Monday, August 10, 2009

Whimsical Jar Swap - Sent

Few weeks ago, I joined a whimsical jar swap organized by Kelly. My partner Mer received her jar, so I guess it's safe to post photos of some of the contents. These were taken at the beginning of stuffing the jar. While waiting for the postal address, I kept stuffing the jar with yet more goodies. -__-" In the end, it weigh a ton. :D

{ Here's what I planned to put into the jar in the beginning }

{ Here's the completed jar with everything in }

{ Arranged carefully... }

{ Jar decoration }

As you can see, I put in quite a lot of craft supplies, but much fabric and sewing notions. I don't have any fabric at hand, and I have almost no trims, lace and ribbons. -__-" These are some of the things I expect Mer to like very much, but I do apologize for not sending any. T-T

I just completed the practice of weight loss survey on Sunway Pyramid management staff as well as operational staff. Both my friend and I managed to collect data from 200 people. That's only about half of the samples we need. T-T

We'll be doing it at the Taman Layang-layang (Kite-Flying Park) Kepong on Saturday and Sunday. If you live near the area, please do bring your troops there for a free health screening. :P


The Mully's said...

WOW! That is amazing! I'd love to do a swap with you, but I dunno if I could even compare! Everything is just so cute and lovely!

Agnes Sim said...

wow...your jar is so colorful..i like it so much!! i sent mine to my partner 2day. Hope she can get it 2 days later. :p mine one so simple only. hehe

marlene said...

This is really lovely! I sent my jar to "my partner" last friday! I hope she will get it these few days :) Good job!

Ally said...

WOW, what a beautiful jar <3
Everything you put in is amazing

marlene said...

wonder have you received my jar?

Sing Yee said...

Hi Marlene. I've not gotten any calls from the uni to pick up anything, so I don't think it's arrived yet. I'll definitely let you know and do a blog post about it when I receive.