Monday, December 1, 2008

Sushi Tier vs. Homemade Sushi

Yesterday, lil sis and I went to Sushi Tier, a sushi eatery chain in Sibu. It was my first time eating at that sushi outlet.

{ Open-air kiosk at Sing Kwong, a local shopping mall }

I was rather disappointed at the absence of a conveyor belt. T-T That aside, although varieties offered on the menu were nothing compared to that of Sake Sushi, the food was surprisingly delicious. Surprisingly? I always had the impression that locally prepared sushi would never be able to compare to the real thing, unless they have at least standards of sushi outlets in KL. But I must hand it to Sushi Tier for its freshly prepared sushi. :9 Absolutely yummy. :9

{ Scallop wings on inari tofu pouch + Unagi eel battleship + Soft shell crab hand-rolled temaki + forgot name *some fish roll* + forgot name *overloaded with artificial bonito flakes - chicken floss* + Special Crepe set with prawn tempura & soft shell crab }

Then today, lil sis suggested we make our own sushi. She'd been pestering Mum to make them ever since she got back from Kuching two weeks ago. I guess that first dose of sushi for this hols fired up her taste buds for more. :P

{ Spread a very thin layer of cooked rice on a sheet of crisp seaweed --> Pile on the fillings - mayo, cucumber stick, cooked carrot stick, strips of fried egg, imitation crab meat sticks, chicken floss --> Roll it up! }

We used brown rice instead of the usual white rice. To make Malaysian sushi rice, cook two cups of rice grains and mix the cooked rice with 2 tablespoons of sugar and 4 tablespoons of vinegar.

{ The sis in action }

{ Finished homemade sushi ♥ }

We made another version with tuna and mayonnaise substituting the crab sticks. Super the yummy. :9

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