Thursday, July 31, 2008

Supar Candee The Necklace V.2 + Crazee Creme Cookie The Sidekick Necklace =D

Empty as our timetable now may seem, it still doesn't take away the fact that there are porfolios to finish up. T-T I'm just thankful that I finally completed the CNS portfolio. *just chin-chai chin-chai one de la*

Yesterday morning got no class. So I played around with polymer clay again. :P Got more careful with the baking part. Nasib everything went ok. *phew~*

{ ♥ Supar Candee The Necklace ♥ }

Yup. I had a go again with the gigantic blob of candy. But the arrangement on this piece is somewhat less attractive than the first. :( It broads out to the sides. The one before was a bit longish, just the right oval shape. On this piece, I added a glass bubble of gibberish Japanese. :D I seriously can't read a word of Japanese - I simply like how they look. ^-^"

{ ♥ ♥ ♥ }

This time around, I padded the baking tray with cardboard so that the hot metal tray didn't come in direct contact with the aluminium foil on which the clay was laid. That somewhat prevented burning of the clay. :) But still have to watch the baking la. Had to open the toaster oven door every few seconds. T-T

{ Almost kena burnt again - see the lolli stick? }

I did another piece. Wanted to make a cookie pendant with cream like those on the lolli. Cover the whole cookie until only a small part of the scalloped edge is visible. T-T I'm a bit unsatisfied with how the creams turned out. They look more like alien-thingies - sort of like alienic goo. If you get what I mean. -_-"

{ Crazee Creme Cookie The Sidekick Necklace }

Again, I've attached a glass bubble with Japanese gibberish. ^-^" I love the way the look. So cute mah, no? :D

{ Kawaii to da max! ♥ }

{ ♥ ♥ ♥ }

*Continues with lunch~*

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Supar Candee The Necklace

I'm a little uncertain these days. I know I have piles and piles of lectures to look into - read the notes as well as reference books - and portfolios, and the coming pbl to prepare for. Yet I can't seem to focus on one thing.

Luckily, I managed to scrap through one portfolio - the one on stupid amenorrhoea and galactorrhoea. I though I would have to spend at least one day again to complete everything. Started on Friday night and was done by Saturday afternoon. :P Super happy. Even reference, everything done kau kau dy.

Despite that, there's still about 90% of things-I-need-to-do-to-pass-semester5. T-T For example the CNS series of lectures. I oni paham-paham the anatomy and functions of the CNS components, and we're already on to Epilepsy. T_T I'm seriously worried about this module la.

Haih.... I think my uncertainty and inability to concentrate on coursework now is because of a convo I received on Etsy on Friday.

Somehow, inQbox managed to find me there. :) I received the convo asking if I want to rent a box at their branch in 1U. Perhaps I should enlighten *ceh~* you about this inQbox. After a little online research, it seems that this store concept originated from Singapore sometime in 2004. Since then, 3 branches had started in Malaysia - in 1Utama, Mid Valley and Sunway Pyramid. The person who contacted me is managing the one in 1U.

inQbox mia concept - the walls in their stores are lined with square boxes, sort of like pigeon holes. These boxes are rented out to independent designers and enterprenuers as a retail space for displaying and selling their products. Price of one box starts from RM298/month and there's a 10% commission for each sale.

I was really excited when they said they wanted to see the things I make and asked to meet up at their store. :P This is such a good oppurtunity to break through locally, letting more Malaysians know about Kawaii~neh! :P

The problem now lies in the rental price. I'm only occasionally making trivial kawaiis and sometimes useless frills in small quantities. Tak kan lah can gain back the RM298+ a month? I'm struggling between the thought of $$ flying and doing some marketing for my stuff. Some more, it's almost impossible to spare any time for making more stuff at the moment. I'll just be failing myself in sem 5. T-T

I'm really in a dilemma. But I'm definitely going for the meet-up and get to know more about the store.

So, after a useless attempt to start on the CNS porfolio this morning, I got out my polymer clay supplies and tools and started to make stuff. :P Itchy hands.

After 2 hours, produced a gigantic mass of candy.

{ ♥ Supar Candee The Necklace ♥ }

It is seriously B-I-G. Almost the size of my palm. ^-^" I tried a new baking technique - baking in my toaster oven for 5 minutes without opening the door, BUT covering the clay with an disposable aluminium cake pan. :P That somewhat lessen the heat on the clay, so it didn't get burn as easily as without the cover.

But. The burning is still inevitable. T-T Got the lolli top and stick burnt, as you can observe from the pictures. T-T Should have been more careful. T_T So I used some sequins and beads to cover up the bunrt lolli. T_T But even this got problem. T_T I used Bostik Super Glue. And Super Glue memang Super Glue la. Super until everything also come out, even the shine of the sequins were ruined. T-T But the glue is super good one la. Nothing can prise off those beads.

{ Happy mass of fats ♥ ♥ ♥ }

I'm ashamed to show the backside of this piece because - as you're guessing right at the moment - it's totally burnt. T-T Perhaps I'll attach a felt backing to hide the imperfection. ^-^"

Spent almost 2 hours on this piece. T-T A fine way to waste away the day. T-T

{ I lub biu *smooches* ♥ }

I was actually thinking of bringing this piece along with the other things to show the people at inQbox. But I think I had better not proceed with the idea. T-T Because burnt liao so quite ugly. T-T

{ ♥ Happy Apple Necklace ♥ }

Monday, July 21, 2008

DBSK (TVXQ) + Tae Yang + Aoyama Thelma = Super Music BLAST

I spent the last weekend with my sis at her place in Bandar Sunway. :P Had a blast of a time. :P The only thing that spoiled the stay was my forgetting to bring the cam. T-T My sis didn't have one. T-T Only her phone cam. T-T

We did oh so many things. Um.... I should say 'we ATE oh so many things'. ^-^"

One of them was Italiannies at The Gardens. I brought her there, having read very good reviews on it on several food blogs. Sien.... Didn't get to take pics... T-T Ah... Anyway, we ordered the Salmon Fettucine and Lasagna a la what-what la... (can't remember the name ^-^"). The portion super big mia lo. The Salmon Fettucine is a dish to die for. Seriously. Delicious, superlicious, fantasticalicious! Super creamy, super yummy, super mm-mm! Lasagna was ok ok la.... I think too much meat dy inside. ^-^"

Next time we should try Pasta de Gohan. :P

So, anyways, my lil sis tried to convince me to 'change' my outlook a bit. T-T She's your typical citygirl - cute and pretty, well-carried, and with a fun personality. So, she brought me to buy a pair of silver hoops. She lost one side of hers, and wanted a new pair. Hence the dragging of her older sis into this. T-T

I think hoops look great on girls - albeit they dress to suit the look. :)

So, I chin-chai tried a pair also la.

{ Er... The mirror have seen better days. -_-" }

{ Can't really see the hoops right? -_-" But they're really shiny. :P And pretend you don't see my fat arm. T-T}

Today, I received my order from Very happy liao! :D Bought DBSK's first 3 albums. The 3rd one was a re-packaged edition. :)

{ 1st Vol. Triangle + 2nd Vol. Rising Sun + 3rd Vol. Balloons Repackaged }

The repackaged 3rd album a bit special. I really love the design on the box, as well as on the other contents.

{ CD + DVD }

{ Special extras - stack of 30 photo cards ♥ ♥ ♥ }

Then there's Tae Yang's first mini album! He's a member of Big Bang's. No, they're not de-grouped. It's just that his voice is so good that he got to release his own album. :P

Then there's Aoyama Thelma. Absolutely love her song with SoulJa, which I have up on Minipod on the left side-bar. :) Soba Ni Iru Ne. Have listened to almost all the songs now. Absolutely refreshing. :) Love them all!


Ok. Here's a video I just uploaded. :P We bought some stupid toys from Action City in The Gardens Mid Valley. ^-^" My sis really liked the Dancing Calbee Pack. -_-" And couldn't resist the Dancing Pringles Can either. She wants to give the pack to her friend as a birthday present, and asked me to keep this can. It's quite funny, really. :P

Thursday, July 17, 2008

JSR #26 : Koeda Choco Sakuranbo (Morinaga)

Price : RM7+

Weight : 64g

Found : Isetan KLCC

This is the cherry flavoured version of Koeda Chocolate. There are 12 individual packs in the box, with 4 sticks to each pack. Different descriptions *probably* of plants and flowers were printed on each of the packs. There are ginkgo, pinecorn, gerbera, cherry blossoms, tulip, maple and camelia. Can't read a word of them. T-T

{ Sticks of chocolate with rice crisps = ♥ }

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

JSR #25 : Glico Pocky Chocolate Marble

Price : RM7+ (I think... *I forgot dy*)

Contents : 3 individual packets, with 4 sticks in each *faints*

Found : Isetan KLCC

I really shouldn't be buying useless food like this la. 12 miserable sticks for RM7+??? Haih.... Mentang-mentang lah wanna try all Pockys. T-T See la, one day I'll be eating grass. T-T

But this Pocky is quite the nice lo. Well, I say that about all Pockys anyway. :P Milky and chocolatey. Mmm.....

Monday, July 14, 2008

JSR #24 Meiji Esseru Super Cup Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Cream + TOKIDOKI CIAO VACANZE!!!

So, today's PBL was ok ok. I went home as usual during lunch break. Had a small tub of Meiji's Vanilla Ice Cream for dessert. I think it's more like vanilla aero ice cream. It's very light, a bit like sorbet.

Price : RM6 each

Content : 200ml each tub

Found : Isetan KLCC

{ Almost half gone from the vanilla due to the journey it went through coming back home from KLCC. T-T I didn't know there were no inner coverings under the top lid. ^-^" }

Ok. So the main thing of this post.

The thing I'm dying to show you. :P

My tokidoki Ciao Vacanze hath finally arrivede! :D

I bought it from eBay seller; cozy-little-shop. The shop was listed under 'Real tokidoki Sellers' on the tokidoki Blog. On eBay at the time, the bag was the only one of its kind : a Vacanze Ciao.

I actually wanted a Vancanze Ciao Ciao (the larger messenger bag), and there was one on eBay, also by a 'real tokidoki seller'. The price is US$299, plus $28 shipping, with no insurance available. I really wanted the Ciao Ciao, but it just didn't feel right to purchase something so expensive without insuring it.

I got this Ciao for $179 + $30 shipping, insurance included. Blatantly, it's damn expensive, because the normal retail price is $120. T-T But the desire to have it was too much that it clouded any rationale to scout and wait for reasonable listings.

{ ♥ Mah bebeh~ ♥ }

{ ♥ Don't ya just lurve the print? :D ♥ }

I couldn't believe I finally got one of these. :P I really would have regretted if I hadn't got this and it bought by someone else. ^-^" The shipping was super the fast one. The seller shipped out last Tuesday, and I got it the following Monday, which is today. Maklumlah, shipping was by 'Global Express', which takes 3 to 5 days, as described in the item listing.

{ Authentication : tokidoki for Lesportsac black fabric label sewn in silver thread + random rainbow zipper + engraved 'riri' beneath zipper head + item identification number (9507 - Ciao) }

There is another important detail to take note of. Authentic tokidoki bags have a 'Made in China' tag sewn to the inside of the bag. I forgot to take a photo of that. And also, there's a black and white stretch cord with a metal carabiner attached. And, the shoulder strap usually has 'LeSportsac' on it, and the strap itself has a sheen, like a car seat-belt. Here's another great guide to buying tokidoki for Lesportsac bags on eBay.

{ Tokidoki ADIOS keychain, which came with the bag }

{ ♥ ♥ ♥ }

I'm hyper-ized just looking at the bag. :P It's definitely worth the $$. The feel of the bag is simply good. It has the weight of luxury, and it fits to the body like a second skin. :P The later phrase should be for apparel right? But the bag just gives me the feeling. :D

Next targets : Inferno and Paradiso! It's waaay past their release time already. T-T And I've to stock up my Paypal. I'm currently broke. T-T

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kawaii Bling Style + JSR #23 Strawberry Cream Koala Cookies

The past few days had been painfully loaded with stupid coursework. I can't imagine why they like to dump one type of super extra banyak mia thing to do in each sem. Last sem, it was stupid portfolios and stupid PSD sessions (from which I never learnt anything except to pretend to empathize with the patient when I just wanna shut him/her up by saying 'shadap la!'). This sem, it's 2 projects; making a health poster and make a plan on setting up a community pharmacy. Plus equal number of portfolios to do. As well as a new PBL topic each week.

Again, I fail to understand why LAH I'm doing this course. T-T

Even with no lab sessions this sem, the workload doesn't seem to lessen. Up till now, I barely managed to juggle revising lectures and doing portfolio. But with my plan to make a trip to KLCC today, I forced myself into a portfolio marathon starting Friday night. Suprisingly, I finished off one portfolio - yes, it was started on Friday night and completed on the following night! I'm relieved to have stupid adrenal glands out of the way.

So, today, I happily made my way to KLCC. Spent almost 2 hours at the Japanese section in Kinokuniya. :D I desperately needed the crafty input from browsing those amazing DIY books and mags. At a few shelves, I almost gave in to buying. In the end, I contented myself with a book on gadget-deco using rhinestones, pearls, and charms.

{ Book is called Deco Venus Vol.1. Cover is not that attractive. But the insides are. }

Apprently, some Japanese girls like to decorate their handphones, DS and cosmetic cases with bling style. ^-^" I saw a similar book the last time I went to KLCC with yokie. I didn't think much about it then, because the thought of to bling my handphone was quite unappealing. Note; was.

But then, today, I got a closer look. And was sorely tempted to dress-up my phone to look just like one of those in the book. T-T

{ Pinks + ♥s = sweet. But not my style. :P }

{ Ah.... I wouldn't mind candy, chocolate and cakes. :P ♥ }

If this was a catalogue on various bling styles, maybe I wouldn't have bought the book. The main reason I got it was because there's a section on DIY'ing - how to make fake sweets and stuff.

{ Drooled over the page... @.@ ♥ ♥ ♥ }

I wanted to make a mosaic of some of my favourites in the book. But the stupid fdflickrtoys not accessible now la. T-T

{ Super cute right? :D }

After Kinokuniya, I walked around for a bit. Then finally, went to Isetan's supermarket. Got some Japanese yummies. :)

{ Strawberry-cream filled koala cookies, 3 boxes for RM10 }

{ One box got 22 biscuits. In the one I opened, there were 20 different designs on the cookies. }

{ ♥ Seriously good stuff ♥ }

Tomorrow got PBL on polycystic ovary syndrome.

Help.... T-T

Monday, July 7, 2008

Mushies + Cakes + Necklaces

Wuah.... Spent the weekend with my parents at Sunway Piramid. Did some serious shopping. :P I've never bought two pairs of shoes in one day, and at the same outlet somemore. T-T Got a pair Pumas and wore it to jogging yesterday. Found out it's better off for casual wear. T-T Should have listened to my Dad when he recommended those thick-soled-but-light-weight running shoes. T-T But I really don't like thick-soled shoes mah. T-T Padan muka lah don't want to listen to old people. XD

I find it hard to concentrate in studies these few days. I mean, from last week already lidat. The amount of PBL work is enough to make me puke. Portfolio still hanging from the first one. I just can't get myself to do what I'm supposed to do. When I tried reading lecture notes, I'd run out of focus on the same slide in just 5 seconds. Reading Marieb is actually easier than going through lecture notes on anatomy and physiology. But that's if I really have the motivation to read lah in the first place. T-T

Collected a small package from uni today. I bought a lot of 100 cellphone straps off ebay two weeks ago.


{ Mushroom Cellphone Straps : One got bell (right) one don't have }

Special Offer for Rakyat Malaysia!

I've listed these two straps on Etsy.

I'm offering you a super saver :

Get these for only RM12 (less than half the price!) if you pay by CIMB or Maybank transfer!

This super saver thingy is partly because there are minor cracks in the mushrooms, due to baking faults. They're baked to perfect hardness though.


{ The Cake Rolls Cellphone Strap }

Again, I've listed this on Etsy.

And again, I'm offering Rakyat Malaysia a super saver.

Get this for only RM12 if you pay by CIMB or Maybank transfer!!! That's less than half-price!

Absolutely no defects on this one. :)


{ Candied Jewel Polymer Clay + Glass Pendant Necklaces }

The ones with red-crosses are not available anymore.

Get one for only RM30! Get the next ones with the same order for RM25!

Offer for payments by CIMB or Maybank transfers.


If you are interested in buying, please leave your email in the comments section, or email me at

Orders will be shipped by registered mail (RM5) for the first 2 items, to both West Malaysia as well as Sabah and S'wak. Subsequent items will contribute additional RM1.


Shop handmade~!

Support indie~!

You won'te be disappointed~!

You'll get addicted~!

Friday, July 4, 2008

MidValley Spree~

Right. Went to MidValley with yokie just now. :P Wanted to check out the Tokidoki line at the LeSportsac Boutique and Metrojaya.

I phoned up Isetan KLCC yesterday to check the stock they have on Tokidoki. Sadly, but expected, they've run out of Vacanze Ciao and Ciao Ciao. As a matter of fact, all LeSportsac outlets have run out of those messenger bags, of all Tokidoki designs. T-T I'm heartbroken. T-T Yup, I phoned the boutique in MidValley too, and they actually said they've a few of Paradiso and Adios Star, as well as Tutti. When got there, they say got no more stock! How can that be? Just in one night? Something is very wrong la....

Whatever la....

Ah... What to do?

Binge out!!!

Went to try The Manhattan Fish Market. How many years in KL dy still haven't tried it. T-T So, we ordered a Seafood Platter which could have fed more than 2 persons. T-T

{ Wow.... The dunno fire what what one. So yeng ah. :P }

{ Crispy fish fillet *I LOVE this!* + Oyster balls *never thought oysters could taste so good* + Calamari rings *the crispiest and tenderest I've tasted* + Mayo cheese grilled prawns *not bad* + fries and fragrant rice }

{ Sweet Alabama Smoothie *or something lidat* - blend of chocolate and peanut butter = h.e.a.v.e.n.~!!! ♥ }

Nevermind the exercise I'm getting myself to do these days - jogging and swimming. T-T One meal like this is enough to gain me back whatever kilos I've lost - if I really did lose any. T-T

{ ♥ Big Apple donuts ♥ - some for friends }

Had Baskin Robbins too. Love the Pralines n' Cream! I never knew something not-chocolate could taste sooo good! :D

Just a short post for the time being. There's still one stupid endocrine class to attend in 20 minute's time. T-T