Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I miss Orientation.... T.T

{See the siau lang in green (junior) XD It was her birthday on the 28th of July}

Kennot! Kennot curi my cake!

Waseh... The chocolate BPharm birthday cake really SEDAP la! Everyone in my group couldn't down a second bite of the cake. :P They said it was too rich wor... All the better for me la! *Muahahaha!!!* I memang like rich and dense and sweet and chocolatey mia cake. :D

Walaupun got a bit relieved la.... I feel quite flat out lo. Life is full of PBLs, portfolios, practical reports and lecture notes. T.T

I'm starting to panic.... REALLY panic liao. Next Thursday we'll be having our first class test for this semester. T-T Lagi teruk, it's Extemporaneous Dispensing = CALCULATIONS. It's actually not that hard also lo, but so far, I haven't been able to correctly answer ANY of the workshop questions. So, I have reason to panic. T.T

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