Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Blue Ice Beaded Bracelet

Wooh! I made a bracelet from beads sent by Phyllis along with the swap package. The beading kit came with elastic string. I tried making a stretchy bracelet with just the string tied into a knot, but it didn't work - the knot kept coming undone. :(

Today, I bought some metal beading clamps ( I don't really know if that's the right name) which cost only 10 cents each, and made a proper bracelet. Woohoo! I'm so happy with the result, even though it looks simple. :)

Oh, and another thing worth announcing. :D I had my first ever Malaysian customer!!! Woohoo! I'm so happy! I posted off her package this morning. :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Contributing to The Sampler

Nothing much happened since my last post. :)

Been busy making these 2.5 cm embellished felt pins for The Sampler.

The Sampler is a super fun marketing & promotional tool for indie businesses. Each month, independent crafters, artists, shops, zines and record labels who run web-based businesses send samples and promotional materials to a contribution pool. All the samples are photographed, posted to the site and then are portioned out, put in little packages and sent off to Sampler Subscribers, other Sampler Contributors and members of the Media all over the world!

Actually, I've just sent my contributing email to the managing person, so I've yet to wait for an approval before I can say I'm officially contributing. You must be thinking, why I so semangat go and make all those samples before it's confirmed that I'm contributing. I'm worried that I might not be able to make up to the amount I promise to contribute, as I have to state how many items I want to send and for which month. The minimum is 25 items per contributor. At first, I thought of 50 items. Walau! After a day of making 20, I was quite exhausted! So, I've decided that 25 is good. :P

This is a very very good way of promoting your craft/art/ handmade business. They ask for light-weight and small samples, which are fun to receive. I've bought too much of orange seed beads (actually for my sushi, which uses only 3 per sushi >.<), yellow sequins (of which I've only used 10 pieces or so of a whole packet), and too much yellow felt for my own good (I'm beginning to panic that I might have to churn out yellow plushes for the rest of my life). So, to de-stash some of my supplies, I decided to make something for The Sampler. :D Oh, and as a result of secondary school so-called prohects (for Kemahiran Hidup, P. Moral, Geografi, Sejarah and whatever else), we've accumulated tons of coloured A4 paper. :D De-stash de-stash de-stash. :)

Hopefully, I'll receive good news.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pineapple Tarts ~

Today, my mum said, "Let's make some pineapple tarts today!"

Uh... Actually, it's "Sing Yee, you make some pineapple tarts today ya?" :D

Heheh..... I also very teringin (have been wishing) to bake something actually. :D

So, my first time making pineapple tarts.

For 80 little bisuits :

Pastry :
240g butter
60g icing sugar
280g plain flour
80g cornflour
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
4 egg yolks

Filling :
1 kg pineapple filling (can be bought in supermarkets or baking supplies stores) - roll into individual pieces of about 1 teaspoons each. Actually, you don't need that much. I did according to the recipe in a book, but there's still almost half the filling left after I finished the pastry. So, see lah, if you want a LOT of filling, then buy 1 kg lo. If not, I think about 500-700g is enough for 80 tarts.

* Egg yolk for glazing

1. Combine everything for the pastry except the egg yolks. Mix briefly and then add the yolks to form a soft dough.

2. Pipe the pastry into long flat pieces, or just roll up 1 teaspoon of the pastry with one portion of the filling, while shaping into a log with your hands. Glaze each biscuit with a little egg yolk.

3. Bake in a preheated oven at 170°C for 20-25 minutes. Cool and serve, or store in airtight containers. :)

The result is oh so naaiieesh. :D Crisp and fresh, with a sweet sweet jam-y pineapple center. Oh! *faints* Luckily the shapes are not too demented. :D Still presentable.

Yay! Next time can make for Chinese New Year d. :D

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Rainbow Dreams

Been busy busy busy these few days. Trying to settle down and get some things done - had a haircut and did some bank stuff, fetch my sis to and fro her school and for other activities, help mum clean the house, and cook lunches. *Phew*

But I never fail to spare time for my love - crafting. :P I made another rainbow yesterday night. I just feel so happy looking at it. :)

{Click on any of the images to view the listing on Etsy}

Rainbow Dreams Necklace / Pins Set

Hoohoo.... I have yet to learn proper jewelry-making skills. The metal parts and clasps are actually for finer beading wires and threads. I didn't want to use those, so terpaksa make do with what I have. This necklace base is only an embroidery thread, with a thicker black chord tied to it. Even so, it is quite sturdy and with minimum rough handling, it should stay as it is. :)

The 9 individual embellished felt patches are actually pin brooches. You may take them off to wear as pins, or put on only one on the necklace as a sole pendant, whatever you like. It's quite versatile one lo. :D

Here's my lil sis modelling it :

Sorry for the blurry pic. I have hands-will-shake-when-taking-photos syndrome, unless I steady my hands on a table or something. Look at her. :D She was giggling through the whole process of me taking her photos. Her laugh sangat infectious. Tsk tsk.

Ha... lovely days with rainbows ahead.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mixed Media Junk Necklaces

Was to busy relaxing the whole day. :D Only did some crafting in the afternoon. :)

My home is full of vintage accessories and retro junk, old treasures, little bits and pieces that we don't use anymore, but never sampai hati to throw away because of the thought that they'll come in handy one day or we might want to use them again.

I was going through my 'never-worn' and spoiled accesories, stashed away in several boxes in several places. I decided to make some use of them. :)

{Click on the images to view the respective listing on Etsy}

Rainbow Funky Fun Junk Necklace

Description on Etsy :

My first ever necklace using mixed media. I LOVE it. :D Necklace is of old brown leather tied together in a knot. Easily slips over any head. Not too long, the whole schwagg will be right on your chest. :) An acrylic purple star and a acrylic beige scottie... flanking a long Asian-themed beaded center-piece with added ruby red twist silver foil infused bead and perky lime yarn. Natural wooden beads reside on the right while the left is decorated with a 1.25inch pin-back button badge and a silky blue ribbon. Adding specialty and beauty to the whole piece is a vintage silver chain, with little fish dangling from it. Truly a one-of-a-kind piece for the fun-loving person in you. :)

The Supa Ultimat Kawaii Necklace

Description on Etsy :

This is the kawaii-est thing ever!The black leather chord necklace was actually a free gift from a purchase a few years ago. It was never worn because it couldn't fit through my head. >.< The San-X Nyanko dangle is brand new, and is actually a handphone accessory. The hexagon is battery-operated, and when your mobile phone is near it, it will light up when you get a call or message, or when you make a call or send a message. The dangle is attached to the necklace by a lobster clasp, so it can be easily removed if you want to hang it elsewhere. :) The chubby teddy was an old toy, also on a mobile phone accessory I'd used a few years back. The metal clasp attached to it has gotten rusty, so I took off the bear to incorporate in this piece. :) One of a kind attention-getter. :D

I'm going to love the rest of hols. :)

Elephanty Phanty Phanty

Hah...... Woke up today to a fine breezy day. :)

A little something to add to my hyper-state. I received a felt elephant stuffie from dropkicktims. It was a prize for a contest she ran a few months ago. :D To enter, each person had to guess the number of origami stars in a photo she took. The person who guessed the nearest to the real number gets a stuffed elephant the colour of her choice. :)

Sho CUTE!!!! @.@ :D *smooches~* And everything is hand-stitched.

*Oh~* I'm in love~

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Haih... Actually, I'd typed an entry yesterday, but somehow, blogger's pic-uploading service was down for the whole yesterday and most of today. So, I didn't save the entry la.

I'm back home in Sibu now! And using my home computer! *Muah~*

Ok, just a short excerpt of what I did yesterday after the final exam paper. I teman'ed my friend Jui Jien on the LRT journey to Plaza Rakyat, then I headed to KLCC via Masjid Jamek. Will miss you Jui Jien. One whole month no see you. T-T

On my shopping spree, as usual, I made my way to Kinokuniya first. Was extremely excited when I saw this CRAFT magazine, published in the US, on the magazine rack. My heart just skipped a beat. Ooh! I thought this exclusive mag would never make it's way to Malaysia. But I was proved wrong then and there. :D I managed to snatch up the last copy! Yayeee!

There are countless of seriously neat craft projects in there - how to make wire-wrapped pendants, how to knit a kimono (I'll have to learn knitting first :P), re-using and revamping old stuff, printing and image-transferring to T-shirts, etc etc etc. It's a really good exposure of the modern Western DIY community! :D

And I've been waiting for this to arrive in the stores. It's a Mi Sup Jepun (Japanese Soup Noodles). :D Can anything get kawaii-er than this? :D

Ok. It's 5 minutes past midnight already. I reached home at about 9 something. The house was in semi-drakness. I hollered to my sis on the second floor - "Wei! Kai men ah. Kuai dien." - meaning, "Open the door la. Faster." She heard me from her opened window and said "O!"

My sis opened the door with her cheeky smile. :D I explored the corners of the house - opened every container, flip through book and magazine and pamphlet, went snooping about every nook, played the piano for a while, check my belongings on the old computer table, check for new issues of Reader's Digest, peek into the storeroom, surveyed the mounting pile of newpapers, turn on the TV and flip through a few channels.

In the midst of stuffing myself with the contents of a newly-opened container of fruit chips (starfruit, pineapple, bananas, grapefruit), my mum arrived home from her Teachers'' Union Dinner. Went to open her car door and said "Halo Ma!" while holding the chips container. My mum said "Yew chi!" - meaning, "Eat again!".


But she said I've grown thinner. A bit. Well, thinner anyway than when the last time I was back the CNY hols. :D I said aiyo.... where got. I study break 3 weeks, every day sit at the study table. Only move when I want to eat and go jogging. I can even feel the fat on my face wobble. *OMGosh that is seriously FAT la!* Ok, but during the exam week, at least I toned down my junk food intake, so maybe that helped a bit on slimming la. *Ahem~*

The 3 of us talked and talked and laughed and laughed for an hour, while I scavanged the cupboards for more food. *Please don't be horrified. I memang like that. I like to see what are in store around the house* And typical Mum-Sis shopping is sufficient to make the house look like the food section of any supermarket - stuffed FULL with foodstuffs! :D

My dad came back at around 10.30. He was on a business trip to Kuching this morning. :)

Finally, I'm home. :) And I'm thankful and glad to be. :)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Puffy Days.....

Yes..... Puffy days are coming to an end.... And I'm celebrating three days earlier with puffy clouds...

Actually, I shouldn't be doing such things yet. But I always rejoice earlier than I should. There's still one last paper - Physical Pharmacy - the hardest of them all. T-T

This morning's Pharmaceutics paper kan*sai one la. Celaka betul. 40 MCQs (multiple choice qeustions) 99.999% about drug formulation. Who cares whether enemas are 100ml or 1000ml?

Where are the real questions? Electrical double layer? Total potential energy of interaction? Flocculation deflocculation systems? Suspension emulsion stabilities/unstabilities? I spent the whole night bullying my brain into refreshing it's memory on these supposedly vital topics. Not one question on them came out. Walau EH!!!!! And the SAQs (short answer questions) are just ..... I don't know what to say already la. But at least, they didn't ask anything like - "Why did you take the B. of Pharmacy course in IMU?"

And I haven't told you about the Hematology paper we sat for on Tuesday. WHO CARES ABOUT WHERE LEUKOCYTES ARE PRODUCED LAH!!?? Not one question about drugs came out. NOT ONE WORR!!! We are pharmacy students ok, in case you haven't noticed. We are supposed to know our drugs. You are supposed to test our understanding on that, and not ask us to list the sites of production of each of the leukocytes - neutrophils, basophils, eosinophils, lymphocytes and monocytes. We all know that they are produced by the kidneys, ok? Satisfied? *In case you're wondering, I do know the RBCs abd WBCs and platelets are produced in the BM. I didn't study bio for 12 years without at least knowing something so kacang ok. What were the people setting the exam questions thinking. Haih...*.

I'm beginning to doubt whether I've chosen the right course.....

Ok la... Sorry for the above explosions. I'm just puffed out by the stupid exams.

Yet another pair of kawaii for your hair, if you've had bad hair days, not just a bad hair day, like me.

{Click on the image above to view the listing on Etsy}

I haven't listed the clouds yet. Listed. Please click on the pictures to view their respective listings. Am still testing to find out the best time to list on Etsy, because it affects sales. If by chance someone looking to splurge come across my listings on Time Machine 2, I'll be ever so happy. :D

Can't wait to get back home for the holidays. My mind is bursting with ideas on more crafting stuff already. I can't wait to get to work on them. T-T

Monday, May 7, 2007

LOVEly Finds on Etsy

Have been seriously studying these few days. I started to panic on Saturday, because then I realised I only have one week to cover 4 modules.... FOUR!!! What have I done during the last 2 precious weeks? T-T

Anyways, just making a quick post for now.

What you should wear when you're unashamedly proud of being in love, or you just don't want the opposite sex bothering you...

I particularly LOVE the set of handcuffs. :D Amazing mixed media piece by wickedmoxie.

Next, for one who's still looking for her counterpart :

I SO love this one! By 2dy4. :)

For someone who's unsure? Or madly in love?

A popular necklace by cheepcheep. Seen it under 'Just Sold' Time Machine every few days.

I am so the Etsy-addict. T-T

Might not be posting for the rest of 2 weeks, until I finish my EOS (End of Semester exams), unless something REALLY amazing happens. :D

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Traditional Pasta + Tagged... A-gain....

I'm so the bored of studying, until I also don't know what I say. *yawn....*

Today, I went to uni to post off some swaps. I'll post up the pics and details when I get the stuff. :) After that, back to the same old routine - study study study study study.

Broke off after 2 hours to cook lunch. :D

Traditional Pasta

1 cup of fusilli (boiled until cooked, drain)
1/3 can of Prego Traditional Spaghetti Sauce
1 long stalk of celery
1 leaf of cabbage (can omit both of these if you vegetables are your enemies)
1 stick of sausage or whatever form of meat you want to put in
quarter of a big onion and two cloves of garlic for taste

1. While waiting for the pasta to cook, wash and cut the veggies (cube the celery and shred the cabbage). Cut the sausage / meat into small pieces too.

2. Chop up the onion and garlic.

3. Heat some oil in the cooking pan. Fry the onion and garlic until fragrant *oh~*. Add the meat and stir-fry some more. When things are sizzling, add the veggies and stir-fry again. Lastly, put in the spaghetti sauce and stir until the sauce boils.

4. Turn off the heat and add the drained pasta. Mix and serve. :)

Looks unappetizing here, probably because my veggies were almost 2 weeks old *ew*. But still edible. What to do, cannot go pasar every day to buy fresh groceries ma.

So then, I got a surprise note from Tabitha saying that I've been tagged, by her. I was a bit shocked la. Ha? I didn't even know she linked my blog on hers. Oh well, check her out. She makes the CUTEST sweet treats bags. :)

• Start with 7 random facts/habits about yourself
• People who are tagged have to write their 7 things on their blog
• Then choose another 7 people to get tagged and list their names
• Don't forget to leave them a comment to tell them they have been tagged and to read your blog

1. I have a dislike for things cantonese-related. I think its drama series are just fake and I particularly loath its singers and songs. *bwuek* I'm sure you've heard the "See Me Fly... " by a female singer *I forgot her name*. I will make a pie out of you if you sing that song in my presence.
2. I HATE pork. If terpaksa or 'under obligation' to do so, I eat la. Just don't like the taste and smell. *ew*
3. I've never drank goat's milk before. *ew* Wish I had so that I know what it tastes like. I'm dying to know. :D
4. I get happily distracted by crafts, kawaii and such related stuff in the midst of serious studying. T-T
5. I always do things last minute.
6. My mind wanders easily, even when people are talking to me. ^-^"
7. I like Johnny Depp. No, I think I like Captain Jack Sparrow. *Arrr* :D

Ok, no tags after me. I know how tiring it can be to think of stuff like this. :)

*Sigh*. Ok, here are 7 people I tag randomly :


Right As Rain Creations

Penquenio Craft





Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Ichigo Madness ~

Nothing much to do these days, except for studying. :(

But I think I online 3 times more than I study. T-T

Today, I made these strawberries :

Burgundy Strawberry Hair Clip

Hot Red Strawberry Hair Clip

Listed on my livejournal.