Saturday, June 28, 2008

KLue Urbanscapes 2008! Woohoo!

Er.... I was rather excited this morning. :P

Woke up at 9. Went for a swim at 9.20. When I got to the pool, there was no one there, except a two ladies at the side bench, where one of them was getting ready to swim. Ok - I thought. Cool.

Then slowly, people started coming. A couple with a really cute and chubby baby girl *she kicked her legs around like nobody's business - sho cute!!!*, and then a family of 4 children *gasp! F-O-U-R!*, and then a girl *an IMU student*, and then another family *two children and their father*.

Oh my. Luckily I swam 15 laps already by the time the last family appeared. *phew~* *15 laps is very kacang only. Cannot even slim down with that. The pool is what, 10 meters in length?* Normally, I'll swim 20. Just to get myself used to swimming again. :P I haven't visited the pool regularly for almost 5 years already. T-T

Ok, so after that, went up to shower and change. Wanted to order McD breakfast delivery. But the operator said they don't do breakfast delivery. T-T What the? I thought they do? I really wanted to try the Big Breakfast and Hot Cakes. T-T

So I just simply blah out a Big Mac and a chocolate sundae lah.

While waiting *damn long one la the waiting*, I did some laundry and watched a DBSK game show - JiHwaJa *or something lidat*.

Then finally, got ready and left for KLPAC!

Took the LRT to Sentul. Then tried walking around. The Urbanscapes site metioned shuttle bus service to KLPAC, but I was impatient, and thought I could just walk to the place.

I was so the wrong. T-T I didn't print out the map - just glanced at it online. Walk la, dunno go where. Ended up in a cab after about 20 minutes of walking. ^-^"

I did remember the location to be Sentul Park (Sentul West). Luckily, the driver knew the place *even if he's never heard of KLPAC T-T*. So, after about 10 minutes, I was finally there!

And what a delightful sight it was! I mean the Marketplace. People certainly took note to dress fashionably. Everywhere I turned, my eyes caught something flashy, something bright, something beautiful, something fun!

And the stalls carried super awesome goodies! I didn't bring my camera along, even though I really wanted to. It weighs a ton in my bag. T-T Tak heran lah, old Powershot model mah.

I met Evangelione. :P She's super sweet! She didn't recognize me at first. After I bought her kawaii elephant necklace, I introduced myself. :P She was surprised. :P Nyeheh~! Yokie - you are right! I don't suit the image 'kawaii'. T-T *bwuahahaha~!*

Oh, and I saw two IMU students too! :D One was a previous SRC (Students Representative Council - I dunno if this if the correct long name ah). :P They were like; you're from IMU? We're from IMU too! :D Cause I was wearing the IMU charity run t-shirt - again! Haha... I can see yokie rolling her eyes. XD

I brought my water bottle. But how long can 500ml last in this mau-mati-mia-hot day. T-T I went to buy a bottle of mineral water at a booth, and it costed RM3. RM3 I tell you! Wanna kill people is it? T-T

Anyways, the loot I brought back :

{ The loot from Urbanscapes 2008 Marketplace }

I bought the most from Wondermilk la. I've been wanting to visit their brick-and-mortar shop, but haven't yet have the chance to. So, I treated myself to as many of their goodies that were displayed.

{ I so ♥LOVE♥ their plasctic bag }

{ Goodies from Wondermilk's booth : Set of 6 plain notebooks + Wondermilk Little Paper Wonder + Kurasarasaksa Goodie Bag + Wondermilk Paperbag Lullabies + Wooden Birdie pin by Blok On! }

{ The insides + closeups }

{ Notebooks by Wondermilk - love the designs - just the thing I wanted. I haven't got a notebook for this semester. :P }

{ Wooden Birdie pin by Blok On! }

{ Cuppacakes by Wondermilk }

{ They're the cutest ♥! :D Haven't tried yet. Will do so tonight. >:D }

There were lots of booths selling accessories. I was again disappointed not seeing A Smack of Jellyfish. I wonder what happened to them. I really want to look at the acrylic accessories they make. T-T

Well, I did splurge quite a bit on accessories by equally awesome makers. :P

{ Kawaii wooden elephant necklace from Evangelione + Kitschy plastic necklace from Take Me }

{ Totally cute hand-drawn fabric pins and cellphone charms + kawaii bunny beaded pin + Hapi fabric collage pin, all from HugoGarden }

Spent so much that my purse hurts. T-T Ah... Didn't buy anything since start of hols. Till now. :P Shopping therapy really works ah? :D

There were actually a lot of booths selling screen-printeed and hand-painted tees, as well as a large section dedicated to flea market-style clothing sales. But the clothings ah, especially from the Bjou Bazzar crew were damn nice one leh. Pity I'm too big to fit into those stylishly dainty tops and dresses. T-T As for the tees, although some designs are cool, I'd still prefer buying a Threadless or from Etsy, if I really want one. ^-^"

Yup. That aside, I'm hyper happy that I went today. :P


mimi said...

i want to eat....sweet sweet...
addicted already...
watch txvq everyday..haha..

from tuan chin

Ciyou said...

Wao~~ lots of goodies u got from there~~

Too bad I miss it~~ Was so busy at saturday~

mushroommeadows said...

Wow you got a ton of AWESOME stuff! LUCKY ducky! :)

Ladybastard said...

*_* hello!
oh my god i saw your Eggs + Butter + Neapolitan Ice Cream Carton + Marshmallow on a Stick and I totally fell in love *-*
i want them aaaaall! ahaha

shambie adzhan said...

wah..u went to the Urbanscapes eh.. Im so jeles of you :(

good stuff u have there... argh~ jealousy is killing me rite now :p

p/s: did u get my email?

*Angelia* said...

thanks for passing by also!! ^__^ And that Necklace is very nice!! Thanks for sharing!! I was wondering about the Donut and puddings in your banner! I loveeeee these ones=)
*HUGS* have a nice one!

nn said...

hello. may i ask how much is the set of 6 plain notebooks? :)