Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Super Happy Mail Day ~

Yessir reee... After what seemed like years of waiting and anticipating, finally, 3 packages arrived. I think they arrived earlier lo. Tak kan la three three samer skali arrive one kan? :P Well, I got a message from one of the Student Council committee member this afternoon saying that there were 3 packages waiting to be collected. I thought, why not just ask me go SAD and collect leh? I asked him about this, and he said the packages were so big and somemore look like got some important stuff inside. XD Heheh... I hampir laughed lo... If only he knew, that they were stuffed full with kawaii, he'd have a fit. :D

First off, are 3 sticker sheets from digitalmaven (eBay seller). I've been looking all over the place for the rice ball omusubiya-san San-X sticker sheet (far right). I nearly screamed the whole Vista B apartment down when I saw it in the shop. :P

{Cool Chicken *Prom Seal*, Cafe a la Bear *Kamio*, Omusubiya San *San-X*}

You most probably don't know what the jabberish I'm talking about right? No need to know la. XD Ok, if you really want to know, the names within the kurungan * * are the company names, manufacturing each sticker sheet.

Next, are 2 set of music CDs and DVDs from YesAsia.com!!! I SOOO excited to get the Fahrenheit final collectible edition album. I happy happy happy Happy HAPPY!!!

{Nice leh....}

{DVD + CD + diao mia booklet}

{And got calendar cards leh... I so love Jiro and Arron. Sorry Wu Zun mia fans - I memang don't like him one. Don't come and mob me ah. And Calvin... haih... I have no comments.}

The other music CD + DVD set is S.H.E. mia Together album. Best collections of their first 4 albums. I like their first 2 albums a lot. I bought them in cassettes - very old-fashioned lo. :D Somehow, I didn't buy any of their albums after that. I don't know why, although some of their songs are super nice one.

And the last package contains a horrifying mass of stickers!!! My largest order yet from Masako of Daisuki Store. I have this thing for Japanese kawaii sack stickers... Looking at them is like bumping into someone I like very much. My heartbeat sort of goes faster, and I feel excited and happy. :D

{One can never have too many stickers...}


...... and the uber kawaii gyoza/bun panda memo pad, plus 3 kawaii decorative tapes!!!

Reason I love to buy my stickers from Masako is one thing, shipping is super cheap. And she always throw in goodies, such as these :

{WHOLE NEW sticker sack containing 50 stickers!!!}

This is a little different from the sticker sacks I normally buy, which has 71 or 72 stickers in each sack. I think this is from one of those sacks with plastic containers or cases. :)

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. BPharm is seriously killing me. T-T


lynnx01 said...

Wah! You bought cds... ehehhe.. Jiro!

Ayou said...

wao~~ so many cute stickers, I was one time a sticker collector, but not now. I stick those stick when writting letter to over seas friends last time

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点点滴滴 said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my Etsy shop and Blog. Nice to know you :)

Sing Yee said...

Lynn Xuan - Yeah... Some of the CDs I couldn't find here, and I wanted to see if the site is good or not for shopping.

ayou - Heheh..... I was also a sticker maniac during my childhood days. I'd collect any and every sticker I find to my liking. Now, the only ones I'm attracted to are Japanese kawaii. :D

点点滴滴 - It's exciting to know more Malaysian crafters! :D Nice knowing you too. :)