Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Day Itself - Pipit's 3rd Anniversary + Market

My friend May Chin and I arrived at the Annexe Gallery a little past 10 in the morning. The place was quite empty but for the Pipit crew. Since it was still early, we went down to change large cash notes for small ones. Somehow, it just slipped my mind that the banks would be closed on the first Saturday (or is it every Sat?) of the month. We went around and round the area, looking for shops and service centers to exchange the cash with. After trying a few places, we managed to get the amount we needed and headed back to the gallery.

Setting up the table was pretty easy. :P I just strew everything on the table. :P How I wish I had thought out carefully the set-up of the booth. I'd just gone on with the set-up I used previously, which is to display everything on a coffee table covered with table mats. T-T The problem was that there was insufficient space to accomodate everything nicely, hence the haphazard arrangement. Things tend to get covered by other things or get tangled together, especially the necklaces. Really, the messiest booth was probably mine. T-T

{ Kawaii~neh!'s table set-up }

A very special guest graced the event. Mari was invited all the way from Tokyo Japan to showcase her awesome handmades. Indeed, Mari brand was the highlight of the day. :P

{ Mari's trademark ringos ♥ }

{ Very very cute handmade plushies! The booth is overflowing with colours! }

{ So many things to see! }

{ Fluffy santas }

{ Using an apple carton to display the items. Love the colour! }

{ Pea pods! In all colours! :D }

{ Very colourful pillows made from recycled fabric. At very reasonable prices too. }

{ Evangelione's handmades. As always, they're simply breath-taking. I love the antler girls. :D}

{ I'm dying from cute overload. These balloon buddies are the cutest things ever! }

{ Lazybones handmades. Love those fabric pouches. :P }

{ Pocoleizi's creative set-up. Love it~ }

{ Chiwawa family. Adorable sock plushies. :P }

It was a great event! But for Kawaii~neh!, it was probably a not very happy day. Not only was sales slow, but I noticed that not many people were interested enough to step up to the table to have a look. I suspect it's got to do with the set-up. I probably should have made an effort to create a really nice display instead of dumping everything onto the coffee table. T-T Ah... a hard lesson learnt there. T-T

Well, there's only about 2 weeks left before I leave for Kuching. I'm really REALLY NOT looking forward to the hospital attachment. God knows how slack I've been the past months. T-T I'm thinking of reading up the Pharmacotherapy Handbook, but somehow can't muster the will to.



Aralka said...

omigod! So cute!

sabje said...

cuteness overload how do you even survive it all :P

Yokie said...

sing yeeee.... i had lots of dun that day! too bad u r going to sarawak for ur attachment.. or we shall go do it again
this time i will make more... heheh

-=[Neko]=- said...

waaah!!sooo cute!!!

Sandra said...

OMG so much cute stuff:) Kawaii for sure!

熊貓girl said...

omg everything is so cutee!!!

Ally said...

So cute.
Too bad you dont sale so much stuffs but all you do is adorable and pretty ^^

"billy" imaan said...

ah!hello!^_____^ i love everything about your blog! tis the best,my favorite that i've ever seen!! i love to create and will show my stuff here sun-rain-laundry.blogspot.com ,i hope to have stuff up soon! i've only just started(so bare with me eh?) but it will never compare to yours *O*

Chan-chan said...

Nya!! =D

Kawaii!!! *---*~

Chan-chan said...

Nyaaan, Kawaii~

♥CutenessNlife♥ said...

WOW so much Kawaii CUTENESS! keep up the GREAT WORK!