Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mid Autumn Festivity Eats + IMU Cheerleading 2007

Haih.... Long time didn't update liao. This Time la... so slow one leh.... But hopefully, by the end of next week, the connection'll be up and running. Hopefully.

The past week had been quite eventful, with IMU Cup finale and all. But before I go into the details, I'll just share with you some pics of different mooncakes that had made their way to my tummy... Yummm....

{Green Tea with Milk - HYT}

Beautiful olive green outer skin pastry imprinted with delicate floral designs, smooth and fragrant green tea flavoured lotus paste with a creamy yummy milky center. This is by far my favouritest mooncake, besides Shanghai.

{Green Tea with Red Bean - Baker's Cottage}

Baker's Cottage mooncakes have outer skin pastries that firmer in texture, which crumble when cut. This green tea mooncake was not as nice as HYT's, but still delicious. :9

{Tiramisu - Baker's Cottage}

This mooncake had been infiltrated and infested, every bit of it masked by a horrifyingly strong taste of COFFEE. Urgh. And the center is made of a paste-like milky substance, which is too dry and quite tasteless according to my never-wrong taste buds *ceh~*.

Ok.... So back to IMU cup finale.... The cheerleading was totally AWESOME!!! :D

Here are some videos I found on YouTube :

{Pharmacy B - Spartans}

{Pharmacy A - Elektra}

{2007 IMU Cheerleading Champion - Pharmaknights}

Videos may not be clear, but you can definitely observe the cheerleading routines.

I'm really disappointed that Pharm A didn't win this year. One of my friends who watched the event with me said that he wanted to stay back and see them do their cheerleading again, even though he detested the 'very boring' prize giving session. That just shows how much faith he had in them and how confident he was that Pharm A would win.

For my part, I think Pharm A did a really super great job; their routine was more elaborated and much more interesting to watch than most. Comparing them with Pharm B pula, I think Pharm B is more organised in the sense that the members are more teratur and synchronised.

But still, I think Pharm A really deserved better. They should at least be given 3rd or 2nd place, if not first. Haih.... But of course, one cannot always have everything. T-T

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

JSR #17 : Choco Crisp Cresents (Meiji)

Price : RM6+ (was actually RM8+ but got 30% discount due to fast approach of expiry date)

Weight : Forgot. Most probably 60-80g lidat.

Found : Isetan KLCC

Heh... Found out that I forgot to post about this a few weeks back. See la. No internet. My blogging activities also terinterrupted. I so sien.

Ok. This chocolatey snack is actually a crisp puff, a bit keropok-like. Each puff is coated with a thin layer of dark chocolate and dusted generously of sweetened cocoa powder. Excellent as an after-a-heavy-lunch dessert. Not too rich, yet satisfyingly sweet and flavourful enough to excite your taste buds.


Today, no class. WOOHOO! That's why I can so eng go uni to online. :P

Monday, September 17, 2007

Teh Funkeh Bags - More like Junk Bags

Haih... The kesan-kesan of not having internet access. T-T

Updates :

Watched the latest korean drama series Coffee Prince. Waseh~ Nice la! Before this, I've never really taken any interest in korean drama series. It was Farah who introduced me to this one, and watching it has been really fun. :D After that, I started borrowing korean movies and more drama series from her - initial signs of addiction, which I hope will tone down soon. T-T

Err... Actually, not that much updates also la... *eheh...* :P

Yesterday afternoon, after coming back from church, some craftiness sparked. My room has been slowly turning into a rubbish dump. T-T Not exaggerating. Mounts of boxes and plastic bags are freely flowing. So, decided to do some cleaning and crafting at the same time.

This here is a Kinokuniya plastic bag, which I've decorated with snack boxes, chocolate wraps and decorative tape. Quite unneccessary 'frillings' actually. But I really wanted to make something fun and colourful - makes me happy. :D I might use it to carry stuff when I have afternoon lab practicals. :)

Here's a second one. Glued all the garbage pieces onto the plastic bag with UHU. Then cover all exposed edges with cellophane tape. Currently nicely durable. Hopefully will last me a few months before the pieces all peel off and the colours fade. T-T

Here's the back of the second bag. See how much chocolate I've eaten for the past few months? T-T Love the sound of the foil and plastic crackles. :D Ooh... like shiny sparkly disco lights. :D

If for some reason I dare not use these, they'll still be quite useful as hanging decorations in my room. :)

Internet internet.... faster come liao la..... Haih.....

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Huu huu...

I'm so sad..... NasionCom has gone down - bankerap-ted. Not that I feel sorry for the company. I'm more worried about my internet-withdrawal-syndrome, which acted up the very next day of my current internet-deprived days.

I so tak puas hati la... NO INTERNET ACCESS FOR 3 WEEKS!!!


We (my housemates and me) decided to go for TimeTelecom. Even so, we'll have to wait for the guy to come next week and settle the registration and all that. Then after that, we'll have to wait for another 2 to 3 weeks before they can come and set up the cables and all that. T-T

I so tak puas hati ah....

So, at the moment, before I can happily go online again, I'll just take this time to prepare properly for the next two class tests; renal system and Pharmaceutics II.

P/S : While typing this entry on the 4th floor of IMU, one of my batchmates came to sit at the table next to mine, also with her laptop. I asked her lo... she also using NasionCom is it? She said yeah. Then I asked her if she's thinking of applying to a new internet provider. She said no la... NasionCom said it'll sort things out - maybe after a few weeks, we'll be able to use the internet again.

Now I blur la... Whether want to terus change to Time or just wait for NasionCom to get back to normal la... T-T

PP/S : I finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!!! Waseh! This book is the paling exciting mia book leh!!! Walau! I cannot - really cannot - put the book down. It really made up for the rather monotonous and dull and draggy contents of the 5th and 6th book. But even so, I think this 7th book is not for the weak hearted. The sudden turn of events, sudden apperance of certain characters and unbelievable miracles happening will surely shock you until you cannot breathe one. Really. :P