Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fruit Cream & Berries Cassis Mini Felt Cakes

Ah.... Been neglecting the blog for quite a few days. :P Being home makes me complacent - daily activities consist of eating, sleeping, onlining and watching TV. Even the fun of crafting seems to be wearing off. :/

Back in KL, I bought a Japanese craft book that shows how to make felt cakes. Tried making two cakes from there.

{ Fruit Cream Cake + Berries Cassis Cake }

There's a technique stated in the book that uses make-up blusher for dusting felt cakes to make the colours sort of nicer. I used my sis's pink blusher for the berries cassis cake sides - can see shades of darker red near the top.

{ Choo~ }

{ I like this shape :) }

It's quite tedious, making small individual parts, like little white cream blobs for the fruit cream cake. I had to cut out 45 pieces of half-circles out of white felt before I could assemble them into blobs. If there's one thing I don't like about working with felt, it's cutting out shapes. ^-^" Especially tiny ones that require patience, which is never a virtue of mine.

{ Looks so pure and fluffy ♥ }

{ Yummy ♥ }

Making these re-ignited that crafting-love in me. I hope to make more felt cakes, instead of sticking my face at the computer or on my pillow. ^o^


kel said...

awww they're so cute! i think you should definitely make more

Evil Lizard said...

omghee they look amazing!!! ^___^ your work keeps getting better and better! :D

Nisa said...

OMG! They are so cute!!!.. I really admire your work! I'm planning on making felt cakes but in form of key chains.. I dunno whether it is suitable or not..huhuu..

Ericka said...

hi, my name is Ericka, im from mexico, i would like to make a felt cake but i not have patterns,, well, i invite you to visit my blog