Monday, October 8, 2007

Kawaii BLAST Grabbie + Sweety Sparkle Hair Stick

Ha... Met up with Yoike at KLCC on Saturday. Had lots of fun looking at kawaii. :D Found out that there's a section in Parkson that sells original Sanrio stuff. :D Sayang la not much Cinnamoroll. Oh, and this Yoike ah... introduced me Mark & Spencer's food stuffs. So many types of chocolate cookies and biscuits!!! *Drool* And the prices are of course very nice also la. I tried the toffee chocolate viennese fingers, or something called that. 8 pieces for RM13. T-T I can pokai very fast one.

Oh, and I had my first Starbucks experience. :D Well, at least when people ask, I've been there - once. :D Thanks Yoike, for bringing me to taste luxury. :D

Yesterday, I was suddenly hit again by the frenzied urge to make some stuff. Managed to string a wooden bead strechy bracelet. Am quite pleased with the result. :) Here's a super Kawaii BLAST Grabbie listed on Etsy :

{Click on the pic to view the listing and buy}

The ice cream kilt pin actually I wanted to keep. But it has such an attractive red colour, and suits this set so much that I'm ok parting with it. :P Other stuff are brand new bits and pieces I'll never use, - might as well put them up for sale. :D Whoever gets this set is one lucky girl - SO KAWAII!!! :D

Oh, and here's a reconstructed hair stick. I tried wearing my hair up with the hair stick, but it's just so much work that I never tried it a second time. T-T Somemore, the pendant in the grabbie up there was actually the dangly decoration attached to the hairstick, but it broke. T-T So, I attached a new decoration - a broken silver earring with inlaid crystals. I found the earring lying on a table in uni, with one of the crystals broken off and the stud bent and clasp missing. Haih... Why do people throw such precious jewelry away lidat?

So, the crystal was re-attached back into its silver case with a strong glue specially for gluing metals to other materials. And glued the whole thing to the hair stick. Quite like the final result :

{Click on the pic to view the listing and buy}

My study break is going to be sooo boring. From what my friend told me, I won't be getting the internet before next year. T-T Well, my parents said "Good lah. You can concentrate on your studies more mah. Don't always stick to the computer, every day look at useless stuff, wasting your time only!"

Aiyo.... Then I said lo, having internet means being able to live my life happily. I go online every few hours - when having breakfast, after studying a few hours in the morning, when having lunch, after my afternoon nap, after coming back from jogging, before I go to bed. Without internet, I can't concentrate on my studies - that's the weird thing. I need constant access to the online world for my entertainment and stress-relief. T-T

I don't know what to do liao. T-T


lynnx01 said...

Internet.. can't live with it, can't live without it!

Aneesah said...

Hehe, I obviously have the same net addiction problem. I was laptopless from Monday to Wednesday noon, and couldn't help but check my e-mail through GPRS on my phone once. >_> I guess a big part of my life is connected through the internet...

Maybe can find another provider or something? What about those fancy new plug-and-connect services I've been seeing ads on? Try lah, 'cause I've attempted to completely separate myself from the computer to study for SPM and ... it didn't work. ^^; I kena get "rewards" (ie. dapat go online) after I work hard (ie. study), or else my brain memberontak. Seriously.

Isabel said...
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Isabel said...

Oh god! no internet during a year... taht's rude!
I have the same internet addiction problem, i need that connection to the outside world, that source of information and entertainment..
I know how it's like. I suffered this summer when i came back home (i studied in england during a year) and my dad got me this studentflat which was kind of gross.. and had no internet connection and no tv! i was doomed! and as i didnt even get a job and that all my friends were on vacation i had the most boring time of my life!.. i can get past a lot of things, but not being able to simply "check" something and find answers to your questions is really awful!

Sing Yee said...

Lynn Xuan - Heh... So true!

aneesah - I've registered with TimeCom in August, but until now they still haven't come and pasang the modem and everything. Really teruk their service. Say what la, got problem with the cables in Vista la, have to set up new ports need time la, macam macam la. Haih...
These few days got maxis broadband promoting outside our uni. It seems like a good substitute, but my housemate said she read quite a number of bad reviews about it. So, my status now is still internet-less. T-T

isabel - Luckily, it's not a year! I can really die if like that. :P It's almost 2 months without internet, and I'm already going on the verge of depression. T-T