Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wedding Favours + Chocolate Mud Cake with Prunes+ Paper Clay Flowers

Being the only son in the family, my brother is set to have a really grand wedding. The church ceremony itself is estimated to draw around 300 people. Nomally, there'll be small gifts given to everyone who attended the ceremony. So, the other day, while grocery-shopping, we *mum, sis and I* spotted Toblerone milk chocolate sticks (35g) going for RM1.50 each. We bought 16 boxes of 24 sticks, deciding to give them away on the big day after the church ceremony.

Wondering why my blog's growing mould these days? This is why :

I was reassuring my mum that all 384 sticks will be nicely decorated with a satin ribbon, complete with a 'Thank you' heart-shaped sticker within one day. Well, I could only kick myself for suggesting to help out with the whole thing after 3 days of non-stop ribbon-tying. T-T Me and my inflated crafty self-esteem. T-T

Although my weight has been tethering to spill over to the obese-side, it still didn't stop me from making cakes on two occasions. ^-^"

{ Chocolate Mud Cake with Prunes }

The cake was a combination of two recipes, some parts self-intervened. Started out with a prune cake in mind. And then thought that a chocolate prune cake'll be even better. Looked up a recipe for chocolate pudding , but then saw that it requires cream instead of butter, which I proceeded with anyway. Halfway through mixing, realized that we'd run out of eggs. So, I looked up a vegan chocolate cake recipe which I remembered didn't require any eggs, and substituted that with 3 tablespoons of baking powder.

What a jumble-up. But thankfully, the cake turned out absolutely delicious - soft, crumbly, moist. Mmm.....

Took some time to craft too. Made some more stuff with paper clay. I tried baking the clay at 170°C for 3 minutes, and the results are hard and pure white.

{ Paper clay flowers and cookies to-be }

I had in mind to paint the flowers to make them as similar to the real thing as possible. Er.... I'm sad to say that I can't paint too well. They didn't turn out the way I planned them to. ^-^"

{ Flower necklace }

The last few days of hols are going to be bustling with activity. -_-"


Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

Interesting, you like clay making:):)
Good job, keep it up! Drop by here to thank you for dropping by at my blog :):) I am Cindy by the way, Merry Christmas to you!!

Ally said...

wow all these toblerone with a bow *___*
you must be really tired after that lol

Merry christmas

Ciyou said...

try lighter colors, those soft soft colors will looks great.

Slanelle said...

ahhhh tobleroooonnne