Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'm coveting Tokidoki

Seriously. There's nothing else I think about these days. Well, except for the occasional craving for chocolate. XD

Since the start of online selling, I've been secretly planning to buy a Tokidoki bag whenever I have enough funds. But each time, there will be other pretties stealing my attention and there goes the fund. T-T Ahhh....

I'm really regretting not buying one when I could - at a decent price. Now. Haih.... I did some searches on eBay, and the prices are just ridiculous.

{ This is not mine. *I wish it was* Courtesy of sugareyez *lucky gal* T-T This is Ciao Ciao Vacanze}

The print I have my eyes on is Vacanze, Winter 2007 LeSportsac collaboration. I want a messenger bag, either a Ciao or Ciao Ciao. Ciao is smaller - just the perfect size I like. Ciao Ciao is the larger messenger, though bulky, but with more of the graphic print, which is certainly a plus if I want to own a Tokidoki. Might as well get as much of the print on one bag instead of getting just a small part of it.

Now the question is, should I take the risk and just buy it on eBay? The Tokidoki blog listed eBay sellers that carry authentic Tokidoki LeSportsacs. There's a Ciao and also a Ciao Ciao, both listed by sellers catagorized here. Both sellers offer insurance on shipping. But the problem is, there really is no guarantee that the package will not get lost or stolen. I want the bag. T-T

So what I'm going to do now is, I'll go check out both Isetans (KLCC and Lot10), to see what stock they have on Tokidoki. The last time I took notice, which was sometime late 2007, there's Paradiso and Inferno, which was released before way before Vacanze, in winter 2006. I hope there'll be new prints and bags. If not Vacanze, Spiaggia and Pirata will do too. :P

This time, I'm REALLY gonna get one. :P Or maybe two. :D

No rip-offs for me please. I'm not snobbish. Just giving what respect is due to the designer, Simone Legno. How many people can actually think of such intricately detailed designs for a bag? I'm quite sick of the many Tokidoki fakes that seem to be sprouting everywhere. There's a really good guide here about how to differentiate the real thing from a fake.

That said, I haf ta continoo wif the stupid portfolio on erectile dysfunction. *shudders* It's quite an uninteresting topic actually. -_-"


Ciyou said...

try midvalley too... there is a lesportsac shop there

I think this was last year design,alot already sold off at KLCC. I think u better go to those retail shops to buy for authentication of the bag. Abit safe I guess

Melliferous Pants said...

Super cute! Did you ever get it?

Sing Yee said...

I finally got one! :D Well, I was really anxious for it to reach me. T-T Buying at a retailer's is deinitely a better choice, if I had the choice la. :P