Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mid Autumn Festivity Eats + IMU Cheerleading 2007

Haih.... Long time didn't update liao. This Time la... so slow one leh.... But hopefully, by the end of next week, the connection'll be up and running. Hopefully.

The past week had been quite eventful, with IMU Cup finale and all. But before I go into the details, I'll just share with you some pics of different mooncakes that had made their way to my tummy... Yummm....

{Green Tea with Milk - HYT}

Beautiful olive green outer skin pastry imprinted with delicate floral designs, smooth and fragrant green tea flavoured lotus paste with a creamy yummy milky center. This is by far my favouritest mooncake, besides Shanghai.

{Green Tea with Red Bean - Baker's Cottage}

Baker's Cottage mooncakes have outer skin pastries that firmer in texture, which crumble when cut. This green tea mooncake was not as nice as HYT's, but still delicious. :9

{Tiramisu - Baker's Cottage}

This mooncake had been infiltrated and infested, every bit of it masked by a horrifyingly strong taste of COFFEE. Urgh. And the center is made of a paste-like milky substance, which is too dry and quite tasteless according to my never-wrong taste buds *ceh~*.

Ok.... So back to IMU cup finale.... The cheerleading was totally AWESOME!!! :D

Here are some videos I found on YouTube :

{Pharmacy B - Spartans}

{Pharmacy A - Elektra}

{2007 IMU Cheerleading Champion - Pharmaknights}

Videos may not be clear, but you can definitely observe the cheerleading routines.

I'm really disappointed that Pharm A didn't win this year. One of my friends who watched the event with me said that he wanted to stay back and see them do their cheerleading again, even though he detested the 'very boring' prize giving session. That just shows how much faith he had in them and how confident he was that Pharm A would win.

For my part, I think Pharm A did a really super great job; their routine was more elaborated and much more interesting to watch than most. Comparing them with Pharm B pula, I think Pharm B is more organised in the sense that the members are more teratur and synchronised.

But still, I think Pharm A really deserved better. They should at least be given 3rd or 2nd place, if not first. Haih.... But of course, one cannot always have everything. T-T


lynnx01 said...

And I thought my batch deserves to win! Aiyo.. hahahhaha. Well, I guess all the teams worked very hard but in the end, only one can be the champion.

Sing Yee said...

Hehe... M206 did good too. I thought their outfits were damn yeng - cool! I dunno la... I'm just disappointed that Pharm A didn't win. :(