Thursday, January 22, 2009

Love is in the air ~

I truly apologize for not posting for almost 3 weeks. ^-^" Been busy with coursework and studies. Tomorrow marks the start of a week's holidays for Chinese New Year. I'll be flying back to Sibu on Saturday morning. :)

Valentine's day is just a few weeks away. Have you been thinking about what to get for your loved ones? Check out these cool Etsy finds for ideas! :P


♥ Chocolate + Hearts ♥

Fabric chocolates + fake chocolate cupcake + chocolate bar soaps + large chocolate heart snack + petite box of chocolate + altered scrapbook tin + yummy chocolates made with love + earrings + yummy cupcakes


♥♥♥ Sweet Hearts ♥♥♥

Heart earrings + hearts diorama + cupid poop soaps + purrfect valentine pillow + pet rock valentine + cowl in a heart-shaped box + valentine owl print + felt heart brooch + candy hearts confetti resin bangle


♥ Bold Reds + Hearts ♥

Red heart pouch + love acorns + large heart tote bag + mini hearts pouch + felted red heart ring + birdy valentine's card + love letter ring + love token + hearts print


Hope you've enjoyed the eye-candy. Will be posting more about crafts in a few days time. Hopefully. :P

Friday, January 9, 2009

Youth Malaysia '09

Date: 9-11 January 2009
Time: 10:30am - 9:30pm
Venue: PWTC ~ Putra World Trade Centre, KL
Entrance: FREE

This is going to be another big event for the young. I'm looking forward to attending it, because there'll be a sort of bazaar *Creative Mafia* where over 40 crafters will be present!


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

tokidoki Eco Mondo + L'amore

Well, things started off so-so in the morning, with two consecutive lectures by an someone from the national pharmacy board (I think). The lectures were about some judicial law and poison act or something. I was ready to fall asleep in 5 minutes. So much for 'full attention during lectures'.... T-T

This afternoon, my mood turned ecstatic. I got a call from campus about a parcel. Woohoo! I'd been expecting it since the start of sem. :D

{ If you've been following my blog, you should be able to guess what these bags contained }


You're right!



{ ♥ tokidoki Eco Mondo Sorriso - front ♥ }

{ ♥ tokidoki Eco Mondo Sorriso - back ♥ }

I bought 2 toki's from 73papasmurf's on eBay. There was a storewide sale last December. Some of the items are still on sale. I'd actually been eyeing the Eco Mondo Sorriso since it's been listed at $169.90, because of it's perfect print placement. I wanted every bit of the Eco Mondo print included on the bag. While on a routine eBay-search one day, I saw the price dropped by more than 10%. I couldn't resist any longer, so I snatched it up then and there.

{ tokidoki Eco Mondo Sorriso close-up of details ---> fabric tokidoki labels, engraved diamond toki characters on the zipper pull, star stud rivet hardware }

The other bag is an old design that was marketed in 2007 - L'amore Ciao. The seller offers 70% off shipping on each additional item and I'd been saving up to buy from her. A pleasant surprise presented itself when I purchased the 2 bags. Milly, the lady managing the store offered to have both bags shipped at the cost of one! That meant no extra shipping charges! Woot!

I thought I'd regret getting the L'amore bag. But it turned out to look so chic and fabulous that I find not the slightest fault with it. Absolutely LOVE it's gold-toned hardware!

{ ♥ tokidoki L'amore Ciao - front ♥ }

{ ♥ tokidoki L'amore Ciao - back ♥ }

{ tokidoki L'amore Ciao close-ups ---> Neon pink interior + decorative gold chain + my favourite characters of this print - meeelks! + free tokidoki stationery set }

I don't mean to scare you with my tokidoki obsession. It's just that the first taste made me want more. More. AND MORE. T-T Current tokidoki bag count = 5. You must be wondering how in hell I'm going to put these bags to good use. I love them all, no question about that, so I'm going to use them whenever I can. :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Can't get enough of that SUGAR HIGH

Yup. A huge rainbow-coloured lolli hanging from your neck, gummy teddies dangling from your wrist and yummy doughnut hairclips fastened all over your hair - this is no longer the look to savour only in fantasy places like Harajuku. With current trends in lifestyle going in the direction of D.I.Y. and crafting, you can make your very own food-themed fashion accessories, complete with bling and yumminess.

Here are helpful Japanese craft books to give you endless ideas about wearable-candy-making.

{ Get these books from beautifulwork on Etsy }

I saw some of these books up close at Kinokuniya and was totally mesmerized by the colourful pictures. Most of them show step-by-step photos of making the sweets, so it's not at all a waste of buying just because they're written in Japanese. :) These books suggest using soft mousse-clay and paper clay instead of polymer clay. I'm still doubtful about using mousse-clay. I received a package once from a swap. Played with it, and the clay would still have a rubbery texture to it after being completely dried for a few days. That made me wonder if it is a good material to use in jewelry. :/

But then again, I must say these kits look awfully tempting...

{ Mousse-clay kits from beautifulwork }

Oh oh! And I want to thank Chin~Chin for this wonderful present from Japan! I can't believe you actually took the trouble to buy us something from Japan. Awesome! I'll definitely treasure it. :)

{ Japanese craft book ♥ }


Second week of sem 6 is going on ok so far. Other than a slight nodding-off in Dr. OCE's toxicology introduction lecture, I'm glad to say I payed full attention in most classes. :P

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Decotti - Your Sweet Dream Come True

Have you noticed the recent trend in fashion accessories? What with strawberries, cookies and cream, you'd think people can't get enough of sweets. Yup. Food-themed accessories, especially that of desserts and sweets are no longer a novelty but a MUST HAVE for girls and ladies alike.

I happened on these uber awesome Japanese d.i.y. kits by the brand Decotti. Each kit contains parts and jewelry findings as well as a tube of 'cream' to make cellphone charms and keychains. Choose from tarts, doughnuts, cupcakes, macaroons or puddings.

{ Following pictures are originally from here }

{ What you can make with a Decotti kit }

I did a search on Yahoo! Auctions Japan and found that one kit can cost up to 2900 yen, which is roughly equivalent to $30 (RM110)! That's a lot to pay for 4 inedible accessory charms. ^-^" But I admit, just the notion of squeezing that tube of cream to see the glossy whiteness is enough to strip me off any last self-refrain.

{ Get your dose of sugar in these mini servings }

Here's a video introducing the kits. It's in Japanese - but I guess you can catch words like aksasori kitto, chocolato, rhinestones, decorashion partsto, keychain and keitai strap. Oh, and kawaii. :D

It'll be fun to get one of the kits to try. :P

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009~

Can't believe I just spent the whole day of the first of 2009 doing the Toxicology project. T-T Searched, compiled and printed information of acrylamide toxicokinetics in the morning, and then realizing that those info did not help much in writing about acrylamide formation, I began anew with fresh searches. Gave me a headache it did. T-T It's almost 12pm and I'm still not done. T-T

Despite a daunting start to a new year, I hope things will look up as the days go by.

Happy new year everyone! Thank you for your continuous visits to Kawaii~neh! as well as your endless support for all things kawaii and handmade!