Monday, August 13, 2007

Pretty In Pink :D

Wooh! Just finished our 2nd class test today - Drug Metabolism. Really ah, I studied for the whole weekend, and I'm truly thankful that I could answer MOST of the questions. T-T Got a few like siau-eh - how to ask people go remember all that??? -_-"

This afternoon, just before a CAL test (we didn't know it was a test until the lecturer told us then and there - nasib baik is open-book), I met up with Lynn Xuan. I was surprised and touched to receive something from her :

At first, when I got her message earlier, I thought there's something important she needed to tell me. Mana tau... *shiny eyes*

Lucky girl I am... And a hapy one too. :D

It's a lovely bracelet dangly watch! With sparkly baby pink flower charms and beads, and adorned with lovely silver butterflies! Not too pink for me! But I guess I'll have to really find a suitable outfit to match it. :P I love it so. :)

It's so thoughtful of her, since she'll be going back to her hometown by end of this week. I've never received something like this for my birthday, to be honest...

Thank you Lynn Xuan. :D


Ayou said...

lovely present u got there... Happt Birthday

Sing Yee said...

Heh.... Thanks ya. :P Not yet sampai though... *still counting down to the official 'becoming adult' date" :P

lynnx01 said...

Hey I missed this post of yours! I hope you like it 'cos I tend to usually buy something I like for people instead of thinking of what the person might have liked. LOL! :D