Sunday, December 14, 2008

Chocoate Torte with Strawberries + Banana Toffee Cake = Afternoon Tea

I haven't been really productive for days now. Crafting is sort of on and off, here and there. But I did spend quite a few hours on these felt cakes.

{ Banana Toffee Cake }

{ Chocolate Torte with Strawberries }

Turned out the two bottles of caulk I bought by mistake (thinking they're similar to silicone) were mighty handy in making these faux cakes. They're great as fake cream decorations. I even managed to pipe letters using a make-shift plastic piping bag.

I begged Mum for a 'pretty China plate' for a photoshoot of all four cakes, including two I made a few weeks ago. Haha.... Just for fun! :D

{ Love the plate! It's got a vintage look to it. }

{ Good enough to eat }

I had an issue with the Banana Toffee Cake. Upon completing the cake base, I was a little dismayed to see how very square the whole thing looks, with its sharp edges and corners. Gah! I did the only thing I thought could save it. And that was to pile up the top with decorations so that its brown would not contrast too much with the creamy-coloured sides which would accentuate its squarishness.

I wish I could eat them. *nahm~*

{ Bon app├ętit }


adele hartlep said...

those look super yummy....i love little food stuff, i have a rement problem

Sing Yee said...

Lol! I love rement too, but if I start collecting them, I'll have to break the bank. ^-^"

Ally said...

yummy as always ^^