Saturday, November 29, 2008

Just a thought

I just came across a craft blog and saw the Creative Commons license for the blog's content. I actually wanted to put up the license for my own blog some time ago, but never got to it because I think that putting up a sort of copyright sign for my craft work and photos would be a futile attempt to keep my designs rightfully mine.

Why am I saying this? Yes, Creative Commons provides licensing for online work. But how effective is it in warding of copycats, especially when it comes to art/craft work and images? From my point of view as an online browser, things I see serve as a source of inspiration for creating stuff. It is inevitable that sometimes people create similar items because if that something caught their eye, it is only natural that they would want to incorporate some of the features into their own creations.

Having said that, I must however clarify that I do not and will never condone copying of original craft work for commercial purpose. It's just plain shoddy to re-create someone else's original work and then selling it off while calling it 'my creation'.

I don't know if I've been copied, up till now. But I'd just like to add one more thing; it's never fun to copy someone else's work or idea. I won't feel proud of the result, no matter it racked in bucks. Sounds too noble? Well, it's the truth.

So in the end, after thinking about it, I decided to have a go with the Creative Commons license. Even if I might never discover that someone's selling off my photos in the form of prints, cards or the like.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Felt Purins + Strawberries-n-Cream Cake Plush

Been busy crafting yesterday and today. Made some food plushies for a custom order on Etsy. :) I guess puddings are loveable huh? :P

{ Small & large purins + Strawberries-n-cream cake plushie }

{ ♥ ♥ ♥ }

I did the strawberry cake plush according to a photo of a toy plush showed by the customer. Even if I sound like I'm pasting gold all over my face - as my Dad would put it in Chinese - I absolutely love this one that I made.

{ The strawberries looks so shweet ♥ Especially the one with the adorable smile ♥ }

{ Lub yooo~ ♥ }

Lil sis didn't get to see the first large purin I made middle of the year. She was beside herself with excitement when she saw the one I just finished making, and demanded to camwhore with it. -_-"

{ Geenormous purin ~ }

{ A little silliness to brighten up anyone's day :) }

{ And then she took all the cakes and ate them. Almost. XD }

She saw some polyfill - soft synthetic fiber I use for stuffing plushies - on my table. And proceeded to pose with it, while asking me to take photos of her with the thing.

{ I said I couldn't see the thing in the first photo. So we decided that she should stand in front of something black for a contrasting effect XD }

The insanity had just started. ^o^

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fruit Cream & Berries Cassis Mini Felt Cakes

Ah.... Been neglecting the blog for quite a few days. :P Being home makes me complacent - daily activities consist of eating, sleeping, onlining and watching TV. Even the fun of crafting seems to be wearing off. :/

Back in KL, I bought a Japanese craft book that shows how to make felt cakes. Tried making two cakes from there.

{ Fruit Cream Cake + Berries Cassis Cake }

There's a technique stated in the book that uses make-up blusher for dusting felt cakes to make the colours sort of nicer. I used my sis's pink blusher for the berries cassis cake sides - can see shades of darker red near the top.

{ Choo~ }

{ I like this shape :) }

It's quite tedious, making small individual parts, like little white cream blobs for the fruit cream cake. I had to cut out 45 pieces of half-circles out of white felt before I could assemble them into blobs. If there's one thing I don't like about working with felt, it's cutting out shapes. ^-^" Especially tiny ones that require patience, which is never a virtue of mine.

{ Looks so pure and fluffy ♥ }

{ Yummy ♥ }

Making these re-ignited that crafting-love in me. I hope to make more felt cakes, instead of sticking my face at the computer or on my pillow. ^o^

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Long Spell of Laziness

It's been a looong week of lazing about the house. I think nothing of climbing into bed after breakfast, and sleep a good two hours, then waking up for lunch. And then sleeping again after lunch. T-T You don't have to see me now to know that I'm growing into a pig.

Well the best part about being home, apart from good food and all the time in the world, is my sis's company. We watched movie after movie every night, curled up in her bed. I love it just how her laugh makes me laugh. :D
Sis wanted to make tarts the other day. I helped. :D

{ Messy table... }

{ Egg tarts. Not bad, but I prefer the layered crispy type of tart shell. These are like short-crust pastry. }

In a rush to get to the airport the other day, I only realized it now that I forgot to bring back a few things. Among them was my whole set of polymer clay. T-T


I can't do anything without it la. T-T

I can only do felt crafts la this hols. T-T

{ The clay parts are made earlier this year. }

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Shop BIG with Kmart's Layaway Program!

My family actually does not follow the Christmas tradition of exchanging gifts and having Christmas dinners. Each year, the activities that we do participate in are carolling, and the morning church service. However, even if we do not practise gift-giving, I sure can't deny that end of the year holidays is the best time to spend, because almost everything will be on sale.

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

tokidoki Carnival Carezza~!

Right. I'm back in Sibu. I was immediately forced to go through a few hours of introduce-my-friends-in-photos session with my sister. -_-" I for one am lazy to to that - even the Genting trip I've yet to write about. ^-^"

Currently using the home computer, cause I don't want to cabut-cabut the modem cables anymore like I did every sem break at home. ^-^" No router mah... :P

Be prepared for an image-heavy post... Dad went to collect my tokidoki last week. He was quite surprised when the person working at the counter said that there's a custom fees to pay for individually or commercially imported handbags. which amount to 20% the price fo the bag/bags. That meant RM180!!! I was really shocked when my dad related this to me, but then he carried on to explain that he negotiated with the person, and in the end didn't pay anything.

PHEW! I was like - O.M.G!!!! If that RM180 was paid, I'd feel guilty and stupid for the rest of my life.

On that note, I have not yet had to pay any so-called custom fees for my online purchases. Dad was saying that this person only wanted duit kopi. -_-" Luckily Dad's smart enough to turn the situation around. :)

So, onto the bag :

{ The colours are absolutely stunning! }

{ ♥ ♥ ♥ }

Bidded this from $125, and won the listing at $132.50. Shipping was $32+ with global express mail. I was really satisfied with the purchase, because the retail price of a tokidoki Carezza is $184. During this period of a few months post-release, Carnival bags are going for really cheap - bidding for a Carezza can start form as low as $25.

{ New Adios Qee keychain for the new line of independent tokidoki bags }

{ ♥ Choo~ ♥ }

Mosaic-photo maker is acting up again on this computer. T-T Can't seem to get the mosaic to appear. So here are large photos of parts of the swatch :

{ I love this ferres wheel - there are so many teenee characters! }

{ Some of my favourite characters : cheerleader girl, pink princess girl and rocket girl! }

{ Bright orange of the inside. There are lots of compartments, zipper parts and a mesh pocket. Will come in useful. :P }

{ Even the insides of the tag is decorated with tokidoki characters ♥ }

The bag is a good-sized tote bag, but people'll probably think I'm crazy, to carry such a bag around. -_-" Got it from my Dad - he very calmly and seriously told me I could get such a cartoon bag anywhere in pasar malam (night market), and then burst out laughing when I 'weih!!!'-ed at him. XD

I'm looking for an Eco Mondo Sorriso - desperately. Please contact me with detailed photos if you have one for sale.

November 16th - Sears Family and Friends Night

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Flying back today

I'll be off in a few hours to KL Central to take the Skybus to LCCT. Flight back to Sibu is due at 12.05pm.

I went out yesterday afternoon, to get some felt squares and dresses to wear to my brother's wedding. I'm not quite sure how, but I was hit with a severe, throbbing headache in the evening. T-T Probably due to the afternoon heat. Now I understand why migraine sufferers can only think of bed when there's an attack. Nothing's more inviting than a dark, quiet bedroom with soft pillows and a plush comforter.

Shall post more when I get back to Sibu. :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Discount Shopping Coupons and Promo Codes

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Liberation ath last!


I'm free i'm free i'm free i'm free i'm free i'm free i'm free i'm free i'm free free FREE!!!

But I shalt be missing in action for a few days. :P Though I had an unforgettable experience at a theme park once, I had decided to join most of my friends for a trip to Genting. Pray that I do not fall off the pirate's ship, or get my upper extremities seared off while I'm in the roller coaster, or puke all over someone beside me while in a carriage of some type. T-T Maybe if the pressure's too much, I might just stand by and watch the fun. ^-^"

Have a kawaii day~!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Treadmills guide

Foster home fitness by getting a treadmill, if you haven't got one already. Treadmill is the easiest exercise equipment to use that helps you keep in shape and feel great. Before making a purchase, be sure to determine what sort of features you would like it to have, and then research on available choices according to your spending ability. Take the smart move and keep yourself healthy and happy with a treadmill that suits you best.

Freedom is on the horizon

Chewah.... :P

But it's kind of true. Tomorrow's the last day of what has been like 2 months of torturous studying. *squealing with excitement* Yippeee!!! Monday's the last paper!!! Woohooo!!!!

Well, in the light of something unpleasant being posted on the tagboard *on the left side bar* a few days ago, I'd like to talk about what I call 'hit-and-run' on blogs.

If there's one thing I despise more than super-ego-matic-booming-cars driving past Vista B when I'm just about to fall into stage 2 of sleep, especially during exams-period, it's anonymous persons who'd just drop a nasty comment out of the blue, be it directed to the blog's contents or the blog writer.

I'd heard about such incognito comments staining blogs of some online associates I know of, and had wondered if I'd ever get one. Yeah, so I did get one, and I'll not hide the fact that I was a little shaken when I saw it. -_-"

I don't know what motives these individuals had or have *still? yikes!* What I decipher from such actions are :

1. He/she don't like the blog and feel it his/her duty to inform the owner about the uninteresting posts trashing the blog, or the blog's general unremarkableness.

2. He/she feels the thrill of posting anonymous and nasty comments because the blog owner will not be able to track him/her. I gather if this was the case, then several blogs would had been targets as well.

3. He/she is trying to make the blog look bad. Just plain nastiness in nature of the person. *tsk tsk*

From the attack I received *wah. attack oh.*, I'm not too sure whether the person's been a lurker for some time, or he/she had just stumbled on my blog for the first time.

All I can say is, posting a nasty comment without even daring to link a contact automatically makes it an act of cowardice.

Why not just be at peace with yourself and accept that my blog ish teh kawaii? *muahahaha~*

And a final word. Blog owners are accountable to no one - I repeat - no one, regarding the type of music they put on their blog, even if they stated that they are Japan-crazed but then the blog's music is Korean. Halo? Have you heard of freedom of music-choice? You'll be firing back about 'freedom of speech', but let me reinforce again about the act of cowardice. Cowards are not worthy of freedom, especially freedom of speech on someone else's territory. And particularly so when they intend to stir up something nasty.

Fuuuhhh.... That got it off my chest. ^o^ Maybe with a start, I'm more prepared for future attacks of nastiness. -_-"

Friday, November 7, 2008

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