Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Batik Kirung

YAY!!!!! Finally! My internet connections's BACK!!! Woohoo!!!

And with only a few miserable days left to the start of the end-of-semester exams, I'm getting stuck to my laptop... again. T-T

Haih... Don't care la. -_-"

Last weekend, I made a cake - Batik Kirung. I don't really know if it's original name is that, but that's what my mum calls it. :)

{Doensn't look very good in the pic, but it was SUPERLICIOUS!}

125g butter (softened to room temperature)
7 eggs
1 can (380-400g) condensed milk
1 and half cups Milo powder OR half cups cocoa powder (sifted) plus half cup sugar
350-500g Marie biscuits

Beat butter (and sugar if using the cocoa powder, not Milo) until fluffy. Add eggs one by one, beating well after each addition. Then, add the condensed milk and mix. Finally, add the Milo OR cocoa powder and mix well.

Break each Marie biscuit into half - don't crush them.

Transfer the Milo mixture to a pot/wok and start a small/medium fire. Cook the mixture over the fire while stirring constantly. It's advisable that you keep stirring if to prevent batter from sticking to the pot bottom and getting burnt.

Then you keep stirring la, until it begins to thicken. Initially, there'll be lumps forming - no need to worry one - just keep stirring until it really thickens and starts to become like dry bubur lidat. Then add the biscuits and mix them well to make sure that all the biscuits are coated by the batter.

Can cook a bit more to get the whole mixture dried out. Finally, transfer the cooked mixture to a cake pan and press down well with a spatula/any utensil you have at hand. Leave to cool.

It's actually quite difficult to describe the viscosity-extent to which the batter should be cooked, unless you've seen someone making it before. My mum is the best calon to make the best Batik Kirung. :D

Buttery, sweet, dense and chocolatey. Mmm... It tastes best when eaten right after cooked. Hot and yummy. :9 I usually just scoop a bowl right after she finishes cooking a batch, before she presses the mixture into the pan. :)

Warning : I'm not responsible for your weight-gain should you decide to try out this scrumpilicious recipe.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Juicy Rainbow Magnets

Wo keh... Dah bertahun-tahun I bersabar already. I don't want to wait anymore. Biarlah. I don't care anymore.

Now, more pressing matters are at hand. I've got only one week and 3 days left before our end of semester exams start. So far, I've only covered 3 modules - Microbiology, Pharmaceutics and Drug Metabolism. I'm already siau now. And still got Renal system, Respiratory system, Pharmaceutical Analysis and Natural Products to cover. I wonder if I'll be thinking about jumping from my 7th floor at Vista. Then again, jumping won't help me get good grades for the papers. T-T

With little means of entertaining myself, I happily turn to crafting to keep myself from becoming more siau than really need be.

{Click on the picture to view the listing on Etsy and buy}

This here is a set of 5 heart-shaped magnets. They're plain plastic magnets, which I've done quite unneccessary decorating on them. ^-^" Juicy? :D

Oh, and as you can see, I've made a header for the blog. Sort of. T-T Not that professional looking, but I guess it's kind of ok. :)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Another boring post...

Yups... I'm at uni... again.... Using the wireless...

Been studying Microbiology for one whole week. Until I want to muntah already. Still got 6 more modules to cover, and I only have about 2 weeks left. No wonder one of the MPharm trainee pharmacists who graduated from IMU said, "You are so lucky to have 4 years to study you know! Last time ah, we also like you lo, cram cram cram everything and then muntah everything out during exam time! Now you have more time to study, so study properly la!"

What? We're not studying properly now la is it? I study until I don't know what to say already. Well, maybe you can say my method of studying is not appropriate, but that's my way. When I really want to get something into my head, I have to concentrate really hard to understand it, then memorise it and then repeat it over to see if I remember it. That's why sometimes to finish going through one lecture of about 36-40 slides, I need at least 1 and a half hours. But usually I take 2 hours. T-T

Really takes time huh? Somemore, if I really tarak mood at that time, I just cannot get anything in at all. And most of the time, my concentration and mental alertness levels are low. T-T

Not for the first time (get the hint la, TIME), I'm thinking again, if I'm really suited for this profession. Well, I can't say as I did a few months back that I have no interest in the subjects (with the exception of Pharmaceutical Analysis - I feel like puking everytime I think about it). After this 3rd semester, I'm beginning to develop interest in some areas - am especially intrigued by renal system clinical case studies.

There's this constant thought I have. Why do people want to study pharmacy, or medicine? Is it really interest? I bet not more than 0.01% of that want is because of interest. :P *Please keep those clubs away. I'm allergic to violence.* There can be a lot of reasons one :

  1. Parents mia wish.
  2. I don't know what else to study. - L-A-M-E oh. A million other things for you to choose from.
  3. Kia-su. My friends all go Australia la, Russia la, UK la. I oso want to show people I can. Hmph.
  4. Aiyo... Everyone oso know ma, bekam lokter and itu farmasist can get many $$ one rite? Hentam jer la.
  5. Hmph... I know what loratidine is. You know meh? What? You think it's a new nintendo-what-what game? Aiyo... you go back to kindergarten la you. Tsk tsk tsk.
  6. Ceh... You think so easy to study dokter or farmasi meh? Have to attend PBL la, have to every day listen to lectures for 2 hours la, have to meet simulated patients la, have to memorise drug mia name la, use la, dosage la, side effects la, contraindication la, combination la... Very mafan one you know...
  7. Dapat glamer mah ho? People hear you study dokter, they also "Waaaahhh..."
  8. I want to help people. *shiny eyes full of semangat and hope* - Pi mati la.

*Please ah. I really allergic to violence one. Why are you looking at me lidat?*

For me, it's mostly number 1, 3 and 4. But from what I've found out, it seems to be number 5 and most of them show characteristics of number 6. Arrogance. I don't know how to put it, but you can always sense it floating about in IMU. No wonder they say doctors nowadays are just plain sombong.

I bet when I go out to work, I'll be so insecure with that half-bucket-full of knowledge I'm trying to get to, that I'll just be a shell going to my workplace every day and do whatever the people in charge ask me to do.

How I wish I can just fly over to the US, set out finding a cosy little shoplot, and set up my own zakka place.

In my dreams.

And I've come to despise the IMU authorities. During my first sem, I was totally awed by the superior appearance of the lecturers, staff and students. I thought no other uni could have had things running as smoothly as they did in IMU - good facilities, organised administration of new students, impressive interior settings, formidable lecturers.

Now, I'm beginning to see that IMU is just another $$-minded, glamour-seeking private uni. Good lecturers are being lured away to other unis, offering of course, higher salaries. Resitting exams are now only applicable for those willing to pay an extra RM400 per paper (why the hefty sum? You're not using the whole of TNB's electric supply nor pulling down one Borneo island of trees for paper are you?). And a recent happening.

A charity drive. I won't say anything further, lest they hunt me down for black-rubbing their name. All I can say is, I hope the quality of the education they have to offer does not waver in the years to come.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Kawaii BLAST Grabbie + Sweety Sparkle Hair Stick

Ha... Met up with Yoike at KLCC on Saturday. Had lots of fun looking at kawaii. :D Found out that there's a section in Parkson that sells original Sanrio stuff. :D Sayang la not much Cinnamoroll. Oh, and this Yoike ah... introduced me Mark & Spencer's food stuffs. So many types of chocolate cookies and biscuits!!! *Drool* And the prices are of course very nice also la. I tried the toffee chocolate viennese fingers, or something called that. 8 pieces for RM13. T-T I can pokai very fast one.

Oh, and I had my first Starbucks experience. :D Well, at least when people ask, I've been there - once. :D Thanks Yoike, for bringing me to taste luxury. :D

Yesterday, I was suddenly hit again by the frenzied urge to make some stuff. Managed to string a wooden bead strechy bracelet. Am quite pleased with the result. :) Here's a super Kawaii BLAST Grabbie listed on Etsy :

{Click on the pic to view the listing and buy}

The ice cream kilt pin actually I wanted to keep. But it has such an attractive red colour, and suits this set so much that I'm ok parting with it. :P Other stuff are brand new bits and pieces I'll never use, - might as well put them up for sale. :D Whoever gets this set is one lucky girl - SO KAWAII!!! :D

Oh, and here's a reconstructed hair stick. I tried wearing my hair up with the hair stick, but it's just so much work that I never tried it a second time. T-T Somemore, the pendant in the grabbie up there was actually the dangly decoration attached to the hairstick, but it broke. T-T So, I attached a new decoration - a broken silver earring with inlaid crystals. I found the earring lying on a table in uni, with one of the crystals broken off and the stud bent and clasp missing. Haih... Why do people throw such precious jewelry away lidat?

So, the crystal was re-attached back into its silver case with a strong glue specially for gluing metals to other materials. And glued the whole thing to the hair stick. Quite like the final result :

{Click on the pic to view the listing and buy}

My study break is going to be sooo boring. From what my friend told me, I won't be getting the internet before next year. T-T Well, my parents said "Good lah. You can concentrate on your studies more mah. Don't always stick to the computer, every day look at useless stuff, wasting your time only!"

Aiyo.... Then I said lo, having internet means being able to live my life happily. I go online every few hours - when having breakfast, after studying a few hours in the morning, when having lunch, after my afternoon nap, after coming back from jogging, before I go to bed. Without internet, I can't concentrate on my studies - that's the weird thing. I need constant access to the online world for my entertainment and stress-relief. T-T

I don't know what to do liao. T-T

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

More Mooncakes + Rainbows + Nightmare at Times Square

Ah.... Here are two more pics of some weird mooncakes. Very weird one lo - that's why I bought them. :P

{Chocolate Cream Cheese - HYT}

HYT really funny one la.... Got so many pelik pelik mia mooncake flavours. This chocolate cream cheese one's not bad la. But I don't find anything particularly great about it either.

{German Black Forst - HYT}

Hmm.... Black Forest.... Quite disappointing actually.... I thought the currant part was something like jelly or at least some currant currant jam or something. But no - it was a tiny bit of glazed cheery. Urgh. T-T Haih.... But still, overall, the mooncake as a whole was not bad la.


I did some crafting on and off the past few weeks. This here is a set of pin brooches I managed to finish quite some time ago. Actually I intended to make them into a necklace like this one here. But I malas want to make the necklace. T-T See la, maybe I will make another set into a necklace. See la - if I rajin. :P

{Listed on Etsy. Click on the picture to view the listing and buy}

Ha.... Yesterday, we finished class early. So, we went to Times Square --> Cosmo's World. I still don't understand why la I agreed to go. T.T First, we naik the rollercoaster. Macam nak mati lidat. Wah.... I screamed and screamed. My worst phobia - why I never dared naik anything in an amusement park except a merry-go-round perhaps - I SURE WILL FALL OUT ONE LA!

I have this constant fear that somehow or other, the car / machine will have something wrong one and something coming out loose. I have 0% trust for the machinery and safety measures they have on each ride. What if this screw here came loose. What if the belt suddenly snapped? What if the lock suddenly came undone? AHHH!!!

And I tak berani sit straight in place. I kept putting my head down, as if la something's going to smack into my head if I sat straight. Stupid la, but I couldn't help it. T-T

After the roller coaster, we went for a bumper car ride. That one ok one la. Nasib baik.

Next, we sat the pusing-pusing thing. I thought it was quite harmless one. Mana tau, once sit inside, I felt the constant feeling of being almost thrown out. WAAAAA!!!! I screamed like mad. Semua orang laughed only. T-T

Then, we went for the Dizzy Izzy ride. It was a REAL mistake for me. I tak tahan already. I was sure I's going to puke up there in the 'car'.

After that ride, I had to sit for one and half hours before I finally got off all the tinglings all over my body and waves of nausea. Nasib baik didn't really puke. T-T

I'll never go near another amusement park again. Ever.

But I didn't regret the trip la. It was fun. :D