Sunday, October 10, 2010

Deco Choco~

Hey guys. Long time no blog. Working life has officially made me into a routine-follower --> 8 to 5, with a merciful hour for a quick jog, and then home for shower and sometimes dinner, then quick glance online, and then bed by 10pm. Weekends are like an overseas holiday --> I look forward to them as much as I would have of a trip to Singapore during my uni days...

Much as I hate admitting, I just can't find contentment while working in the hospital. Especially now that I'm doing clinical. I just keep getting these thoughts that I'm an 'extra' in the ward --> totally pointless for a pharmacist to be there, except for checking out the list A/B/C drugs before the yellow scripts are sent for order, and device and discharge counseling. Other than that, I feel like I'm always in the way of either the doctors or nurses. T-T The only way to make your presence useful is to have knowledge at your fingertips so that you may provide correct answers to every question directed to you; whether it's stock availability, drug doses and frequencies, or antibiotics coverage. Gawd... Absolutely STRESSFUL!

I just lack that inquisitive nature, pin-point sharpness and enthusiasm, all core requirements for surviving in the medical field. T-T

Anyways, I'm supposed to be looking up info on some boring stuff like how to convert gliclazide MR dose to plain gliclazide. But weekends are just too precious to be wasted on such nuisance. Moreoever, I'm sick of facing stupid medical stuff for straight 5 days. So let's look at some eye candy.

Have you heard of Deco Choco? Apparently, this is the term used by the Japs for chocolate/candy decorating, whether real or fake (correct me if I'm wrong). So I was browsing some blogs and then I saw this...

{ from Tobidasu ♥♥ 飛び出す}

THAT is actually edible. The. Whole. Thing. Can. Be. EATEN.

So can this :

{ from vanilla house }

These amazing candy slabs can be gifted as edible greeting cards! The recipient would die of joy because it would be a sweet bonus for the stomach too! :D Meiji, a Japanese confectionery giant even described this fun fad on its website with tantalizing examples :

{ taken from Meiji }

{ taken from Meiji }

Maybe I'll try making this one of these days...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Started working

Hey guys. It was all too sudden. On the 29th of June, there I was, stretching out in the new apartment, getting things settled, trying to get used to the new environment. My girl friend even came to stay over to discuss coming plans of travelling. The next day, an earthquake decided to shake us out of our lives. My batchmates and I all received a posting letter each that called us to duty on the 1st of July.

I was totally mad. Well, they did give us a span of 30 days to report to duty, but some very kia-su people just went to report the next day, leaving the rest of us without a choice but to follow in their footsteps, such as was requested by the authorities.

It was a hell of a week. We flew from KL to Kuching to meet up with the Sarawak Health Ministry people, whom left us in a 5-hour wait at a boardroom while they decided where to place us across 3 hospitals; Kuching, Miri and Sibu. I was unfortunate enough to end up being thrown to Miri hospital, with 3 other West Malaysians whence the rest of the Sarawakians happily placed to their hometowns.

Air tickets were booked on the spot and shoved to us. We were to fly to Miri the very next day, and start work the day after next. They expected us to find a house, get a car and settle every necessity within a day. GET REAL!

In times like this, I really really hate the G.

So people, I'm very sorry. I won't be able to make stuff anymore for the time being. I'm working 8 to 5 weekdays, and we have extended working hours on some weekends. Currently, I'm messing around at the In-Patient Pharmacy, where every day, it's checking the medication trolleys, filling out prescriptions and doing simple yet sometimes mind-muddling calculations. Pharmacists love DOCUMENTATION and I swear I'm the worst person to remember all those stupid records we need to do to dispense each medication.

My life is as exciting as a polo bun. T-T

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cookie Box + Candy Tins turned YUMMIER~!

I'm BACK! :D Took out the stash of faux desserts; sweets, ice creams and cakes, and started off decorating 3 cases with zeal. :D Recently, I found a better substitute to the faux cream that I've used all this while. This new one is really good, as it gives me the benefit of adding my stuff on at my own pace --> it dries off pretty slowly, but the end product is flawlessly beautiful!

{ Handmade polymer clay lollies surrounded by pretty sweet cabochons, pearls and teenee fruit slices --> ♥! }

{ I like this one more much more than the previous one. :P }

{ Okay. This DA BOM! XD Actually made this one first then proceeded with the smaller two. This one was done on a Famous Amos gift container. :) }

{ The sides all dolled up with brown polka-dotted pink ribbon. :P }

{ LOVE the KABOOM of sweetness~! ♥ }

On the side, I was working with this pretty-ness on my side cupboard the whole time :P :

{ White bird cage and roses bought during my Bangkok trip. Laced and beaded clear jar and pink tissue rose ball made for our batch dinner. Rings and stuff worn to the dinner :P }

{ Shallow bowl of potpouri with tealights and shiny string of disco beads. This was also assembled for our batch dinner. }

At the new place now, I feel quite inclined and free to decorate the room as I please. :P

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Picking things up again

{ Some lovely finds on Etsy to brighten your day with. }

I just came back from a 3-week holiday in Jakarta. Now it's time to get back on track and start pumping out more kawaii. A pity that I don't have a toaster oven anymore - that was the previous landlady's. So I guess there'd be no new polymer clay nor shrink plastic creations at the moment.

Been looking at stuff on Etsy and I must say, the variety has increased. So many talented people! :D Hope to gear up and produce some good ol kawaii soon. :P

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Funnest Month of My Life

Hey... Another long long hiatus from blogging. Readers have been questioning when's the next post since the last one in April. ^-^" I'm really sorry about this guys but I was really busy with travelling, moving and getting ready some things for our batch so-called large-scale last dinner. For that one month, I was more happy than I've ever felt. :P Those moments will be treasured and fondly remembered always.

{ 1st stop --> Ipoh, a quiet town up north of West Malaysia. Must-try local food include dim sum, bean sprout steamed chicken, Ipoh old town white coffee, mixed fruit ice, chee cheong fun and Chinese pastries. Ipoh is a hidden gem of natural beauty --> blue skies and green hills are its virtue. I LOVE this place! }

{ 2nd stop --> Penang, Pearl of the East, a historical place scattered with old buildings and ancient landmarks that signified its cultural diversity. An ideal place for a challenging gastronomic adventure. :P Penang's famous for its street food like char kuey teow, rojak, asam laksa, curry mee, ais kacang, and the list goes on.... I've been to Penang quite a few times, but this trip was the best, being always on the move. And being with fun people. :P }

{ 3rd stop --> Bangkok 13th - 17th May. In the midst of anti-government protests going on, we ventured into heart of the city where riots went on and off. All went well as we were unharmed and had our fair share of fun. Love Chatuchak market! We went there 2 days! THAI FOOD was HEAVEN! I love the tom yam goong and coconut chicken. Pad Thai was very nice too. :P }

{ 4th stop --> Krabi 17th - 20th May. Krabi is part of an island of Thailand. After the urban experience in Bangkok, we headed to sun, sea, salt and fun! We took 2 tour packages for 2 days. One of them was the 4-island tour (Tub, Chicken and Poda Islands, Phra Nang Beach}, and the other was the Phi Phi Islands tour. The experience was AMAZING! Aqua blue sea and clear blue skies, sand and a spot of hot sun --> invaluable FUN! }


Ok, to top it all off, you wouldn't be surprised to hear that I'm now in Jakarta. :P I came here about a week ago, which was right after my graduation dinner and convocation. The past weekend saw me in Bandung and Puncak. We spent some lazy days there. :P Will be updating about this trip soon... hopefully. >.<

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Long-Awaited Liberation

Hey all. It's truly been a long LONG time since I last posted something on the blog. I just finished my finals few days ago. That was the LAST and FINAL exam for my pharmacy degree. >.< All of us toiled and suffered while mentally preparing for the battle. And the results will be out soon...

Well, in the meantime, I'm enjoying lazy days of facebooking and web-browsing. This afternoon, I tried photoshoping. :D Hence the new blog header. I still love the old one done by Sora. :) But I think it's time I try to produce something of my own, having raved on about wanting to learn photoshoping and all. The piece is very simple, and hadn't require much understanding of the numerous complicated functions of photoshop. ^-^" It may portray the amature skill behind it. XD

Regarding handmades... I've sort of abandoned all forms of DIY activities since November last year. And at the moment, I find it a chore to pick up the ropes again. Not to say that there's no interest... It's just that there are so many other things popping up - trip to Bangkok in May (which requires explicit planning), driving trip along West Malaysia (Penang, Ipoh, Melaka and JB), moving out from my current apartment and all sorts of little things to be seen to. It'll probably be a while before I really start to get into it again. *But to whom it concerns, I haven't forgotten that custom order requested on Etsy :P. Will try to work on it ASAP.*

The hospital attachment to Kuching was the start to discovery of meaningful friendships. Up till now, I've always regarded friends as... well, just friends. But I'm really grateful that just few months ago, I met a bunch of people who made a change in my life. I suffered some, laughed a lot, learned pretty much, and gained invaluable life-values through our bonding. One thing I definitely treasure was how these people unconsciously showed me how to be good to others, to make people surrounding them feel treasured and cared for. I realise this was what was lacking in my life till then - friends who'd sincerely cry with you as they would laugh with you. And this lead on to comprehension that I was so up tight and alone till then because I was the opposite of who they were... Well, I'd say that now, I'm one contented girl. :)

So much about happenings in my life at the moment. :D

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Back from a loooonngg hiatus

Hey guys....

I truly apologise for closing down the blog for a while back there. There were some personal reasons for doing it, but all's well now and I hope you'll continue to read on and enjoy the kawaii.

From December 2009, I was posted back to Kuching Sarawak for hospital attachment that lasted 3 months. I only got back to KL end of February and then there's hell from uni. T-T Intensive seminars and presentations awaited us and now I'm just not in the state to whip up kawaii, let alone blog about it. I'm trying to brain-wash the brain to absorb as may clinical practice guidelines as it can...

Till 17th of April then. :)