Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just to let you guys know again, I'll be at the Taman Layang-layang Kepong this afternoon as well as tomorrow afternoon to carry out the weight loss survey on the public. Do drop by if you live just a few minutes' walk away and if you're free then. :) My friend and I would greatly appreciate everyone's participation.

After the Singapore trip 2 weeks ago, I came back to KL with head full of what I'd seen. Somehow, ideas just began popping out of nowhere. So I took out a bag of scrap felt, piles of new felt pieces and beads, and started a crafting marathon.

{ I began with this pin brooch on the first day. The speech bubble says かわいい 'kawaii'. }

{ I made this next, on the second day. Glad that it turned out pretty. :P The faux pearls all around the edges just add to the overflowing sweetness. :P Speech bubble says デザート, which I gather from the online translator means 'dessert'. }

{ I made this one on the night of the 2nd day. It's really CUTE, even if I say so myself. :P The base of the pin is salmon pink, and there's a pink organza ribbon bow sewn onto the back of the baby elephant. SO CUTE!!! }

{ This took the whole of Day 3 to make, because two pesky kids came to my place so I had to babysit. -___-" If you noted, I used the polka-dotted fabric button bought in Singapore. }

{ This was done on morning of Day 4. I wanted to put either 'shooting star' in words, but then it came out too long. So I typed 'pretty' into the online translator, and かなり came out. I'm not sure if it's correct. I think it's 'kiirei'? }

{ Made on Day 5 I think. *lost track* If you look at it carefully, you'll notice that I didn't sew the edges of the bunny. I used super glue to seal the felt edges so that it's hard and doesn't fray, and I glued it onto the red circle base. }

{ The same technique goes here. CUTE Mr. Squeeks in love. :D }

So there you go. By the end of last week, I had these sitting in my drawer. Take a look at my Etsy shop if you'd like to have them. :D

Monday, August 10, 2009

Whimsical Jar Swap - Sent

Few weeks ago, I joined a whimsical jar swap organized by Kelly. My partner Mer received her jar, so I guess it's safe to post photos of some of the contents. These were taken at the beginning of stuffing the jar. While waiting for the postal address, I kept stuffing the jar with yet more goodies. -__-" In the end, it weigh a ton. :D

{ Here's what I planned to put into the jar in the beginning }

{ Here's the completed jar with everything in }

{ Arranged carefully... }

{ Jar decoration }

As you can see, I put in quite a lot of craft supplies, but much fabric and sewing notions. I don't have any fabric at hand, and I have almost no trims, lace and ribbons. -__-" These are some of the things I expect Mer to like very much, but I do apologize for not sending any. T-T

I just completed the practice of weight loss survey on Sunway Pyramid management staff as well as operational staff. Both my friend and I managed to collect data from 200 people. That's only about half of the samples we need. T-T

We'll be doing it at the Taman Layang-layang (Kite-Flying Park) Kepong on Saturday and Sunday. If you live near the area, please do bring your troops there for a free health screening. :P

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Loot from Singapore

I was prepared to guard myself from over-spending during the recent trip. Nevertheless, I couldn't resist the temptation to get some craft supplies and other goodies.

{ Genuine flat-back swarovski crystals in different colours. I'd been trying to search for colour mixes in one pack for ages. It's a pity that they only have mixes in this one size. I got it at a discounted SG$7.50 from one of the bead stores on Arab Street. Those fabric buttons were bought from Doinky Doodles for SG$5. I feel bad about leaving without buying anything, especially after spending almost half-an-hour taking photos in the shop. :P I wanted a LOT of things actually, but I kept on reminding myself that I don't NEED them. -___-" }

{ Stamp set from Kinokuniya Takashimaya. I saw this very set at Kinokuniya here in KL, sold out. Almost killed me, the price did. T-T }

{ Kawaii sweet stickers also from Kinokuniya. }

{ Birdy and cage gold necklace bought at MAAD. Made by CarrotPepper. }

{ Killer gladiators with punk studs. My friend says I look like a rocker chick when I wear them. XD There are LOTS of gladiator styles in Singapore, waaayy nicer than the ones I've seen in Malaysia. Except for a pair at a boutique in Bangsar - that's a pretty one too. :D I sort of regretted not getting it then and there. }

When I was at the customs and immigration station in Johor, I was stopped by the officers - because I was carrying a shopping bag. I was carrying in it my shoes which costed SG$33. They informed me that anything new bought from Singapore is taxable by 30% of the purchase price.

I was like W-T-F!!! I travelled ALL the way to Singapore, shopped for things, and travelled ALL THE WAY BACK to Johor Bahru, just to have my purchases taxed? Did the government even DO ANYTHING for us during the trip?

I was like ok - maybe it's because they set up the immigration building and perhaps that's a form of contribution from the government.

But what pissed me off was that these immigration officers only stopped people who looked like they just bought stuff from Singapore. Meaning - people who were carrying some sort of shopping bags. I voiced out one of the officers that their checking system is just LAME because anyone can strip off the price tags, scruff up their new purchases of clothes and shoes, and wear them or stuff them in their backpacks, and walk past as if they didn't buy anything at all from Singapore. What's more, are how are they going to detect tiny things like jewelry?

Another lady officer, a more out-spoken one said; We know who are the ones who bought stuff. We actually have a scanner here to check everyone's bags.

I was like WTF again, and said; THEN WHY DIDN'T YOU USE THE SCANNER? Even if you used it, people who pulled of the price tags will just be let off! Is this MANUAL checking system even FAIR TO US?

The officer shot back; You should consider that there are only 3 of us on duty at this time. We can't ask everyone to have their bags scanned. That'll be a waste of time and a truck-load of work for us.

By then, I was ready to give her a HARD PUNCH in the face. I was silently fuming, hardly knowing what to do, while they continued to make records of other unfortunate souls who were also stopped and asked to pay taxes for their puchases.

My expression must have been poisonous so much so that the lady officer then said; Well since you've worn them in Singapore for a day, then I suppose we can let you off.

Oh. My. God.

Such a bunch of IDIOTS!!! Lazy, irresponsible, coffee-money-sucking IDIOTS!!!

Why did all the rotten incidents occur in here in Malaysia? I think we're going backwards.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Singapore Trip

Halo all. :P I know I've been gone for too long. -___-" There's no denying that I'm being a very irresponsible blogger lately. T-T

This entry will be about my recent trip to Singapore.

To start off, let me share a little incident that happened while I was waiting to board the coach to Johor Bahru. I was sitting on the bench at one of the platforms. I noted two men sitting on the bench across from mine, watching some entertainment show on a plasma TV. Since there was still about half an hour to go before we can board the coach, I bought a paper to read. After a few minutes of reading, one of the men, an old man probably in his sixties, walked over to me and said in Mandarin, "Miss, I just came out from the hospital. Can you help me buy a bus ticket back to Johor?"

When I heard his request, I was under the impression that he didn't know which counter to go to. I thought he would be handing me his cash to buy the ticket. But then, he added; "Can you give me money to buy the ticket?"

Immediately, I shook my head, said NO, and looked away. His request for money -even though it's for the bus ticket- somehow turned him into a scammer. His reaction was, "Oh..." - then he walked off.

This incident again reminded me that Malaysians have seriously got to change their mindset and improve their social behaviour. This uncle, I just couldn't trust him to be telling the truth. Decent people would NOT feel right to beg for money even if they are completely out. For your information, a ticket to Johor costs RM31, which to me is a substantially large sum. The way to go, if I were in the uncle's shoes, would be to ask to borrow a phone from the numerous ticketing counters to contact his family members. In any case, such an elderly man should not be going to and fro the hospital alone. He might have needed some specific treatment only available in Kuala Lumpur. In that case, I should think that his should have went with any one of his family members. You may argue that he might be the only one in his family. Well then, he could have asked for help from anybody when he realized he did not have money to go back home - immediately. Why did he sit and watch TV and only approach me after some time? He should be panicking and asking around instead of watching TV. -___-"

If you were in my situation, would you help the uncle? Just something to trigger your thoughts. :P

Right then. Singapore. Yeah. It was a total change from KL. A very exhilarating change. I greatly admire the public transport system there. Every part of Singapore is reachable by foot, via train and bus. The SMRT (Mass Rapid Transit) is very efficient - it seemed to me that the train arrived every 2 to 5 minutes. The carriage is much MUCH longer than the STAR LRT in KL, and a lot wider too. I didn't experience any crowding or sardine-packings during my 4 days there, even on weekends.

Another thing I like a lot about Singapore is how almost every MRT station is located just a few steps away from a shopping mall. :D Almost all stations are built underground. There are underpasses linking nearby buildings at each station - which means air-conditioning throughout your journey. :P

Other than that, I just love how green Singapore is. Seriously, there are trees, shrubs and plants everywhere. Such a BIG difference when compared to KL.

{ Haji Lane. Full of quaint little cafes and boutiques. Erm... no greens here. XD }

{ I love these old buildings. }

{ Back lane of a street. The shophouses are so colourful. :D }

{ Muji - Japanese store selling homewares, apparel and food items. I think it boasts minimalist styling. :P }

{ Food stuff bought from Muji - chocolate covered raisins, yuzu lemon candy, cake roll, soy bean cookies *very yummy!*, chocolate cake, chocolate crispy bar, sweet potato cake *not nice D:*, cheesecake *VERY nice!* }

{ A shop selling cosplay items at Far East Plaza. }

{ At Doinky Doodles - a shop selling handmade items! I love everything to bits. Most fabric items are handmade by the shop-owner. :P }

{ Very colourful layout at Doinky Doodles. }

{ MOS Burger!!! This is my Yakiniku Rice Burger. The 'buns' are sushi rice! :D }

{ Cool shop called Books Actually selling all sorts of zines, stationery, books and even lomo cameras. }

{ Asylum - a boutique selling unique accessories, homewares, books, music and apparel. }

{ Ben & Jerry's ice cream!!! Hehe... But my number one is still Baskin Robbins' Peanut Butter and Chocolate! :D }

{ MAAD event at Red Dot Museum. A LOT of cool stuff and pretty things to look at. :P }

These are just some of the nicer and more interesting photos I took. If you'd like to see more, take a look at where I went to on Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3/4 of the trip. :P