Monday, June 14, 2010

The Funnest Month of My Life

Hey... Another long long hiatus from blogging. Readers have been questioning when's the next post since the last one in April. ^-^" I'm really sorry about this guys but I was really busy with travelling, moving and getting ready some things for our batch so-called large-scale last dinner. For that one month, I was more happy than I've ever felt. :P Those moments will be treasured and fondly remembered always.

{ 1st stop --> Ipoh, a quiet town up north of West Malaysia. Must-try local food include dim sum, bean sprout steamed chicken, Ipoh old town white coffee, mixed fruit ice, chee cheong fun and Chinese pastries. Ipoh is a hidden gem of natural beauty --> blue skies and green hills are its virtue. I LOVE this place! }

{ 2nd stop --> Penang, Pearl of the East, a historical place scattered with old buildings and ancient landmarks that signified its cultural diversity. An ideal place for a challenging gastronomic adventure. :P Penang's famous for its street food like char kuey teow, rojak, asam laksa, curry mee, ais kacang, and the list goes on.... I've been to Penang quite a few times, but this trip was the best, being always on the move. And being with fun people. :P }

{ 3rd stop --> Bangkok 13th - 17th May. In the midst of anti-government protests going on, we ventured into heart of the city where riots went on and off. All went well as we were unharmed and had our fair share of fun. Love Chatuchak market! We went there 2 days! THAI FOOD was HEAVEN! I love the tom yam goong and coconut chicken. Pad Thai was very nice too. :P }

{ 4th stop --> Krabi 17th - 20th May. Krabi is part of an island of Thailand. After the urban experience in Bangkok, we headed to sun, sea, salt and fun! We took 2 tour packages for 2 days. One of them was the 4-island tour (Tub, Chicken and Poda Islands, Phra Nang Beach}, and the other was the Phi Phi Islands tour. The experience was AMAZING! Aqua blue sea and clear blue skies, sand and a spot of hot sun --> invaluable FUN! }


Ok, to top it all off, you wouldn't be surprised to hear that I'm now in Jakarta. :P I came here about a week ago, which was right after my graduation dinner and convocation. The past weekend saw me in Bandung and Puncak. We spent some lazy days there. :P Will be updating about this trip soon... hopefully. >.<


Dolce♥Bunny said...

oooo... looks like you had alot of fun! I love penang... I miss it sooo much!

RissaRoo said...

HOW FUN! You are so lucky you got to go visit! I was supposed to go visit family there this summer but due to the political turmoil, I didn't. Im glad you enjoyed Chatuchak market, that place is like heaven on Earth!!