Sunday, October 10, 2010

Deco Choco~

Hey guys. Long time no blog. Working life has officially made me into a routine-follower --> 8 to 5, with a merciful hour for a quick jog, and then home for shower and sometimes dinner, then quick glance online, and then bed by 10pm. Weekends are like an overseas holiday --> I look forward to them as much as I would have of a trip to Singapore during my uni days...

Much as I hate admitting, I just can't find contentment while working in the hospital. Especially now that I'm doing clinical. I just keep getting these thoughts that I'm an 'extra' in the ward --> totally pointless for a pharmacist to be there, except for checking out the list A/B/C drugs before the yellow scripts are sent for order, and device and discharge counseling. Other than that, I feel like I'm always in the way of either the doctors or nurses. T-T The only way to make your presence useful is to have knowledge at your fingertips so that you may provide correct answers to every question directed to you; whether it's stock availability, drug doses and frequencies, or antibiotics coverage. Gawd... Absolutely STRESSFUL!

I just lack that inquisitive nature, pin-point sharpness and enthusiasm, all core requirements for surviving in the medical field. T-T

Anyways, I'm supposed to be looking up info on some boring stuff like how to convert gliclazide MR dose to plain gliclazide. But weekends are just too precious to be wasted on such nuisance. Moreoever, I'm sick of facing stupid medical stuff for straight 5 days. So let's look at some eye candy.

Have you heard of Deco Choco? Apparently, this is the term used by the Japs for chocolate/candy decorating, whether real or fake (correct me if I'm wrong). So I was browsing some blogs and then I saw this...

{ from Tobidasu ♥♥ 飛び出す}

THAT is actually edible. The. Whole. Thing. Can. Be. EATEN.

So can this :

{ from vanilla house }

These amazing candy slabs can be gifted as edible greeting cards! The recipient would die of joy because it would be a sweet bonus for the stomach too! :D Meiji, a Japanese confectionery giant even described this fun fad on its website with tantalizing examples :

{ taken from Meiji }

{ taken from Meiji }

Maybe I'll try making this one of these days...