Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Crafty Comeback!

Hi guys!

I've been on a long long hiatus. My last post was 2 years ago! @.@ I'm really sorry but it couldn't be helped. I finished my training and now am a fully-registered pharmacist! Because the day job consumes most of my time, I hardly ever do any crafting. But the past Chinese New Year blessed me with 4 days of blissful free-time, and so I decided that I've put off crafting long enough.

Crafting materials are of abundance, the result of several years of swapping and hoarding. It truly surprised me how much this hobby had grown, how rewarding the reaps were and how deep a passion I still have for it. Though a dream, I still hope that one day, I'll be sitting in a little shop of my own, making things with my hands and be really happy. :)

As of now, let's look at the goodies I made for CNY!

I started off with this pin brooch here. The bag of felt scraps had gotten too full, and I was in need of something really sweet! I really love the pearls and gold beads; they make things look princess-y and oh so sweet!

And then I proceeded with a 2nd brooch, still with a theme of candy and cakes. After putting on the last piece of embellishment, I declare UHU a crafter's best friend! XD

And finally, I made something I've always wanted to make; a colour-block pin with dangly chains. There's something about the combination of primary colours that makes your eyes smile and heart all warm. :P

That's all I've to share with you for now. I'm not sure when I'll be able to craft again, as work will be starting in a few day's time. Working 8 to 5, 5 days a week is no joke. And I just realised, my chat box has become an advertising space for anyone on the planet. -____-" Pls, spare me, dear people. Only promote your handmade items, or kawaii-related things. If I look up a blog on 'kawaii', I wouldn't click on "100 types of padlocks for your home". -____-"

Right. That's all for now. Hope to post more stuff soon. Tata!