Wednesday, October 3, 2007

More Mooncakes + Rainbows + Nightmare at Times Square

Ah.... Here are two more pics of some weird mooncakes. Very weird one lo - that's why I bought them. :P

{Chocolate Cream Cheese - HYT}

HYT really funny one la.... Got so many pelik pelik mia mooncake flavours. This chocolate cream cheese one's not bad la. But I don't find anything particularly great about it either.

{German Black Forst - HYT}

Hmm.... Black Forest.... Quite disappointing actually.... I thought the currant part was something like jelly or at least some currant currant jam or something. But no - it was a tiny bit of glazed cheery. Urgh. T-T Haih.... But still, overall, the mooncake as a whole was not bad la.


I did some crafting on and off the past few weeks. This here is a set of pin brooches I managed to finish quite some time ago. Actually I intended to make them into a necklace like this one here. But I malas want to make the necklace. T-T See la, maybe I will make another set into a necklace. See la - if I rajin. :P

{Listed on Etsy. Click on the picture to view the listing and buy}

Ha.... Yesterday, we finished class early. So, we went to Times Square --> Cosmo's World. I still don't understand why la I agreed to go. T.T First, we naik the rollercoaster. Macam nak mati lidat. Wah.... I screamed and screamed. My worst phobia - why I never dared naik anything in an amusement park except a merry-go-round perhaps - I SURE WILL FALL OUT ONE LA!

I have this constant fear that somehow or other, the car / machine will have something wrong one and something coming out loose. I have 0% trust for the machinery and safety measures they have on each ride. What if this screw here came loose. What if the belt suddenly snapped? What if the lock suddenly came undone? AHHH!!!

And I tak berani sit straight in place. I kept putting my head down, as if la something's going to smack into my head if I sat straight. Stupid la, but I couldn't help it. T-T

After the roller coaster, we went for a bumper car ride. That one ok one la. Nasib baik.

Next, we sat the pusing-pusing thing. I thought it was quite harmless one. Mana tau, once sit inside, I felt the constant feeling of being almost thrown out. WAAAAA!!!! I screamed like mad. Semua orang laughed only. T-T

Then, we went for the Dizzy Izzy ride. It was a REAL mistake for me. I tak tahan already. I was sure I's going to puke up there in the 'car'.

After that ride, I had to sit for one and half hours before I finally got off all the tinglings all over my body and waves of nausea. Nasib baik didn't really puke. T-T

I'll never go near another amusement park again. Ever.

But I didn't regret the trip la. It was fun. :D


lynnx01 said...

Hahahah! I don't dare go on roller coasters too. But I went on once in Jerudong Park. I kept screaming and my eyes were closed throughout. So I basically felt nothing. Scary still!

Sing Yee said...

Heheh... This is my second time going on a rollercoaster. The first time was also in Jerudong Park. I think the ride was called Pony-something-something. It was for kids, and so, was supposedly to be quite harmless. Well, it was quite ok, thank goodness no 360-degree kind of thing, like the one at Times Square. Really ah... T-T

pinkmilk said...

I have big problems going on rollercoasters and fairground rides in general, ever since I tried to get off the log flume when I was three... as we were going up the mountain :/