Saturday, November 29, 2008

Just a thought

I just came across a craft blog and saw the Creative Commons license for the blog's content. I actually wanted to put up the license for my own blog some time ago, but never got to it because I think that putting up a sort of copyright sign for my craft work and photos would be a futile attempt to keep my designs rightfully mine.

Why am I saying this? Yes, Creative Commons provides licensing for online work. But how effective is it in warding of copycats, especially when it comes to art/craft work and images? From my point of view as an online browser, things I see serve as a source of inspiration for creating stuff. It is inevitable that sometimes people create similar items because if that something caught their eye, it is only natural that they would want to incorporate some of the features into their own creations.

Having said that, I must however clarify that I do not and will never condone copying of original craft work for commercial purpose. It's just plain shoddy to re-create someone else's original work and then selling it off while calling it 'my creation'.

I don't know if I've been copied, up till now. But I'd just like to add one more thing; it's never fun to copy someone else's work or idea. I won't feel proud of the result, no matter it racked in bucks. Sounds too noble? Well, it's the truth.

So in the end, after thinking about it, I decided to have a go with the Creative Commons license. Even if I might never discover that someone's selling off my photos in the form of prints, cards or the like.

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_j(ames)_ Beckman said...

great stuff! there is a blog that talks about just that - people who rip off other people's ideas - and its quite funny,

good to see another kawaii fan out there - i have a blog at

i look forward to your future posts!