Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kawaii Bling Style + JSR #23 Strawberry Cream Koala Cookies

The past few days had been painfully loaded with stupid coursework. I can't imagine why they like to dump one type of super extra banyak mia thing to do in each sem. Last sem, it was stupid portfolios and stupid PSD sessions (from which I never learnt anything except to pretend to empathize with the patient when I just wanna shut him/her up by saying 'shadap la!'). This sem, it's 2 projects; making a health poster and make a plan on setting up a community pharmacy. Plus equal number of portfolios to do. As well as a new PBL topic each week.

Again, I fail to understand why LAH I'm doing this course. T-T

Even with no lab sessions this sem, the workload doesn't seem to lessen. Up till now, I barely managed to juggle revising lectures and doing portfolio. But with my plan to make a trip to KLCC today, I forced myself into a portfolio marathon starting Friday night. Suprisingly, I finished off one portfolio - yes, it was started on Friday night and completed on the following night! I'm relieved to have stupid adrenal glands out of the way.

So, today, I happily made my way to KLCC. Spent almost 2 hours at the Japanese section in Kinokuniya. :D I desperately needed the crafty input from browsing those amazing DIY books and mags. At a few shelves, I almost gave in to buying. In the end, I contented myself with a book on gadget-deco using rhinestones, pearls, and charms.

{ Book is called Deco Venus Vol.1. Cover is not that attractive. But the insides are. }

Apprently, some Japanese girls like to decorate their handphones, DS and cosmetic cases with bling style. ^-^" I saw a similar book the last time I went to KLCC with yokie. I didn't think much about it then, because the thought of to bling my handphone was quite unappealing. Note; was.

But then, today, I got a closer look. And was sorely tempted to dress-up my phone to look just like one of those in the book. T-T

{ Pinks + ♥s = sweet. But not my style. :P }

{ Ah.... I wouldn't mind candy, chocolate and cakes. :P ♥ }

If this was a catalogue on various bling styles, maybe I wouldn't have bought the book. The main reason I got it was because there's a section on DIY'ing - how to make fake sweets and stuff.

{ Drooled over the page... @.@ ♥ ♥ ♥ }

I wanted to make a mosaic of some of my favourites in the book. But the stupid fdflickrtoys not accessible now la. T-T

{ Super cute right? :D }

After Kinokuniya, I walked around for a bit. Then finally, went to Isetan's supermarket. Got some Japanese yummies. :)

{ Strawberry-cream filled koala cookies, 3 boxes for RM10 }

{ One box got 22 biscuits. In the one I opened, there were 20 different designs on the cookies. }

{ ♥ Seriously good stuff ♥ }

Tomorrow got PBL on polycystic ovary syndrome.

Help.... T-T


Fireluster Pottery: said...

these are yummy. I just got some chocolate ones at Walmart the other day.

Ciyou said...

there are quite a number of japanese craft books on food clay this few days. I brought one myself few months ago.

I even saw they do food clay accesories for the blythe dolls, just so cute

Sing Yee said...

fireluster, I just had the chocolate, and it was yummy. :) Love the chocolate bits inside.

ciyou, I saw two books specifically on how to make sweets and desserts using air-dried clay. And I saw the book for making Blythe accessories too! Too cute! :D

Pfeiffer Photos said...

Wow, are those cell phone covers? You are one talented girl! Great pics on your blog also--keep it up!

Sing Yee said...

pfeiffer, those are decorated handphones. The decorations are actually stuck on the phones. I didn't make any of them though. ^-^" These are photos taken from a book I bought. :)

shea said...

emm..may i noe,where did u buy that book?

shea said...

oh,i googled for japanese bling2...then ur post came out as 1 of d search results...
dat book is really kawaii yah?im definitely going to,going to,going to bling my phone up...but not dat soon la...huhu...or do u hv any places dat u noe,goes cheaper?

bitterSWEET said...

we definitely have some things in common for sure

Melok said...

Hi, I DIY bling bling stuff too. The book you bought is very nice.

hello-emma said...

They look soooo good and cute! :'> I've wanted to try those out for a while now but I can't find anywhere to buy them :'C I live in Sweden and like there is nothing from japan/asia here -.-

btw I LOOOOVE ALL your creations! They are super cute!