Thursday, August 23, 2007

Happy Mail Day ~

Hmm.... Nothing much happened lately. Just endless coursework to finish up. So, I was quite happy to get 2 packages today. :)

Here's the 7th Harry Potter book. I bidded on it on eBay about 2 weeks ago. It started as GBP5. There were several books on auction by the same seller, who's from the UK. I tried bidding on a few of the listings, but there were always one or two persons bidding more on them after me. I didn't want to bid more than necessary, so I didn't put any more bids after my firsts. But in the end, my desire to have the book got the better of me. I bidded for this book until it got to GBP6. It was quite ok, because I won at my 2nd bid. :) The shipping costed GBP4. So in total, spent GBP10 on this book, which is around RM69.50. Wooh! I'm very satisfied with this transaction. :)

The other package contained 4 sets of VCD+DVDs from My last transaction with them was quite satisfactory, so I bought from them again. Here's KO One Zhong Ji Yi Ban {終極一班} and Hanazakarino Kimitachihe original soundtracks!!! *squeeeeee....~* I haven't searched our local music stores, so I'm not sure if these are available in Malaysia. The last time I went to look, it was about a month ago, and these cannot be found here. But I'm sure they are now in the stores, because I saw a Malaysian online music store,, having them. This store is not purely Malaysian, but some of their items are shipped from Malaysia. Other shipping origins are Korea, Japan and Hong Kong.

And our local artiste, Z-Chen {張智成}'s Love Tree {愛情樹} and BoA (Made In Twenty). I love love LOVE these two albums, particularly BoA's. Out of the 14 songs in her album, I like 13 of them. Very much. :D So, it'd have been a waste if I didn't buy it. :D

Monday, August 20, 2007

B E L I S I ~ Beautiful Fashion Accessories

B E L I S I means beautiful.

Yes, is an online fashion accessories store that carries luxurious silk scarves for women, and fashionable yet not-too-loud neckties for men. I'm awed and amazed by the stunning elegance of each design on the scarves, ties and pocket squares. From simple stripes and dots to fun floral and funky paisley designs, these fashion accessories will never go out of date. Instead, they might just be the next big thing to flood the fashion world. Like these yellow ties. :)

What particularly attract me are the appealing soft colours of the accessories. Take these two scarves for example. Black and aqua blue go well with any outfit you might have, whether formal or casual. It is this flexibility of the designs that I find a bonus to

One other plus point about getting your accessories from is that you earn Passion Points with each purchase, which will reward you with more Belisi products or gift cards from iTunes, Starbucks, Sephora, Neiman Marcus, Ritz Carlton, Silversea Cruises, Tiffany & more!

So, visit today and get yourself some gorgeous silk scarves!

I love this tie :D

This is a sponsored post.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

My 21st Birthday

Today is my 21st birthday.

The day started out with my cleaning up the appartment unit -sweeping and mopping. Then, I got myself ready to go to KLCC. I needed to get a pair of new formal shoes and some waist trimmers (for my waist protection when doing the hoola). Other obvious reasons are to screen Kinokuniya and Isetan for the latest kawaii items and Japanese snacks, and also to inspect details of art books on my now wanted-list.

I treated myself to a satisfying lunch of egg tarts, chicken and cheese pie from the food court, a kitkat bar. For extra desserts, I bought a chocolate milkshake form Lecka-Lecka, and italian ice-cream kiosk, and then a slice of white chocolate macadamia cake from Secret Recipe at Avenue K.

This is ver normal mia food routine. I always have a heavy lunch, and either no dinner or just an apple for that. :)

I reached vista around 4, and received a message from Farah.

Sing Yee, you going jogging this evening? What time?
Yes... Around 5.30 like that la... Why want to join ker?
Ya. Ok, we meet at the club house at 5.30.
Ok. Is Jui Jien following? I think she's at your place right?
Yes. She's going. Later, help bring her sport shoes.
Ok. See you.

So, I waited for them at the club house. And only Farah appeared, with an anxious and worried expression on her face. She said - Jui Jien is trapped in the toilet! Cannot come out! The door cannot open!

I looked at her. She lagi beremosi lah. Really one! I tak tipu you! Faster la! And she tarik me to B2 and to her appartment unit.

I was a bit doubtful la. If Jui Jien really ter-trapped inside the toilet, why didn't ask her other housemates to help? But then, I thought mana tau, it's real one.

So I followed lo. And when I got to her place, I went to try and open the toilet door. Eih... Memang can open what. Lagi no one inside what.

Then suddenly Jui Jien burst from Farah's room, shouting 'Happy Birthday!'

I so blur la. And I so paiseh ah... Lagi because I ter-believed Farah's story la... Somemore go open the toilet door.... T_T

Rupanyer... they cooked dinner while I was away at KLCC. And made a super yeng mia card!

They know I'm a junk collector, and that I get easily excited over crafty revampings and recyclings of trashable materials. Hence the card made from a Darlie toothpaste box! :D LOVE IT!!! XD

Farah made a mock cake too. :D Will show you all the pic when I get it from her. :) Oh, and dinner was traditional style pasta and a potato-apple-and-egg salad, cooked and made by Jui Jien. Yummy! :9

They said they also blur what to give, so they gave 2 jewelled hair clips. :)

Cantik la... :)

Haih... Jui Jien said at first, Farah wanted to blind-fold me and guide me jalan form B tower to B2. Very nasib baik she didn't do that, Jui Jien said, because I know the jalan and sure can guess is to her appartment one ma. Then Farah said nevermind, she take me pusing pusing and go up and down then I wouldn't know ma. Lagi nasib baik she didn't do that, Jui Jien said. Otherwise, everyone will see and think we siau. T-T

Later during the night, we watched Ratatoulle, Disney's newest release. :P

I'm really touched. I now truly realise that friends are priceless, and friendship is something I cannot live without. Even though I may blind myself with earthly treasures and desires, I can never lie to myself that I don't need friends.

Thank you for making me feel special, when I don't deserve it. Thank you for always being by my side, always supporting me. For cheering me up whenever I'm down. For understanding every worry and anxiety I have. For always being there when I need someone to talk to. For knowing my needs even without me saying anything. For bearing with my sullenness and silence, which you have to endure most days. For knowing my inside out, what I like what I dislike, when I don't even notice those of yours. For giving me the wisest advice and soundest opinions. I feel so unworthy of your kindness, your friendship, your attention, your efforts and your love. Sometimes, I feel terrible for making conversation between you and other people difficult, for making situations awkward, because of my presence. I feel like I'm preventing you from being happy, when you want to be among people.

I don't deserve your love. I really don't deserve your love.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Etsy Poster Contest - A Sample of Winners

A month ago, Etsy organised a poster making contest. To enter the contest, you had to grab a Treasury List (which I will NEVER be able to get), fill up the 12 spaces with any item you like, and submit a screen-shot of the list to the admins. Normally, the lists will be fully in use, unless you are extremely lucky. :)

Here are a few of my favourites from the 60 winning entries. :)

Yellow and Black, like a BUMBLEBEE ~

Pure Sky Blue... So COOL!

Neutral Beige and Browns... My favourites!

Earthy Browns and Olive Greens.... My ABSOLUTE favourites!

These winning entries, plus another 150 honourable mentions, will be made into posters to be given out and used during fairs and festivals (in the US). Hopefully, this will generate more publicity for Etsy. :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kawaii Sticker Grabbies ~

*Unsticks face from table-top* .... Sorry ah... Er... Been so busy these days, until no time to sleep also.

This morning's PBL (Problem Based Learning) really teruk one la. Because yesterday got class test ma, so didn't study anything for PBL for the whole weekend. I cram cram crammed everything yesterday night - 3 hours only.

And what I got? Non-pharmacological treatment. T.T WHAT???

Can just blab about any herbal remedies one la.... Aiyo..... I talked only like 2 minutes then finished already. T-T

I wanted to do pathophysiology : mechanism of transmission, life cycle of Plasmodium protozoas... I paling pro in that la... *Nyaha...* :D

But I HAD to get non-pharmacological treatment. Shish.

I'm studying to become a pharmacist la!!! What non-pharmacological treatment???

Ok ok..... I also over-reacting..... Cannot help it.... Want to make this post longer a bit lo.... ^-^"

I recall a member of my church cell group saying that an average life of a blog is about 6 months at max. Well it seems like my blog mia life is slowly coming to an end? : Difficulty in finding time to update is one thing, but in my case, I think it's lack of original things to share. After all, who's interested in idle rants and grumbles right? I created this blog out of passion for kawaii, crafts and all things handmade. Now, it's almost impossible to keep on posting entries when I haven't even touched my sewing needle for 2 months. T-T

But come to really think of it, no time to update is still the most big mia halangan (obstacle). Without crafting, I can actually still post about thousands of exciting DIY discoveries on the net. However, as a BPharm student, insisting on daily updates will be just near suicidal. T.T

Still, with so little time, I managed to compile a new batch of sticker grabbies. 310 pieces in each. Click on the pictures to view the listing on Etsy.

Arean't they the CUTEST? :D

Monday, August 13, 2007

Pretty In Pink :D

Wooh! Just finished our 2nd class test today - Drug Metabolism. Really ah, I studied for the whole weekend, and I'm truly thankful that I could answer MOST of the questions. T-T Got a few like siau-eh - how to ask people go remember all that??? -_-"

This afternoon, just before a CAL test (we didn't know it was a test until the lecturer told us then and there - nasib baik is open-book), I met up with Lynn Xuan. I was surprised and touched to receive something from her :

At first, when I got her message earlier, I thought there's something important she needed to tell me. Mana tau... *shiny eyes*

Lucky girl I am... And a hapy one too. :D

It's a lovely bracelet dangly watch! With sparkly baby pink flower charms and beads, and adorned with lovely silver butterflies! Not too pink for me! But I guess I'll have to really find a suitable outfit to match it. :P I love it so. :)

It's so thoughtful of her, since she'll be going back to her hometown by end of this week. I've never received something like this for my birthday, to be honest...

Thank you Lynn Xuan. :D

Sunday, August 12, 2007

My Newest Craze

{Images courtesy of}

Well... I'd watched this anime series on AXN a 1 or 2 years ago on Astro. It's called Gensomaden Saiyuki, or Journey to the West (Japanese version), by Kazuya Minekura.

The characters totally stole my heart, especially this so-called monk/priest, Genjo Sanzo *love*. Kazuya is a really talented artist, and I just love the way she brings the guys to life in the anime series, with their macho-ness, cool yet down-to-earth mia style and killer looks.

Also, I truly admire her artworks. And that's how I came to find out about the Gensomaden Saiyuki Art Books. Yes. This is my latest craze. There are more than 10 of them, all drawn by Kazuya. I intend to collect them all, even if it'll take me lifetime. :P

And after searching through eBay, I was attacked by another craze --->> SailorMoon Art Books!

These I MUST have, no matter what. From my early teens, I've started loving the Japanese manga, and have bought the whole collection of 18 manga comics in Bahasa Malaysia version. It costed about RM3.90 per book, and is damn cheap come to think of it now.

What I love about SailorMoon is the beautiful paintings of the stunningly lovely girls, done by the author, Naoko Takeuchi. It is my wish to have all her artworks, paintings, and drawings of SailorMoon. Now, my discovery of these art books is beginning to shine a ray of hope to fulfill my wish...

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My Lil Sis's 17th Birthday Present

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I went to KLCC to look for a gift for my sister's birthday, and that I didn't find anything I thought she will like. Well, I wasn't too worried about not getting anything from there, because I'd already made an order from Chu Ling on Etsy.

Today, I collected another letter-sized package from the Student Lounge's letter trays. I was informed by the same Student's Council member that 'a letter just arrived for you this afternoon'. I memang want to laugh already la. Where got letter? It's a handmade pendant la! :D

{Click on the picture to view the transaction on Etsy}

Chu Ling is a very successful glass artist from Singapore. She makes the best stained glass pendants that I've seen on Etsy so far. Besides stained glass, she makes other soldered jelwery as well, such as fused glass rings, vintage fused glass pendants, and slide pendants (2 pieces of clear glass soldered with some decorative element sealed in between).

I envy crafters living in Singapore. Freelance designing, independent crafting and handmade items are very popular over there. From what online Singporean crafters said, there are numerous beading and crafting supplies stores, with vast varieties of supplies to choose from. And what's more, there are also flea markets and craft fairs where individuals may rent a booth to promote and sell their handmade items.

Someday, I'm gonna get myself down to Singapore and visit one of those flea markets. :) I'll write more about this Singapore-handmade-buzz-thingy in my next entry, hopefully. Have to get started on my Extemporaneous Dispensing revision. Tomorrow got class test. T-T

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Super Happy Mail Day ~

Yessir reee... After what seemed like years of waiting and anticipating, finally, 3 packages arrived. I think they arrived earlier lo. Tak kan la three three samer skali arrive one kan? :P Well, I got a message from one of the Student Council committee member this afternoon saying that there were 3 packages waiting to be collected. I thought, why not just ask me go SAD and collect leh? I asked him about this, and he said the packages were so big and somemore look like got some important stuff inside. XD Heheh... I hampir laughed lo... If only he knew, that they were stuffed full with kawaii, he'd have a fit. :D

First off, are 3 sticker sheets from digitalmaven (eBay seller). I've been looking all over the place for the rice ball omusubiya-san San-X sticker sheet (far right). I nearly screamed the whole Vista B apartment down when I saw it in the shop. :P

{Cool Chicken *Prom Seal*, Cafe a la Bear *Kamio*, Omusubiya San *San-X*}

You most probably don't know what the jabberish I'm talking about right? No need to know la. XD Ok, if you really want to know, the names within the kurungan * * are the company names, manufacturing each sticker sheet.

Next, are 2 set of music CDs and DVDs from!!! I SOOO excited to get the Fahrenheit final collectible edition album. I happy happy happy Happy HAPPY!!!

{Nice leh....}

{DVD + CD + diao mia booklet}

{And got calendar cards leh... I so love Jiro and Arron. Sorry Wu Zun mia fans - I memang don't like him one. Don't come and mob me ah. And Calvin... haih... I have no comments.}

The other music CD + DVD set is S.H.E. mia Together album. Best collections of their first 4 albums. I like their first 2 albums a lot. I bought them in cassettes - very old-fashioned lo. :D Somehow, I didn't buy any of their albums after that. I don't know why, although some of their songs are super nice one.

And the last package contains a horrifying mass of stickers!!! My largest order yet from Masako of Daisuki Store. I have this thing for Japanese kawaii sack stickers... Looking at them is like bumping into someone I like very much. My heartbeat sort of goes faster, and I feel excited and happy. :D

{One can never have too many stickers...}


...... and the uber kawaii gyoza/bun panda memo pad, plus 3 kawaii decorative tapes!!!

Reason I love to buy my stickers from Masako is one thing, shipping is super cheap. And she always throw in goodies, such as these :

{WHOLE NEW sticker sack containing 50 stickers!!!}

This is a little different from the sticker sacks I normally buy, which has 71 or 72 stickers in each sack. I think this is from one of those sacks with plastic containers or cases. :)

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. BPharm is seriously killing me. T-T

Friday, August 3, 2007

JSR #16 : Aji Salon (Bourbon) - Japanese Rice Crackers

Price : RM12.99

Weight : 21p (?) - this was what I saw on the package

Found : Isetan KLCC

Simply delicious crispy Japanese rice crackers. Each cracker is coated with Japanese soy sauce or mirin (I think?). Yummy! :9 All three flavours have cheese *mmm...* And the cheese is just YUM! Got about 8 pieces of each flavour, so around 24 in total. Quite the mahal one lo. -__-"


Fuuuuhhh!!! Just came back from a steambot+BBQ+buffet dinner at Restoran Talipon. :D Kawaii desuyo neh the name? :D I remembered Jui Jien's uncle once told us jokingly that the restaurant has tables each with a telephone - for the customers to call the waiters/waitresses to place their orders. :D Of course it was meant as a joke la. :D

I particularly enjoyed the lemongrass-marinated chicken fillets. :9 Simply SEDAP! :D

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I miss Orientation.... T.T

{See the siau lang in green (junior) XD It was her birthday on the 28th of July}

Kennot! Kennot curi my cake!

Waseh... The chocolate BPharm birthday cake really SEDAP la! Everyone in my group couldn't down a second bite of the cake. :P They said it was too rich wor... All the better for me la! *Muahahaha!!!* I memang like rich and dense and sweet and chocolatey mia cake. :D

Walaupun got a bit relieved la.... I feel quite flat out lo. Life is full of PBLs, portfolios, practical reports and lecture notes. T.T

I'm starting to panic.... REALLY panic liao. Next Thursday we'll be having our first class test for this semester. T-T Lagi teruk, it's Extemporaneous Dispensing = CALCULATIONS. It's actually not that hard also lo, but so far, I haven't been able to correctly answer ANY of the workshop questions. So, I have reason to panic. T.T