed all over! }

{ Pocoleizi - absolutely cute and loveable handmade plushies. ♥ }

{ One of Malaysia's many talented artists/fashion illustrators. Step into The Fashion Forest. }

Great event! It was a pleasure to look at each creator's creativity and admire their works. I didn't buy anything this time though. Mei Chin wanted an anklet but couldn't find one she like. So we went home empty handed. T-T But not before stopping by Sunway Pyramid for a round of makan. :D

Saturday, September 26, 2009

More Sweet Deco Kawaiiness + KPop

*Sigh* You're about to bash me right? *Grumbles* I know I know.... What's the point of keeping a blog if I'm just going to let it show the same thing for 3 weeks? T-T

Well. The thing is. I'm currently swamped by a heavy bout of laziness. I've got a few ideas for making stuff but I just couldn't be bothered to lift a finger. Recently, I just discovered the joy of YouTube and KPop/Entertainment combined. From dawn to twilight, it's 2NE1, Super Junior and Star King. It just feels so much more comfortable just watching Bom and Dara's silliness on 2NE1 TV and laugh at Eun Hyuk's lame statements on numerous game/talk shows.

So here's a little something to appease you with. :P

{ Purchases from MimiLoLo }

{ From ToffeeHouse and DecoSweets }

I've yet to start a deco project. I'm thinking hard... Should I cover my laptop with all these sweets? I'm sorely tempted, but I need to find a base cover first. :P

I also ordered CDs from yesasia.com. Been dying for some tunes to keep me high. XD

{ Epik High Lovescream - I love all the songs! Wish there's a 'Best of Epik High'. I'm in love with One, Fly and Usan. }

{ 2NE1!!! Love ALL the songs! My fav is actually the R&B remix (more like Dance remix) of I Don't Care. But In The Club's just as good. }

{ Big Bang Gara Gara Go!! }

{ The filling in the pie! :D This is GD's first solo album, and that's a plastic replica of his face. XD Kind of cool. }

{ Heartbreaker MV is full of apples. GD said apples are heart-shapped and therefore he used apples to represent hearts in the MV. :D }

{ ♥ }

Tomorrow, I'm gonna head over to Central Market to look around at Art For Grabs. :) Am looking forward to it.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Decoden Kawaii Sweets Cabochons!

Since way back last year, I had wanted to get some of those teenee cute little cookies, chocolates, cakes and ice creams in the form of plastic cabochons. I delayed for a whole year before finally deciding to purchase some from Tomoko on Etsy.

Prepare for very sweet eye-candy!

{ Whole of of goodies~! }

{ OMG. I feel hyperglycaemic. }

{ Roses, flowers, strawberries, bows and hearts ♥ }

{ The rest of the cabs which came in two large lots. These are the ones I fancy least. }

{ Tomoko included these as freebies! :D }

I'm still thinking what I should do with these. I actually wanted to do a deco makeover for my new laptop, but I didn't expect the cabs to be as heavy as they are. Will need to come up with a suitable design...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Random Post

Er.... This is just a post to verify my PPP v4 account. :P

The communist reflects!

Somehow, I'm getting the itch to write sponsored posts again. T-T

Monday, September 7, 2009

Whimsical Jar Swap Received!

I've gone missing for too long. Again. Psst. Do you notice an ongoing trend here? T-T

Alright. Actually, I didn't really have anything to talk about these few weeks. Though I'm not busy with research work, it just drags me on with journal searchings and reading-ups. We still need about 50 people to complete our sample. T-T Somehow, I don't feel right slacking like the way I did... *rolls eyes*

Research aside, I received my jar from Marlene. :)

{ Lovely nature-feely brown-paper-wrapped bottle cap. I absolutely adore the cuteness of the design. ♥ }

{ Pretty little sweet patch! I love how simplicity always gets away with the loudest applause! }

{ THE GOODIES! All those ribbons! It's like Marlene has telepathic powers! I've been wanting to get polka dotted ribbons for ages, and there are SEVEN colours!!! Love the colour combination. Creams, pinks, red, latte and brown! }

Thank you so much Marlene. :) You definitely spoiled me rotten. :P

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just to let you guys know again, I'll be at the Taman Layang-layang Kepong this afternoon as well as tomorrow afternoon to carry out the weight loss survey on the public. Do drop by if you live just a few minutes' walk away and if you're free then. :) My friend and I would greatly appreciate everyone's participation.

After the Singapore trip 2 weeks ago, I came back to KL with head full of what I'd seen. Somehow, ideas just began popping out of nowhere. So I took out a bag of scrap felt, piles of new felt pieces and beads, and started a crafting marathon.

{ I began with this pin brooch on the first day. The speech bubble says かわいい 'kawaii'. }

{ I made this next, on the second day. Glad that it turned out pretty. :P The faux pearls all around the edges just add to the overflowing sweetness. :P Speech bubble says デザート, which I gather from the online translator means 'dessert'. }

{ I made this one on the night of the 2nd day. It's really CUTE, even if I say so myself. :P The base of the pin is salmon pink, and there's a pink organza ribbon bow sewn onto the back of the baby elephant. SO CUTE!!! }

{ This took the whole of Day 3 to make, because two pesky kids came to my place so I had to babysit. -___-" If you noted, I used the polka-dotted fabric button bought in Singapore. }

{ This was done on morning of Day 4. I wanted to put either 'shooting star' in words, but then it came out too long. So I typed 'pretty' into the online translator, and かなり came out. I'm not sure if it's correct. I think it's 'kiirei'? }

{ Made on Day 5 I think. *lost track* If you look at it carefully, you'll notice that I didn't sew the edges of the bunny. I used super glue to seal the felt edges so that it's hard and doesn't fray, and I glued it onto the red circle base. }

{ The same technique goes here. CUTE Mr. Squeeks in love. :D }

So there you go. By the end of last week, I had these sitting in my drawer. Take a look at my Etsy shop if you'd like to have them. :D