Monday, September 17, 2007

Teh Funkeh Bags - More like Junk Bags

Haih... The kesan-kesan of not having internet access. T-T

Updates :

Watched the latest korean drama series Coffee Prince. Waseh~ Nice la! Before this, I've never really taken any interest in korean drama series. It was Farah who introduced me to this one, and watching it has been really fun. :D After that, I started borrowing korean movies and more drama series from her - initial signs of addiction, which I hope will tone down soon. T-T

Err... Actually, not that much updates also la... *eheh...* :P

Yesterday afternoon, after coming back from church, some craftiness sparked. My room has been slowly turning into a rubbish dump. T-T Not exaggerating. Mounts of boxes and plastic bags are freely flowing. So, decided to do some cleaning and crafting at the same time.

This here is a Kinokuniya plastic bag, which I've decorated with snack boxes, chocolate wraps and decorative tape. Quite unneccessary 'frillings' actually. But I really wanted to make something fun and colourful - makes me happy. :D I might use it to carry stuff when I have afternoon lab practicals. :)

Here's a second one. Glued all the garbage pieces onto the plastic bag with UHU. Then cover all exposed edges with cellophane tape. Currently nicely durable. Hopefully will last me a few months before the pieces all peel off and the colours fade. T-T

Here's the back of the second bag. See how much chocolate I've eaten for the past few months? T-T Love the sound of the foil and plastic crackles. :D Ooh... like shiny sparkly disco lights. :D

If for some reason I dare not use these, they'll still be quite useful as hanging decorations in my room. :)

Internet internet.... faster come liao la..... Haih.....

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