Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Ichigo Madness ~

Nothing much to do these days, except for studying. :(

But I think I online 3 times more than I study. T-T

Today, I made these strawberries :

Burgundy Strawberry Hair Clip

Hot Red Strawberry Hair Clip

Listed on my livejournal.


lynnx01 said...

I think you really make more things than studying... go study!! study!! don't get distracted!

AnnaDrai said...

Beautiful! I love this creations!!!

Sing Yee said...

Lynn Xuan - Heh..... I tried to focus solely on Pharmaceutics yesterday night. That managed to last for 2 hours. I ended up onlining for one hour before bedtime. T-T I get mucho easily distracted. T-T

Sing Yee said...

Anna - I visited you blog. Your creations are beautiful. :) I especially love the scrap tags.

priscilla said...

They're really cute! ♥ I love all the detail.
lol, I have that same problem with internet too.

iSew said...

Those are really cute!
I have the same problem, but for me it's online more than sewing. mwah. This marketing, blogging, posting, photographing etc. takes too long.

Sing Yee said...

priscilla - Thanks. :) Yeah, internet has made all other forms of entertainment seem dull. XD

iSew - Thank you. :) Yup, I'd normally spend more than half an hour to edit my photos, draft and edit my blog posts, and almost every other online-time on Etsy. Either lurking in the forums or window shopping for stuff. XD

Anonymous said...

adorable strawberry hairclips! love these :)