Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My Lil Sis's 17th Birthday Present

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I went to KLCC to look for a gift for my sister's birthday, and that I didn't find anything I thought she will like. Well, I wasn't too worried about not getting anything from there, because I'd already made an order from Chu Ling on Etsy.

Today, I collected another letter-sized package from the Student Lounge's letter trays. I was informed by the same Student's Council member that 'a letter just arrived for you this afternoon'. I memang want to laugh already la. Where got letter? It's a handmade pendant la! :D

{Click on the picture to view the transaction on Etsy}

Chu Ling is a very successful glass artist from Singapore. She makes the best stained glass pendants that I've seen on Etsy so far. Besides stained glass, she makes other soldered jelwery as well, such as fused glass rings, vintage fused glass pendants, and slide pendants (2 pieces of clear glass soldered with some decorative element sealed in between).

I envy crafters living in Singapore. Freelance designing, independent crafting and handmade items are very popular over there. From what online Singporean crafters said, there are numerous beading and crafting supplies stores, with vast varieties of supplies to choose from. And what's more, there are also flea markets and craft fairs where individuals may rent a booth to promote and sell their handmade items.

Someday, I'm gonna get myself down to Singapore and visit one of those flea markets. :) I'll write more about this Singapore-handmade-buzz-thingy in my next entry, hopefully. Have to get started on my Extemporaneous Dispensing revision. Tomorrow got class test. T-T


Aneesah said...

I always envy crafters who do things that I can't. ^^ Like soldering and glasswork, things that require special skills and equipment, which often leads to higher costs for an average hobbyist like me.

Anyway, maybe we should try and make Malaysia a more crafter-friendly place too. I think the main thing is lack of craft supplies shop, like you said. Flea markets and bazaars are alright here, though probably not as convenient or widely-known... Are supplies in Singapore more costly, do you think? (Hehe, probably expensive for us, just 'cause of the currency. :| )

Sing Yee said...

Yeah, I feel the same way. I want to learn make proper beading jewelry and work with glass and polymer clay too. T-T

Are there DIY/handmade bazaars in KL? Where? When? :D I'm referring to independent crafters and designers selling their wares, not the traditional ukiran kayu, basket weaving and batik type. >.< Although those sure attract foreigners. :D

Aneesah said...

Ngehe, we have similar views on ukiran kayu and anyamans... Nice, but ... er, so traditional. =| I think I've seen flea market ads in newspapers before (tak ingat where though), and though I'm not familiar with the area, The Curve in Mutiara Damansara seems to have a big outdoor stall area and the goods look handmade to me. Entahlah, most of the places I've heard are just far away (relatively, from the point of view of a car-less student >_> ) or I've never been anywhere near them before.

lynnx01 said...

It's so beautiful! :D