Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cookie Box + Candy Tins turned YUMMIER~!

I'm BACK! :D Took out the stash of faux desserts; sweets, ice creams and cakes, and started off decorating 3 cases with zeal. :D Recently, I found a better substitute to the faux cream that I've used all this while. This new one is really good, as it gives me the benefit of adding my stuff on at my own pace --> it dries off pretty slowly, but the end product is flawlessly beautiful!

{ Handmade polymer clay lollies surrounded by pretty sweet cabochons, pearls and teenee fruit slices --> ♥! }

{ I like this one more much more than the previous one. :P }

{ Okay. This DA BOM! XD Actually made this one first then proceeded with the smaller two. This one was done on a Famous Amos gift container. :) }

{ The sides all dolled up with brown polka-dotted pink ribbon. :P }

{ LOVE the KABOOM of sweetness~! ♥ }

On the side, I was working with this pretty-ness on my side cupboard the whole time :P :

{ White bird cage and roses bought during my Bangkok trip. Laced and beaded clear jar and pink tissue rose ball made for our batch dinner. Rings and stuff worn to the dinner :P }

{ Shallow bowl of potpouri with tealights and shiny string of disco beads. This was also assembled for our batch dinner. }

At the new place now, I feel quite inclined and free to decorate the room as I please. :P


Creative B Bee said...

Wow! You have a beautiful place now. I love so much of your decorate!

Ranyelle Pereira said...

Oi ...
meu nome é Ranyelle, sou dona de um blog sobre o mundo fofo, e encontrei o seu blog atraves da sua página no etsy, e fiz uma postangem sobre seus produtos no etsy e seu blog, espero que nao tenha nenhum problema nisto, gostei muito dos seus produtos, parabéns! (desculpe se está mensagem está um pouco estranha, é porque eu estou usando um tradutor, eu falo português)

CharlieCat5 said...

I love your blog so much! I just found it. I am starting a blog, too, soon!! :) I was just wondering, what camera do you use? You take really nice photos!

Sing Yee said...

Hey all. :) Charlie, I'm using a digital cam, Sony Cybershot (forgot the model ^-^"). I do photoshop my photos though, to make them look more like the real thing. Sometimes, the cam doesn't capture the thing as it is.

Niky Casadei said...

I'm following your blog!
I love so much kawaii things, and these pics are STUNNING XD

Love it! ♥


Carol said...

hey sing yee, I like your deco with the bird cage...would create very nice ambience for a cosy room!!!

Anisca said...

*3* soo kawaii!!
you are really skillful!

Riechan said...

very nice! I love the kaboom of sweetness too!

handmade surprises said...

The polymer clay stuff looks yummy!~

Jennie said...

Hi, following you on Google Friend Connect. Wow, these are so colorful. very creative! Thanks for sharing.


Hannah said...

I just love the decoration!
you are really good:D

But i wonder what u use for material to make all de deco?^^

Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

Wow. so cute:D

Ditzydorey101 said...

Wow! if that box lid was a necklace I would actually wear that hehe
Your very talented!

Anonymous said...

Omg that is awesome! :O
I would'nt have the patience to finish it XD

Team Super Kawaii Pop said...

I love the deco boxes. I just discovered your blog and wasn't sure if you displayed your own work, or just found-items, but you're really very talented!

Was it actually someone's birthday?

chaca said...

it'z so cute!!! where can i find decoden item in m'sia?

Sophie said...

Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog and decided to follow you! I also love crafting and polymer clay, but never thought of decoden :) You make it look sooo adorable <3
Keep up the good work ~~

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Kiia said...

I Just love your blog :o So cute ! ♥ nwn

Let's Play~! said...

Hye. May i know the tools that u use? Could u give some tips about handling the faux cream and etc. Thanx. :)