Saturday, December 20, 2008

Feeling Disoriented and Unsettled

End of hols is drawing near. Over the past few days, things kept popping up - I had to go for a dental checkup and a hair-cut, run errands for mum, help dad print loads of photos as well as send emails, and do some stuff for my brother's wedding.

Speaking of the wedding, it'll be held on the 27th this month. And I've booked a seat on a flight back to KL the next day at 9.25 in the morning! Gah! I didn't know 29th is a public holiday, or I'd have definitely bought a ticket to go back on that day. Yeah I'm ignorant.

I didn't do much crafting. It's not because there's no time. It's not because of lack of ideas either. It's because I'm just plain lazy to set work on an idea, be it a sudden thought of a design or a project planned in my head long ago. I don't know what's gotten over me. I find nothing more exciting than to sit in front of the laptop or laze about the house all day. T-T I haven't even finished reading one book since I got back. My holiday to-do-list actually comprised of : learning Japanese online here, getting a make-over for the blog and learning html-ing a blog's layout *with that polished look - frames for sidebars, borders for post bodies and such*. Clearly, none of these were even started on, let alone completed. Gah! I am such a lazy bum!

Okay.... Nuff of pointless whinings... Here are photos of some crafting activities that did take place :

{ Happy Poo Friends Set of Cellphone Straps for a custom order }

{ Little Nature Puffy Cloud Plush Cellphone Charm Straps }

{ Lil sis in full concentration while painting tiny paper clay hearts on my messy table. }

{ *Smile~* }

{ Mmm.... Blood red.... }


Anonymous said...

sssooo cute.
do u sell your creations? :]
so glad u stumbled upon your blog!

Ciyou said...

what are u going to do with the bloody red hearts?? They looks cute

Sing Yee said...

swtcheekies, yeah, I sell stuff I made here. :) Glad you enjoyed browsing~!

Ciyou, I used some of them to make a necklace. I'm not sure what to do with the rest though.