Monday, May 7, 2007

LOVEly Finds on Etsy

Have been seriously studying these few days. I started to panic on Saturday, because then I realised I only have one week to cover 4 modules.... FOUR!!! What have I done during the last 2 precious weeks? T-T

Anyways, just making a quick post for now.

What you should wear when you're unashamedly proud of being in love, or you just don't want the opposite sex bothering you...

I particularly LOVE the set of handcuffs. :D Amazing mixed media piece by wickedmoxie.

Next, for one who's still looking for her counterpart :

I SO love this one! By 2dy4. :)

For someone who's unsure? Or madly in love?

A popular necklace by cheepcheep. Seen it under 'Just Sold' Time Machine every few days.

I am so the Etsy-addict. T-T

Might not be posting for the rest of 2 weeks, until I finish my EOS (End of Semester exams), unless something REALLY amazing happens. :D


lynnx01 said...

Those are really lovely stuff. I'm feeling so emo lately. Looking at all these add to my emotions quite a bit.

Btw, study yah!

Sing Yee said...

Aiyo... :)

I will study. :)