Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Handmade Kawaii Boxes

Played around with kawaii memo sheets today. I have too much of them. T-T Got out two hard cardboard boxes and decorated them with cuttings from those memo sheets.

{ This is the first box }

I used a sort of white emulsion glue to stick on the cuttings, and glazed them over with the same glue. But even after drying, the box was still sticky to touch. I thought the glue would be ok for decoupage-ing, but looks like I was wrong. Anyway, it wasn't stated on the bottle that the glue can be used as a glaze. ^-^"

{ Love the cover ♥ }

So I diluted a little Diamond Glaze with water and brushed it over the box. It gave a sort of glassy-like finish, but not smooth. Still, it's perfect because the surface's not sticky at all and the box looks professionally done. :)

{ Second box }

I thought I like the first box after it was done. And then I proceeded with the second box. It turned out absolutely fab. :P

{ Four sides of the box }

I used decorative tape around the sides of the cover. That gave the box quite a striking finish. :) The bottom of the boxes are also covered with plain patterned brown paper and glaze.

{ Love this one ♥ }

Had fun making these. :) I was hooked and searched the whole house for more such boxes to decorate, but didn't find any. -_-" Those boxes came with my wrist watches, which I bought a long long time ago. :P


ismoyo said...

What a great idea! Love how the boxes turned out. You should make more, i bet you could even sell them!

Ally said...

Nice boxes <33

I put your blog in my fav now
I love it ^^