Sunday, August 19, 2007

My 21st Birthday

Today is my 21st birthday.

The day started out with my cleaning up the appartment unit -sweeping and mopping. Then, I got myself ready to go to KLCC. I needed to get a pair of new formal shoes and some waist trimmers (for my waist protection when doing the hoola). Other obvious reasons are to screen Kinokuniya and Isetan for the latest kawaii items and Japanese snacks, and also to inspect details of art books on my now wanted-list.

I treated myself to a satisfying lunch of egg tarts, chicken and cheese pie from the food court, a kitkat bar. For extra desserts, I bought a chocolate milkshake form Lecka-Lecka, and italian ice-cream kiosk, and then a slice of white chocolate macadamia cake from Secret Recipe at Avenue K.

This is ver normal mia food routine. I always have a heavy lunch, and either no dinner or just an apple for that. :)

I reached vista around 4, and received a message from Farah.

Sing Yee, you going jogging this evening? What time?
Yes... Around 5.30 like that la... Why want to join ker?
Ya. Ok, we meet at the club house at 5.30.
Ok. Is Jui Jien following? I think she's at your place right?
Yes. She's going. Later, help bring her sport shoes.
Ok. See you.

So, I waited for them at the club house. And only Farah appeared, with an anxious and worried expression on her face. She said - Jui Jien is trapped in the toilet! Cannot come out! The door cannot open!

I looked at her. She lagi beremosi lah. Really one! I tak tipu you! Faster la! And she tarik me to B2 and to her appartment unit.

I was a bit doubtful la. If Jui Jien really ter-trapped inside the toilet, why didn't ask her other housemates to help? But then, I thought mana tau, it's real one.

So I followed lo. And when I got to her place, I went to try and open the toilet door. Eih... Memang can open what. Lagi no one inside what.

Then suddenly Jui Jien burst from Farah's room, shouting 'Happy Birthday!'

I so blur la. And I so paiseh ah... Lagi because I ter-believed Farah's story la... Somemore go open the toilet door.... T_T

Rupanyer... they cooked dinner while I was away at KLCC. And made a super yeng mia card!

They know I'm a junk collector, and that I get easily excited over crafty revampings and recyclings of trashable materials. Hence the card made from a Darlie toothpaste box! :D LOVE IT!!! XD

Farah made a mock cake too. :D Will show you all the pic when I get it from her. :) Oh, and dinner was traditional style pasta and a potato-apple-and-egg salad, cooked and made by Jui Jien. Yummy! :9

They said they also blur what to give, so they gave 2 jewelled hair clips. :)

Cantik la... :)

Haih... Jui Jien said at first, Farah wanted to blind-fold me and guide me jalan form B tower to B2. Very nasib baik she didn't do that, Jui Jien said, because I know the jalan and sure can guess is to her appartment one ma. Then Farah said nevermind, she take me pusing pusing and go up and down then I wouldn't know ma. Lagi nasib baik she didn't do that, Jui Jien said. Otherwise, everyone will see and think we siau. T-T

Later during the night, we watched Ratatoulle, Disney's newest release. :P

I'm really touched. I now truly realise that friends are priceless, and friendship is something I cannot live without. Even though I may blind myself with earthly treasures and desires, I can never lie to myself that I don't need friends.

Thank you for making me feel special, when I don't deserve it. Thank you for always being by my side, always supporting me. For cheering me up whenever I'm down. For understanding every worry and anxiety I have. For always being there when I need someone to talk to. For knowing my needs even without me saying anything. For bearing with my sullenness and silence, which you have to endure most days. For knowing my inside out, what I like what I dislike, when I don't even notice those of yours. For giving me the wisest advice and soundest opinions. I feel so unworthy of your kindness, your friendship, your attention, your efforts and your love. Sometimes, I feel terrible for making conversation between you and other people difficult, for making situations awkward, because of my presence. I feel like I'm preventing you from being happy, when you want to be among people.

I don't deserve your love. I really don't deserve your love.


priscilla said...

Happy Birthday, Sing Yee! :D

lynnx01 said...

Wah! Wanna go jogging end up eating nice food. HEhehe!

Sing Yee said...

Thanks priscilla. :)

Lynn Xuan - Ya lo. Haih... I dunno gained how many kgs that day. T-T