Saturday, January 3, 2009

Decotti - Your Sweet Dream Come True

Have you noticed the recent trend in fashion accessories? What with strawberries, cookies and cream, you'd think people can't get enough of sweets. Yup. Food-themed accessories, especially that of desserts and sweets are no longer a novelty but a MUST HAVE for girls and ladies alike.

I happened on these uber awesome Japanese d.i.y. kits by the brand Decotti. Each kit contains parts and jewelry findings as well as a tube of 'cream' to make cellphone charms and keychains. Choose from tarts, doughnuts, cupcakes, macaroons or puddings.

{ Following pictures are originally from here }

{ What you can make with a Decotti kit }

I did a search on Yahoo! Auctions Japan and found that one kit can cost up to 2900 yen, which is roughly equivalent to $30 (RM110)! That's a lot to pay for 4 inedible accessory charms. ^-^" But I admit, just the notion of squeezing that tube of cream to see the glossy whiteness is enough to strip me off any last self-refrain.

{ Get your dose of sugar in these mini servings }

Here's a video introducing the kits. It's in Japanese - but I guess you can catch words like aksasori kitto, chocolato, rhinestones, decorashion partsto, keychain and keitai strap. Oh, and kawaii. :D

It'll be fun to get one of the kits to try. :P


Little Miss B said...

The sweet things on your blog always make me hungry :). Love them!

Strawberry Anarchy said...

im so glad you did a post about these kits i was really wanting to try one! i think i will!

Hana said...

I want to get one but to expensive TTへTT