Monday, June 9, 2008

Candied Jewels + More Kawaii~neh!'s Cookielands~ + 24hr Splash Happy Pendant

I meant to do this a long time ago...

I want to thank


for making the awesome uber kawaii blog header!

Thank you too, for being Kawaii~neh!'s faithful reader!

Although most of the time, it lacks substance. T-T

Thanks to everyone, too, for your constant support! :)


Ha... A few days ago, I made a Cinnamoroll felt patch. Yokie actually gave me a set of cut-out templates to make Cinnamoroll. I left it in Vista. T-T So forgetful. That's my nature. T-T

So, instead, I cut out a Cinnamoroll picture from an old colouring book. :P And used that as a template.

{ Cinna... Cinna... Cinnamoroll~! ♥ }

After I finished it, I thought it looked a bit strange. Then I realized that Cinnamoroll has light blue eyes and outlines. T-T Ahaha.... ^-^"

The last few days, I was really unproductive. Very. T-T Last last night, I watched Full House for 6 hours straight. 0_o Till I headache. It's so addictive! I was skeptical about Rain starring in this series. But after watching 11 episodes now, I must say he played the character well. :P

Well, yesterday, I thought to put an end to this monotony. I made some creamy yummies.

{ Kawaii~neh!'s Re-Vamped Sugar-Honey Cookieland! + Little Sundae Plates }

If you haven't noticed, the plates are actually 1 cent coins. :P They're of no use now, since Malaysia has renounced *my vocab is limited - please let me know a better word to use here :P* the use of 1 cent coins. Prices now will be rounded up to 5 cents or the dollar.

{ Little Sundae Plate Ring }

I'm planning to put some of these together into a Kawaii Grabbie. Not sure yet. :P

Oh, and I tried making some round glass pendants too. The glass pebbles are actually those kinds used in fish tanks. :D I mean aquariums *that sounds better* :P. The undersides are backed with polymer clay. It's safe to bake this type of glass in a conventional oven. That was what I did, after moulding the clay onto the backsides of the glass pebbles.

{ Super shiny jewels }

{ I kinds love this pic ♥ }

I have 24 slabs of polymer clay of different colours. Most of them, I've not used, though I wanted to. This is because it's quite difficult to incorporate some of the colours into certain pieces - they just don't match. So, yesterday night, I came up with the easiest idea ever.

Another rainbow. Pendant. :D

{ ♥ 24hr Splash Happy Pendant ♥ }

Oh, and you might has noticed, I've extended the date of the freebie to this coming Sunday 15th June 2008. Response was not that good. T-T I guess it's because I didn't promote it enough on Etsy's forum and livejournal. T-T

I lazy lah....

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