Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Back to reality (keep telling myself that...)

Yup. I'm back to uni life again. *UGH* Last semester's exam results shocked me speechless and my happy-batteries that usually work best during hols were somewhat out of function for a few days after I received that darn piece of paper. T-T

I'm decided. I'm going to put my all into studies this coming semester. It's been a good start as of today. I actually listened and took in two whole lectures on clinical pharmacokinetics.

Normally, for the first few minutes of a lecture, I'd be thinking about what I just saw and heard *visual and auditory processing - not that I'm dumb; I just have a way of thinking too much about things*, and then proceeding to daydreaming about beautiful treasures I saw online. Not even 15 minutes after the start of the lecture, I'd start looking at my watch, mentally willing the lecturer to speed up finishing going through the powerpoint slides, at the same time hoping there'd be some sort of distraction like a fire drill or a campus-wide black out. Halfway through, I'd have nodded off to candyland and stayed immobilized on the chair, with my head down - a model of a good student deep in thought - until about 5 minutes before lecture ends. It's quite uncanny really, how I'd jerk awake right before a lecture ends.

Well. Hope this fired-up determination to attend a lecture properly is going to last for the rest of the sem. *fingers crossed*

That aside, Big Bang is seriously pumping up some cool tunes. I just discovered this song they did for SBS's stop smoking campaign in Korea.

{ Dae Sung's face *when he saw Seung Ri the nurse* totally cracked me up! GD, I ♥LOVE♥ your "no no no no"! He really knows how to move! HOT HOT HOT!!! }

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